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40 Blue Christmas Decor Ideas You’ll Want to Adopt Right Now

Many people have gotten tired of the usual red-and-green holiday color scheme for Christmas, so they try out different combinations of colors for the festive season. If you also want a break from the traditional colors, try some blue Christmas decor ideas.

Blue christmas decorations

There are many ways to spruce up the holiday by going with blue decorations. But it can be difficult to find the right ideas for your home and your family. Luckily, we’re here to give you a helping hand!

Best Blue Christmas Decor Ideas for 2021

We put together a list with the top blue Christmas decoration ideas to try this year, so feel free to check it out!

1. Pillow Covers – Blue Christmas Decorations

Pillow covers blue christmas decorations

If you are into sewing, then you can easily make some pillow covers to use on your couch or on the armchair as blue Christmas decorations. There are many ways of making these pillows, and there is no single right way. What’s important is that the new pillow covers bring you pleasure! But if you want to be sure that your handmade pillows look nice, here are some blue Christmas decor ideas to use as inspiration.

The first option is very simple, but it does take quite a lot of time if you have lots of pillows to make! In case you don’t know how to sew, try buying some decorative piping and adding it around the edge of the fabric. This way, you’ll create a border that will define your pillow cover. You can leave the piping visible or sew it on the back of the fabric.

For the second option, you can buy plain white pillows and use them as a base for decorating! For example, you can pick letters that spell out Merry Christmas or something similar for your entire family to see throughout December.

Or, if you are up for something more creative, you can paint snowflakes on them in blue and some other colors to match with your Christmas decor. However, be careful when choosing the fabrics because if they aren’t washable at high temperatures or they don’t allow water through, then this project will turn out badly.

If you don’t like the idea of painting, then simply add some nice Christmas decorations, such as buttons and beads in blue and white.

To learn how to make a throw pillow cover, head over to Single Girl’s DIY and check out the tutorial!

2. Chinoiserie Ornaments – Blue Christmas Tree Decorations

Chinoiserie ornaments blue christmas tree decorations

If you want to go for a classy-looking design for your blue Christmas tree decorations, consider making blue chinoiserie ornaments. The project is relatively simple, and it doesn’t require any serious crafting skills because you can use glitter paper stars as a base!

You’ll need silver string, glue, and one of those Christmas tree balls that have holes in them. The holes should be big enough for the string to fit through.

Just cover your stars using glue! Then, start wrapping them with the string until it’s time to tie a knot at one end. And you’re done! Use the rest of your paper stars as nice gifts or give them away as great blue Christmas tree decorations throughout December.

For a more elaborate project about making chinoiserie ornaments, visit Monica Wants It and take a look at the guide! It involves mod podge, a foam craft brush, white or silver shatterproof ornaments, chinoiserie-style napkins, a hot glue gun with glue sticks, scissors, a coated paper plate, a gold leafing pen (optional), and a sealer spray (optional).

3. No-Sew Blue and Silver Christmas Decorations

No sew blue and silver christmas decorations

If you don’t like the idea of sewing DIY ornaments, then try making no-sew blue and silver Christmas decorations instead. They are quick to make, and you won’t have to worry about damaging your hands.

What’s great about this project is that you don’t have to spend too much time decorating your house because these decorations are easy to put together.

And what’s even better is that you can use this simple pattern to make completely different decorations, so you’ll have an opportunity to change your decor for every holiday! You can make blue and silver Valentine’s Day decorations, for example!

As far as materials are concerned, you need blank styrofoam balls, stretch satin scraps, decorative cord, straight dressmaking pins, ribbons, a tape measure, a hot glue gun with glue sticks, and a pen with a hard tip that can score the styrofoam.

To get started, you have to score the desired pattern to the styrofoam ball with the help of the pen and measure tape.

For the remaining instructions, don’t hesitate to check out the stunning tutorial we discovered on DIY Joy!

4. Patchwork Stockings – Navy Blue Christmas Decorations

Patchwork stockings navy blue christmas decorations

Another great way to dress up your home for the festive season is by making patchwork Christmas stockings. And if you make them navy blue, your holiday design will definitely become one of a kind!

To make these navy blue Christmas decorations, you’ll need a variety of fabrics for the outside patchwork and inside lining. Be sure to pick up some that are washable, soft, and have simple creases.

You also need a pattern for the stocking, rope, twine, ribbon, or another material for hanging the stockings, scissors, thread, a sewing machine, a cutting mat with a rotary cutter, and an iron. It’s also a good idea to use fusible interfacing to add sturdiness as well as to use felt for monogramming names or initials.

