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15 Fun Eyeliner Designs To Try

When it comes to doing our own makeup, we’ve learned almost entirely from online tutorials or copying pictures. We have no doubt that proper makeup artistry classes are the way to go if you intend to become a licensed professional someday, and we admire anyone with the drive to complete a program, but in the meantime we see nothing wrong with teaching yourself a few techniques and practicing using whatever DIY guidance you can get your hands on!

Because we learned makeup all on our own, we’re always on the lookout for inspiration pictures and looks that we can try to copy onto our own faces in order to practice techniques and learn new things. Our absolute favourite part of our makeup to do is our eyeliner and you wouldn’t believe the number of creative eyeliner pictures we have saved on our phones and computer desktops!

Just in case you’re in need of a little bit of eyeliner inspiration as well, here are 15 DIY liner photos and tutorials that will get your creative juices flowing and have you reaching for your favourite eyeliner before you’ve even finished scrolling.

1. Colour outlined winged liner

Colour outlined winged liner

We’ve always been huge fans of a classic, matte black winged liner. There’s just something so dramatic about it and we find we’re drawn to looks that have a good sized wing above just about anything else. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’re opposed to switching our favourite looks up a little bit! This awesomely outlined look from Our Vanity, for example, is the perfect simple way to add a little something something to your regular old dramatic wing. They suggest using a different liner in a brighter colour to outline around the outer edge of your wing for maximum impact. We think this look would be stunning in any colour!

2. Painted lash eyeliner

Painted lash eyeliner

Are you a huge fan of wearing false eyelashes on top when you wear bold eyeliner but you always find that your eyes look a little bit imbalanced without amping up the bottom lashes as well? Sure, you can give them a coat of mascara, but sometimes that’s just not enough depending on the size of the lashes that you put on top. Some people actually do try to balance their look out by gluing small, subtle false eyelashes along their bottom lash line as well, but we’ve tried it a number of times and we’ll admit that it’s not the most comfortable thing to wear all day. That’s why we adore this alternative idea featured on Pinterest! Get the extra eyeball drama you’re looking for by carefully drawing an extra layer of lashes along the bottom when you draw in your bottom liner. You can get as light handed or bold as you please here!

3. 60s cut crease liner

60s cut crease liner

Have you always admired the unique makeup styles of 1960s supermodels like Twiggy and wish you could mimic them so that your own eyes could look that big at the next party you attend? In that case, you simply must take a look at this simple eye makeup tutorial from Corks and Leather! They teach you how to enlarge the look of your eyes by creating yourself a “cut crease” using your favourite black eyeliner. This will make your lid look like it has more surface area, raising your crease a little higher and giving you a wondrous wide-eyed look all round. People will notice your peepers from clear across the room!

4. Rainbow stripe eyeliner

Rainbow stripe eyeliner