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Spring Makeup Tips to Refresh Your Makeup Bag for Warmer Seasons

The moment the weather starts getting warmer for spring, we start the changing the colours we wear. Whether it’s our wardrobe, our makeup, or our accessories, we just can’t wait to have an excuse to try out different tones that suit the season! While we’re swapping out makeup products (and maybe even treating ourselves to a new lipstick or eyeshadow at the store), however, we always try to make sure to refresh the whole bag as a whole. After all, spring cleaning doesn’t have to apply to just your home!

Just in case you’re interested in overhauling your makeup bag for the spring as well, here are 15 helpful tips and pieces of advice to leave your cosmetics feeling really fresh and ready to go!

1. Replace expired products

Replace expired products

Let’s admit it- we’re all guilty of keeping makeup products much longer than their expiration date. Of course, no one’s going to throw out an entire full product that’s barely been used and is only a few weeks past its prime, but perhaps it’s time to get ruthless with some of the things you’ve been holding onto for a really long time. Follow Conway‘s lead and make space for new, fresh products by following their expiration length guide and throwing out the things that are long past their shelf life!

2. Don’t shy away from affordable products

Don'y shy away from affordable products

Just because a product is cheap in price doesn’t always mean it’s cheap in quality! If you ask us, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pinching a few pennies, especially if the affordable thing you’ve got your eye on is a colour or product that you haven’t tried before, aren’t very experienced with, or are wary of dropping a lot of money on. Just make sure you check the pigment with the tester (but always wash your hands after using public samples). Tea & Nail Polish has some awesome recommendations for you that are the perfect examples of what we’re talking about!

3. Cleanse the products you’re keeping

Various makeup products on wooden background

Have you sorted your whole makeup bag out to throw away things that have gotten too old and now you’re staring at the things you’re keeping and wondering whether you can freshen those up to? Well, thanks to this bit of advice featured on Today, you certainly can! They give you tips for cleaning and sanitizing makeup products of all different kinds in a way that won’t ruin the makeup but will take care of any fallout product or bacteria that’s on them, which will actually extend their shelf life.

4. Take note of seasonal trends for 2018

Take note of seasonal trends for 2018

If you’re going to overhaul your cosmetics collection and you’re considering adding new things to it, you might as well take a look at what’s big right now and keep yourself on trend while you’re at it! We actually did some trend tracking recently because we knew our makeup bag’s spring cleaning was coming and we found this guide from The Fashion Folks helpful. They tip you off about gorgeously bright red lips making a comeback!