Begin by making your preferred stocking pattern. If you’re not feeling particularly creative, you can find many awesome designs on the Internet to use as inspiration. Next, you can cut out the fabric that will be used as the background of the stockings.

In the following step, collect your fabric scraps and turn them into rectangles that are as wide as the stocking but have different heights. Now you can sew the strips for the patchwork, trim them, and sew them along the stocking edge. You have to repeat these steps to also make the patchwork piece on the other side of the stocking.

When it’s ready, you can cut the interfacing for the two patchwork pieces and fuse them together. To personalize the stockings for each family member, feel free to cut and sew felt letters to the front side of each stocking.

If you love the idea of making personalized patchwork stockings for your family on Christmas, visit Laura Radniecki and check out her detailed guide!

5. Marbled Ice Blue Christmas Decorations with Nail Polish

Marbled ice blue christmas decorations with nail polish

If you’re interested in ice blue Christmas decorations, you can try making marbled ornaments with nail polish. It’s a simple idea that doesn’t require too much effort. And you will be able to create gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments that your entire family can appreciate.

To get this show on the road, you will need clear or white glass ornaments, cheap nail polish, nail polish remover, and paper clips for hanging. Also, make sure to prepare a spot where the glass ornaments can safely dry without ruining anything important.

Start by filling a bowl with lukewarm water, after which you can drizzle the nail polish colors you wish to use and swirl them around with a toothpick. Then you can lightly dip each glass ornament in the water, roll it around so that the nail polish touches all sides, then remove it from the water and hang the ornament in a safe place to dry. And that’s it!

To get a better view of these marbled Christmas ornaments with nail polish, head over to Clumsy Crafter! There’s also a video guide you can check out.

6. Paper Leaf Wreath – Blue Christmas Decorations

Paper leaf wreath blue christmas decorations

If you’re interested in making blue Christmas decorations, you can try out a simple wreath adorned with paper leaves in different shades of blue. It’s one of the easiest DIY holiday crafts that will help your home look more attractive for the festive season.

To make this lovely piece of decoration, you’ll need construction paper or card stock, scissors, string or baker’s twine, tape, glue sticks, and double-sided tape. You might also want to use different colors to decorate the wreath further.

Begin by cutting the green sheets into leaves of various sizes. Then you should cut notches on either side of each leaf. When it’s time to assemble the wreath, just place all the leaves together and then glue them into place until the paper is tightly wrapped around a straw or foam cone.

For more inspiration on making a paper leaf wreath, watch this straightforward YouTube video tutorial posted by Two Points Crafts!

7. Snowman Wreath – Blue Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Snowman wreath blue outdoor christmas decorations

If you want to make blue outdoor Christmas decorations that your family and friends will admire, you can’t go wrong with a snowman wreath! It’s an easy-to-make DIY item that doesn’t contain too many pieces. And the end result is definitely worth it!

To get started on this project, gather some artificial pine wreath forms, ribbons in different colors, a hot glue gun, white felt fabric, googly eyes, pom-poms, buttons, twine or yarn, and crafting foam.

Begin by wrapping a strip of fabric around the middle of the wreath form so that it covers half of its surface. Keep the fabric in place with either hot glue or double-sided tape, then secure it together tightly. After that, begin to attach your decorations, including the pom-poms, buttons, and googly eyes.

When you’re done decorating the wreath form, make sure to also add a small piece of cardboard behind to help it stand upright without any help. And there you have it! Your blue outdoor Christmas decoration is now finished and ready for hanging!

For more inspiration on making a snowman wreath, check out this Pinterest post, courtesy of Gladys!

8. Painted Glass Ornaments – Blue Christmas Tree Decorations

Painted glass ornaments blue christmas tree decorations

You can try your hand at handmade glass ornaments painted in different shades of blue if you’re interested in easy blue Christmas tree decorations. If done correctly, this project will serve as a lovely DIY decoration that will improve the appearance of any Christmas tree!

To get started on these festive creations, you’ll need clear glass ornaments, oil pastels or watercolors in various colors, and a few small brushes to go with the latter.

Start by outlining the ornament with a blue color to form an outline. Then continue creating additional layers of paint until you reach the desired level of saturation. You can also add sparkles or water droplets if you wish!

Now that you’ve created your beautiful glass ornament from scratch, you can simply fill it with any small-sized old items. Besides, with the help of this DIY project, you can put together a one-of-a-kind ornament that you can give as a gift to someone special!

