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DIY Fourth of July Scrap Fabric Banner

With Independence Day right around the corner in the US, it’s time to start working on those festive red, white and blue projects to decorate your home for the big day. So today we have a fun DIY scrap banner that is incredibly easy to make. And here’s the best part… you can probably make it using things you already have at home! So let’s get started.

Diy july 4th fabric scrap banner 8

Diy july 4th fabric scrap banner 1

Here’s what you’ll need for your banner:

  • Three fabrics in combinations of red, white and blue
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape (for mounting, not pictured)

Diy july 4th fabric scrap banner 2

Begin by cutting your fabric into strips. They should be about one inch by ten inches, but feel free to adjust the measurements if you plan to hang your banner in a larger or smaller space than I did (I hung mine on the mantel in my dining room).

Diy july 4th fabric scrap banner 3

Cut 20 strips of each type of fabric. I recommend using a variety of different shades of red and blue to avoid that tacky, bright look Throwing in some pale blue will give it some class while still maintaining that fourth of July feel. The strips don’t have to be cut perfectly, either… this is one of those projects that’s meant to look casual and unfussy.

Diy july 4th fabric scrap banner 4

Next, cut a piece of string that’s long enough for the area where you’ll be hanging the banner and begin adding the fabric strips. Fold a strip in half, position the top loop over the string, then pull the tails underneath the string and back up through the loop.

Diy july 4th fabric scrap banner 5

Pull the ends taut so that the top part fits snugly around the string. You may also have to pull the string at the same time you are pulling the fabric to get it to look right.

Diy july 4th fabric scrap banner 6

Continue with this process until you’ve used all of your fabric strips. You’ll probably have to slide the fabric pieces closer together down towards the end of the string to get them all to fit.

Diy july 4th fabric scrap banner 7

Hang the banner up on your mantel or bookshelf with washi tape, and you’ll be ready to celebrate the fourth of July in style! I like to hang it so using four pieces of tape so that there are three sections hanging down, but you could also just pull it tight and hang it straight across.

Diy july 4th fabric scrap banner 10

The combination of different patterns and shades of blue look really great from far away, so your friends are sure to compliment you on your crafting skills. Just don’t tell them it only took ten minutes to make!

Diy july 4th fabric scrap banner 9

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