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DIY Jewelry Shaped Like Tiny Foods

As avid crafters, we’re no strangers to the fun of making friendship necklaces! Throughout the years, we’ve made our best friends all kinds of fun matching or coordinating jewelry to celebrate our relationships. Recently, however, we decided to nostalgically make some friendship pieces for fun and we wanted to try something other than the classic woven embroidery floss designs we’re used to. We also wanted to learn a new technique and work with a new medium, so we turned to working with polymer clay! Of course, you can make endless fun designs from clay because you’re working from scratch, but one of the most interesting things we found in our search for friendship based ideas was that jewelry shaped like adorable kawaii foods is a huge trend. Of course, with an idea so cute, paired up necklaces weren’t the only food designs we found; you’d be surprised how many adorable clay food accessories there are out there, ready for the making.

Just in case you’ve been looking for a new technique and a fun, friendship based project too, check out these adorable DIY jewelry pieces shaped like tiny foods!

1. Polymer clay avocado BFF necklace

Polymer clay avocado bff necklace

Are you completely obsessed with the idea of making friendship necklaces, and you’re even down with the idea of tiny foods, but you also remember those designs from when you were a kids that used to fit together somehow, like puzzle pieces? Then we have a feeling you’re going to adore this cute mini avocado design from Clay Creations Forever! They’ve made one side of the avocado with a pit and one side without so that the two fit together in the middle.

2. Heart shaped bread necklace

Heart shaped breaed necklace

Perhaps you’ve been looking for heart designs for your friend so they’re always reminded of how much you love them but you’re also enamoured enough with the tiny foods idea that now you want to combine the two? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look  at these cute heart shaped sugar cookie necklace from Amor Sweet! We love the way they made it look like the cookie is lightly dusted in powdered sugar, just like a real treat.

3. DIY mini donut earrings

Diy mini donut earrings

Perhaps you just really like the idea of making tiny food jewelry because you are, or someone you love is, a bit of a foodie with an appreciation for delicious things, even when you’re not actively eating them? Well, for the foodie with a sweet tooth who prefers their sugar content in the form of baked goods, here’s an adorable idea from IdunnGoddess! Their tutorial teaches you how to make cute dangly earrings shaped like cheerful iced donuts.

4. Kawaii chocolate chip cookie friendship charms

Kawaii chocolate chip cookie friendship charms

Are you still thinking about how adorable the foodie friendship necklaces that fit together were but you’d like a design that’s a little sweet and maybe has some more personality? Well, it might sound strange for snacks to have personality, even ones you designed from scratch, but you won’t think so if you’re familiar with cute kawaii designs. Check out how ACupofCakeTV made cute kawaii chocolate chip friendship necklaces that fit together down the middle of a cookie!