To learn more about making painted glass Christmas ornaments, check out our complete guide!

9. Snowflake Wine Bottles – Blue Christmas Table Decorations

Snowflake wine bottles blue christmas table decorations

If you want to create blue Christmas table decorations that everyone will admire at dinner time, we recommend trying out this memorable DIY craft idea: wine bottles decorated with snowflakes! It’s a simple DIY project for both beginners and more experienced crafters.

To get started on this fun holiday crafting activity, gather some glass ornaments, adhesive letters, double-sided tape, ribbon, and twine.

Start by using double-sided tape to fix small snowflakes around the neck of the bottle. Then string a few twigs or branches together with a piece of ribbon or twine to make a wreath that you can hang on the bottle later on.

Using adhesive letters is another good way to display your chosen festive phrase! And that’s it! You have a beautiful blue Christmas table decoration that will add to the festive mood of your celebration!

For this DIY project, we found inspiration in the Pinterest post of Shelly’s Creations, so feel free to check it out!

10. Cake Pops – Blue Christmas Cake Decorations

Cake pops blue christmas cake decorations

If you’re baking a cake for your family and guests this festive season, you might be interested in decorating it with cake pops. It’s a simple and elegant idea when it comes to blue Christmas cake decorations, which you can whip up in under two hours.

When it comes to ingredients, you need cocoa powder, boiling hot water, butter, caster sugar, dark brown sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, self-raising flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and luxury mixed dried fruit.

You also need butter, icing sugar, and brandy for the brandy buttercream. As for the cake pops themselves, make sure to have blue candy melts and lollipop sticks.

Head over to Good to Know to follow the complete instructions in this mouth-watering recipe for cake pops!

11. Hoop and Yarn Wall Hanging – Blue Christmas Window Decorations

Hoop and yarn wall hanging blue christmas window decorations

You can create an interesting blue Christmas window decoration without using any dye by turning to this simple idea: hoop and yarn wall hanging. It’s an easy DIY project idea that you can complete in under two hours!

You’ll need a colorful piece of fabric for this simple craft activity, plus a wooden hoop and some yarn. You can find all these materials in local dollar or discount stores. The bigger the hoop, the larger your wall hanging will be when you’re done!

Start by cutting a rectangle from your chosen fabric and lay it flat on a table. Then arrange the hoop in the center and attach each end of the yarn around it tightly – which is called lacing! Once your beautiful blue Christmas window decoration is ready, add some color using cool winter accessories like Christmas stockings or poinsettias!

You will find a step-by-step guide to crafting this simple hoop and yarn wall hanging in our full article.

12. Giant Ornaments – Blue Outside Christmas Decorations

Giant ornaments blue outside christmas decorations

If you’re planning to decorate your home outside, you might be interested in making giant ornaments. These are easy-to-make blue Christmas decorations that only require some yarn, wire, and imagination!

As far as supplies are concerned for these blue outside Christmas decorations, you need plastic cups, spray paint, balloons, clothes hangers, and wrapping wire. You get started by blowing up the balloons. After this step, you can spray-paint the plastic cups to make them look like the hanging support of Christmas ornaments.

Now you can add the clothes hangers to the plastic cups so that you will be able to hang the giant ornaments on your front porch after also adding the wrapping wire around the cups.

For a better view of the giant ornaments, make sure to watch the YouTube video tutorial posted by Tanya Memme!

13. Wine Cork Napkin Holder – Blue Christmas Table Decorations

Wine cork napkin holder blue christmas table decorations

For a simple and quick blue Christmas table decoration, you can make napkin holders out of old wine corks. The trick is that you can paint the wine corks in any shade of blue to obtain a beautiful product that will go well with the rest of your blue-themed Christmas party!

In addition to wine corks, you need a corkboard, paper, flower paper punch, a silk ribbon, acrylic paints, decor beads, a paintbrush, a glue gun, a knife, and a pair of scissors.

Start by cutting the wine corks in half by taking into account the vertical line. Next, you can paint the wine corks blue, and we suggest using multiple shades of blue to obtain a beautiful effect.

After the corks have plenty of time to dry off, you can glue them to the corkboard, making sure to fill as much of the corkboard as you can. You might have to cut some additional wine corks and paint them to fit the edges. You can also cut the corkboard, but make sure to leave a bit of space on the edges, just enough to glue one row of corks that sit upright.

Finally, trim the excess material using the scissors and then glue the ribbon. You can also decorate the ribbon with paper flowers or anything else you prefer.

To learn more about making this awesome wine cork napkin holder, feel free to read our complete guide!

