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50 Spanish Tapas Recipes To Ignite Your Dinner Party

Add a bit of festive flavor to your dinner party with some starters that add a bit of spice to the mix. These 50 Spanish tapas recipes will ignite your dinner party and the tastebuds of all your guests. Check them out below!

1. Braised Chorizo

Braised chorizo spanish tapas

Martha Stewart starts off our tapas list with some classic, braised chorizo. It’s satisfy every palette at the dinner table.

2. Stuffed Fried Sardines


Okay, so sardines may not be everyone’s favorites but Food & Wine knows how to make them delicious. Check out this recipe after the jump.

3. Marinated Olives

Marinated olives recipes

Dance of Saucepans went with another classic, tapas recipe. Some marinated olives will definitely set off the dinner party with the right flavors

4. Tortilla Española

Tortilla espanola

Everyone loves a good tortilla espanola! And over at Savvy Eats you’ll learn how to whip this up before dinnertime.

5. Apple & Manchego Crostinis

Spanish pink lady apple manchego tapas square

Red Online combines some apple and manchego cheese for this delicious bite. A little sweet and some savory will go along way with the guests and the family too.

6. Mushroom & Ham Croquettes

Ham and mushroom croquettes

Uno de Dos gives us some delicious croquettes to try out. Stuffed with mushroom and ham, they’re quite the satisfying starter.

7. Flank Steak with Goat Cheese on Toast

Flank steak goat cheese tapas recipe 7910

It’s hard not to get excited about this tapas recipe. Delicate, flank steak atop some toast cheese and crispy toast, visit Steamy Kitchen for the details and the how-to.

8. Morrish Pork Skewers

Moorish pork skewers

Woman and Home went with skewers! These morrish pork kabobs are a real winner for someone that likes some kick.

9. Churro Bites with Chocolate

Churro bites with chocolate

Maybe you want something a bit sweeter for your guests to dive into. Churro bites dipped in chocolate can be found over at Cooking Classy.

10. Chunky Bean Dip

Chunky bean dip spanish tapas

Martha Stewart gave us some chunky, white bean dip to try out as well. Serve up with chips or grilled tortillas and naan.

11. Ham-Wrapped Seasonal Plums

Ham tapas with seasonal plums

Take some juicy plums and wrap them in ham! Delicious shows us how to whip these easy tapas up without any fuss.

12. Caprese Empanadas

Caprese empanadas

These empanadas have been stuffed with all the goodness of a caprese salad. Mozzarella cheese, tomato and pesto on top; everyone will want a bite. (via)

13. Spanish Shrimp

Spanish shrimp recipe

Start the dinner party off with some Spanish shrimp! Snag the recipe over at The Gourmet Gourmand.

14. Serrano Ham & Manchego Cheese Plate

Ham and cheese plate spanish style

Food Network made up a yummy ham and cheese plate that guests will want to quickly dive into. Serve it up with some wine on the side!

15. Spanish Tomato Bread

Pan con tomate recipe

Salt & Wind makes an easy tomato bread that utilizes serrano ham and manchego cheese as well. Even the kiddos will like this one.

16. Creamy Spanish Lentils

One pot creamy spinach lentils

Serving up a bowl of Spanish lentils could be a great way to warm bellies and start off dinner as well. Grab the recipe over at Pinch of Yum.

17. Asparagus with Cheese & Prosciutto

Asparagus and cheese with prosciutto

Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus seems like another satisfying treat too. Snag the details at I Cook Different.

18. Sautéed Chorizo with Red Wine

Sauteed chorizo with red wine

Red wine makes any recipe better. But paired with chorizo and you’ve got a bite that will knock everyone’s socks off. Peek at BBC Good Food.

19. Potato & Mozzarella Croquettes

Potato and mozzarella cheese croquets viks chile fw may2013

Here’s another recipe for some delicious and indulgent croquets. Visit Food & Wine to learn about these potato and mozzarella concoctions.

20. Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms spanish tapas

Martha Stewart made some stuffed mushrooms that have a bit of a Spanish flair. These are easy tapas to whip up in the kitchen too!

21. Shrimp & Spanish Chorizo Bites

Shirmp and chorizo bites

Shrimp and chorizo can make a really delicious combination too! Grab all of the details over at The Galley Gourmet.

22.Gazpacho Shooters with Cucumber Ribbons

Gazpacho marinated cucumber

ParTASTE made some gazpacho shooters topped with cucumber ribbons and we can’t help but think how perfectly these would start a party off! Visit now for the recipe.

23. Pan-Fried Spanish Cauliflower

Fried cauliflower

With a bit of crunch and a lot of spice, these pan-fried cauliflowers can add something extra-special to tonight’s meal. Just a Little bit of Bacon shows us how to make them happen.

24. Fried Calamari

Fried calamari recipe

The Fork Bite fried up some calamari! Impress your guests with your knowledge of this fun appetizer.