14. Garland – Blue Christmas Decorations

Garland blue christmas decorations

Another simple and easy crafting idea for the holidays is a blue garland. It’s an inexpensive way to decorate any part of your living room, such as the fireplace mantel, in a beautiful fashion! We think it’s a great idea for blue Christmas decorations, which should satisfy most people.

You can make this garland in less than two hours, and all you need are small boxes that you can find in local dollar or discount stores. Start by decorating the boxes with any various shades of blue! To do so, simply use paints, stickers, stamps – anything you want.

Once the boxes have dried off completely, punch holes on their edges and add yarn through them. Your new garland is now ready for hanging!

However, if you don’t like the idea of using boxes, you can take the old-fashioned route with ribbons and ornaments. As far as supplies are concerned, you need an 18-foot lighted garland, three command hooks, a 6-inch wide tulle, three types of ribbon, alligator clips, thread, ornament hooks, and wire cutters.

When it comes to the ornaments, feel free to use anything you like, such as pinecone picks and birdcage or chandelier ornaments.

We found an awesome tutorial at From House to Home that you should definitely check out for making a stunning blue Christmas garland!

15. Wine Cork Candleholder – Christmas Table Decorations

Wine cork candleholder christmas table decorations

Here’s another excellent take on Christmas table decorations: wine cork candleholders. We think the results are genuinely beautiful, and the project is quite easy to make.

To get started, you need candleholders, a glue gun, wine corks, a knife, a paintbrush, blue acrylic paint, silk ribbons, wood buttons, and scissors.

Cut the corks in half vertically and then paint them blue. Once the paint dries off, use the glue gun to attach the half-corks to the candleholders. Then add a ribbon on the upper half of each candleholder, which you can embellish with buttons or beads.

If you have the patience to create several candleholders this way, you can set a stunning table centerpiece for all to admire!

For more details, check out our intuitive tutorial about making wine cork candleholders!

16. Baby Footprint Ornament – Blue Christmas Tree Decorations

Baby footprint ornament blue christmas tree decorations

The tree is the essence of Christmas, so it’s only natural that you use decorations to set it apart. If this is your child’s first Christmas, you can immortalize the moment by making a baby footprint ornament using clay and some paint. This blue Christmas tree decoration project is quick to make, fairly inexpensive, and – most importantly – cute as a button!

All you need is Fimo clay in various colors, white glue, glitter glue, blue acrylic paint, ribbon or twine, red acrylic paint for the shoe prints, a photograph of your child’s footprint (if you’re making a gift for someone else), scissors, and a spoon.

To ensure that the ornament looks nice, cover its surface with ceramic tile adhesive before decorating it with gold foil. Once this step is complete, add white glue to the sides of the clay and sprinkle gold glitter on it. Allow everything to dry off completely before starting with more painting activities!

Paint your Fimo ball blue and then paint a shoe on one half of it. Attach a ribbon or some twine from which you can hang the ornament on a branch. Now place some red paint in a spoon and dip it in water.

Then use this mixture to paint two small circles on your ornament where the sole of the foot should appear. Lastly, carefully press your child’s footprint into these imprints while making sure that nothing bleeds outside their confines! After ten days, remove the clay from its base; make sure you soak it well beforehand if necessary.

Next, paint ghost shapes on a piece of thin cardboard and attach them to the bottom of the ornament. When you finish this project, you can hang it on the tree in your home, and every time you see it, you will remember all of the wonderful moments you had with your child.

If you don’t like the idea of working with clay and waiting for ten days for it to dry, here’s an alternative solution: you can make a baby footprint ornament using a traditional Christmas bulb ornament, tacky glue, and glitter.

Head over to Not Quite Susie to learn more!

17. Winter Wonderland Textured Trees – Blue Christmas Decorations

Winter wonderland textured trees blue christmas decorations

Textured trees are the kind of Christmas tree decorations that everyone will appreciate. From textured tree toppers, tinsel, and baubles, your holiday decorating is sure to look especially unique.

You can find these winter wonderland textured trees at many craft stores since they’re available in all shapes and sizes. Just pick the ones you like and switch their colors to make them more wintery. However, if you want to put some heart into these blue Christmas decorations, there’s no better way than making the textured trees from scratch!

When it comes to materials, you will need paper mache cones, a palette knife, small and sparkly embellishments, together with acrylic paints. Using the palette knife, you have to apply the acrylic paints from the bottom to the top, depending on what shades of blue you prefer for your Christmas decorations.

Lastly, while the texture is still wet, make sure to sprinkle the embellishments to the bottom part of the cone to make it extra sparkly. For best results, you should make several winter wonderland textured trees in this manner. They would be a fabulous table centerpiece!

For more information on making these winter wonderland textured trees, head over to Deco Art and check out their tutorial!

18. Tree Ornaments with Alcohol Ink – Blue Christmas Tree Decorations

Tree ornaments with alcohol ink blue christmas tree decorations

You can turn ordinary Christmas tree ornaments into something extraordinary by using alcohol inks! It’s an easy project when it comes to blue Christmas tree decorations, which will produce astounding results. And, if you happen to have a cutting machine, you can personalize the ornaments in any way you see fit.

When it comes to materials, you will need ceramics, alcohol inks, the towels you use to paint with, and multiple colors of paper napkins – white ones are perfect for this project since they don’t take much time to dry.

You have to cut out several circles and then delicately wrap them around each ornament that has one side flat and another one curved. You should secure them with a bit of masking tape until they hold onto the surface firmly. Once you’re done wrapping all the ornaments like this, wait for them to completely dry off – this process doesn’t require too much time.

Afterward, soak the ornament in water with some detergent, rinse it off, and let it dry. As for your creative side, you can paint it in any color to create a masterpiece in no time.

For an alternative way to make tree ornaments with alcohol ink, which involves a cutting machine, watch the YouTube video tutorial uploaded by DIY Craft Tutorials!

19. Kimekomi Ornaments – Blue Christmas Tree Decorations

Kimekomi ornaments blue christmas tree decorations

If you like decorating styrofoam, then you will find the process of making Kimekomi ornaments extremely enjoyable. Don’t be surprised if their name sounds foreign – these blue Christmas tree decorations are native to Japan!

What’s so special about them is that they look extra fancy, although a minimum effort is involved in the crafting process! And you can easily paint them in any color to create a unique masterpiece.

The crafting procedure is intricate because a lot of geometry is involved. To get started, you have to take a styrofoam ball and divide it into six equal parts, create hexagons, and tuck fabric into the cut foam while alternating fabric colors or textures. You do this until all hexagons are covered with fabric.

To learn more about the art of creating Kimekomi ornaments, don’t hesitate to read the stunning tutorial we discovered on Ornament Designs!

20. Foam Sheet Snowflakes – Blue Christmas Decorations

Foam sheet snowflakes blue christmas decorations

Creating foam sheet snowflakes requires a bit more effort than previous projects we’ve seen so far, but it’s worth the while! Depending on the thickness of your foam sheets, you can create delicate and subtle decorations or bold and daring blue Christmas decorations.

Firstly, draw two triangles and one circle and cut out plastic from each triangle side, so each triangular part is curvy along its bottom line. Make sure both triangles have identical curves. Secondly, take another plastic shape (a rectangle or any other interesting pattern), cut it into two pieces, and use it as a template to draw outer lines onto one side of each piece. When you’re done with this step, set the pieces aside.

Now you have to cut out twenty equilateral triangles from your foam sheet. If you want a snowflake that’s smaller in width, use fewer triangles. Then cut out a hexagon from another piece of foam and glue one side onto an equilateral triangle so that they cover each other perfectly.

To produce outstanding results quickly, sew or glue all snowflakes together! You can also personalize them by drawing lines on the surface or adding bead chains for hanging purposes.

For more inspiration, watch this YouTube video tutorial made available by A Simple Life DIY!

21. Sugar-String Snowman – Blue Christmas Decorations

Sugar string snowman blue christmas decorations

Making a sugar-string snowman is an adorable blue Christmas decoration idea that your kids will absolutely love! Just make sure you won’t be placing it outdoor since the snowman is too sensitive to withstand varying weather conditions.

For this project, you will need white cotton string, warm water, extra-fine granulated sugar, three balloons, two large black buttons, a festive ribbon or a scarf with a hat, four or five small buttons, twigs, and a carrot.

Begin by blowing up the balloons in three different sizes: the big one will be the feet, the medium will be the body, and the small one will be the snowman’s head. Just make sure the biggest one isn’t too tight since you will have to wrap each balloon with string on all sides.

To do this, just add two cups of sugar to one cup of warm water and mix until the sugar dissolves. Dip the balloons in the mixture and carefully roll them to ensure that it covers the string on all sides. Hang the balloons in a safe place and let them dry overnight.