25. Fried Herbed Almonds

Fried herbed almonds

Some fried, herbed almonds are an easy way to satisfy palettes before you plate the meal. Check out the directions at Martha Stewart.

26. Open-Faced Crab Empanadas


How do these open-faced crab empanadas look to you? If you find yourself drooling a bit, then you may want to visit Food & Wine now.

27. Smoked Paprika Almonds

Smoked paprika almonds

Devour went with some smoked paprika almonds as their choice for a Spanish tapas recipe. Again, easy and satisfying for all kinds of taste buds.

28. Spanish Meatballs

Spanish meatballs

Everyone loves a good meatball! And these Spanish-inspired bites are the perfect way to accent a dinner party or even serve up something different at your next BBQ! (via)

29. Oven-Roasted Patatas Bravas

Oven roasted patatas bravas

Food and Journeys went with a classic Spanish recipe that we all love. These patatas bravas are a great accompaniment to any meal or to use as a starter.

30. Rolls with Serrano Ham & Fig Preserves

Tapas rolls with serrano ham and fig

Again, we have serrano ham making a splash in a delicious recipe. Check out this yummy, savory and sweet, treat over at Sweet Paul Magazine.

31. Spanish Peppers

Spanish tapas peppers

These pepper boats are delicious to eat but fun to make too! All you have to do is hop on over to the Kitchn and get started.

32. Spanish Beans with Tomatoes

Spanish white beans

Grab a scoop of these beans on your way to lunch or dinner. Perfect as a side dish as well or served with a great, crunchy roll, snag the recipe at Veggie Desserts.

33. Apple Cider-Glazed Chorizo

Apple cider glazed chorizo tapas

Eat Well 101 went with a chorizo bite as well. But this time it’s been glazed with some apple cider. That savory and sweet combination is one of our favorites!

34. Garlic & Chili Mushrooms

Spicy mushrooms

Toss your mushrooms in a bit of garlic and chili. Make your tapas have a kick and a bit with this flavorful recipe! (via)

35. Spanish Puffs

Spinach puffs

We spot some spinach inside these Spanish puffs! Grab the recipe for these flaky treats over at Bon Appetit.

36. Fried Padron Peppers

Fried padron peppers

Honest Cooking fried up some padrone peppers! Have fun biting each and every one of them to find out if they are “hot” or “not!”

37. Flamenco Eggs

Flamenco eggs

Some flamenco eggs could be a great tapas to serve up at brunch time. Just don’t forget the crunchy toast on the side. Recipe is at BBC Food.

38. Deep-Fried Anchovies

Deep fried anchovies 683x1024

Who loves anchovies? Okay, so the list may not be that long but Happy Foods Tube fries them up in a way that makes them quite scrumptious.

39. Sautéed Eggplant with Honey

Sauteed eggplant with honey

A Spicy Perspective goes with a lighter tapas recipe. Sautéed eggplant with a bit of honey, the kiddos may even like this one.

40. Chickpea Salad

Chickpea salad recipe

Some lighter, chickpea salad – full of flavor – can be served at lunchtime or as an appetizer. Visit Daily Mail for the recipe.

41. Shrimp Tapas with Mango Shooters

Shrimp tapas shooters recipes

Here’s a fun tapas recipe to try our hands at. We start off with mango shooters and finish off with some shrimp! Find the recipe at Eat Well 101.

42. Chorizo, Red Peppers & Manchego Tarts

Chorizo red pepper and manchego tarts

A personal favorite on the list, these chorizo, red pepper and manchego tarts are delicious all the way around. Daily Mail has all the info behind these.

44. Paella

Quick and easy paella

Paella is a dish we instantly think of when it comes to Spanish food. So, it’s only natural that we had a beautiful recipe, like this one from Mommy’s Home Cooking, on our list!

45. Ham & Peach Wraps

Ham and peach tapas

BBC Good Food wrapped some ripe peaches up in ham. And we’re drooling over how wonderful these little bites would be.

46. Spanish Mussels with Chorizo & Tomato-Wine Sauce

Spanish mussels with chorizo and tom[1]

If you’re a seafood lover than you love this dish from The Comfort of Cooking. Serve it family style or as a treat to indulge in before the salad is plated.

47. Pinchos

Pinchos recipe

The Woks of Life went with a classic pinchos recipe. Toasty bread bites topped with flavorful shrimp, it’s a fan favorite!

48. Spanish Chickpea Fritters

Big vegan spanish chickpea fritters

Veg Kitchen has a healthy, chickpea fritter recipe we’re loving. Just don’t forget something to dip them in!

49. Garlicky Shrimp with Olive Oil

Garlick olive oil shrimp

Food & Wine utilized shrimp in their tapas recipe as well. Garlicky shrimp will satisfy lots of tummies too.

50. Croquettes with Ham & Manchego Cheese

Croquettes with serrano ham and manchego cheese

Martha Stewart leaves us off with another croquette recipe that we’re loving. And this time they’re filled with ham and manchego cheese!

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