The next day, pop the balloons and remove them since you will only need the ball-shaped string from now on. You can assemble the snowman by gluing the three balls and then add the snowman’s features: button eyes and mouth, carrot nose, twig arms, hat, and scarf. And that’s it!

It’s a lengthy process since you have to wait 12 hours for the sugar mixture to dry. However, it’s an elementary project, as you can see, and you can even have your kids pitch in.

To learn more about making sugar-string snowmen, visit Imperial Sugar!

22. Painted Wood Slices – Blue Christmas Tree Decorations

Painted wood slices blue christmas tree decorations

Painting wood slices is a fun way to create one-of-a-kind ornaments for the Christmas tree. Or, you can turn them into coasters. Making these blue Christmas tree decorations is simple and fun! And they make an adorable centerpiece for the dinner table.

For this project, you will need wooden slices, acrylic glaze to protect them from moisture, and acrylic paints in different hues of blue, as long as they match your Christmas party theme overall.

Place the wooden slices on a flat surface that you have covered with several layers of newspaper to prevent any stains. Then mask off the area surrounding the cuts that you want to keep intact. Just be careful not to smear any paint onto them! You can do this by using painter’s tape or plastic wrap since they are easy to remove once you’re done painting.

When everything is ready, start coloring each slice until you achieve the desired shade. To give them a nice glazed finish, apply the finishing coat of two coats of acrylic glaze using a bristle brush or cotton swab.

At this point, you can attach a hook to each slice and hang them from the branches of your Christmas tree as blue tree decorations! They would also make perfect presents for friends and family members who love to host parties during the holiday season.

To learn more about painting wood slices, watch the YouTube video tutorial posted by Just a Little Creativity!

23. Festive Wreath – Blue And Silver Christmas Decorations

Festive wreath blue and silver christmas decorations

Creating a festive wreath for Christmas is a breeze with these cheap and easy steps! And this blue and silver wreath can even be used as a garland if you don’t tie the ends together. It’s one of those blue and silver Christmas decorations that will look lovely hanging on any door or wall!

For this project, you need silver buttons, ribbons or tulle in two complementary colors, wire cutters, cardstock, double-sided tape, a hot glue gun with glue sticks, printed images/words/phrases, scissors, pencils, and metallic pens. You can also embellish the wreath with printed images, words, or phrases.

To create the wreath, cut a circle out of cardstock and use a pencil or pen to draw two parallel lines that intersect with each other. You can then place buttons on top of the intersecting lines and then color them in using metallic pens.

When everything is dry, follow these steps: tie one end of your ribbon/tulle to something sturdy like the inside doorknob and let it hang; start hot gluing the ribbon/tulle onto the back of your button-covered card.

Make sure you glue until you almost reach the bottom and fold over any excess tulle. Once done, twist and fold the leftover tulle until you achieve the desired fullness, and then use a bit of hot glue to keep it in place. Lastly, tie the ends together and add more tulle if you need to until you get the desired length.

For more inspiration about making a festive blue and silver wreath for Christmas, check out this YouTube video tutorial posted by Crafting Momma Bear!

24. Ribbon Wreath – Blue Christmas Decorations

Ribbon wreath blue christmas decorations

A ribbon wreath made entirely out of ribbons is an easier project than it sounds. And it’s one of those blue Christmas decorations that will last for years! It works especially well as a door hanger since it’s so lightweight.

So if you’re decorating your house this Christmas with lots of other blue Christmas decorations scattered throughout, then you should definitely throw this into the mix!

For this project, you need six yards each of white and blue wired ribbon, wire cutters, floral foam rings (which keep the ribbons in place), rubber bands (to hold the rings together), white craft glue, scissors, and a hot glue gun with glue sticks.

Start by wrapping blue wired ribbon around each foam ring. It’s best to wrap it perpendicularly on the ring so that you can see where to apply the hot glue later. You can then place rubber bands around the rings to hold them together and remove them once you’re done gluing.

Afterward, cut both types of ribbons into smaller pieces (about two inches) and lay them out until you find a pattern that looks pleasing to the eye. Carefully flip over the pieces and use your craft glue to stick them to another piece of blue wired ribbon. This will be your background piece for this project, so make sure that it is at least five inches wide.

To achieve the wreath effect, continue wrapping the blue wired ribbon around your foam ring until you reach the ideal circumference. You can then fasten it using hot glue or by tying a knot. Just make sure that your wreath is big enough to fit your doorknob!

If you prefer a simpler solution to make a festive wreath out of ribbons, head over to Sweet Tea and Saving Grace!

25. Bottle Tree – Blue Outside Christmas Decorations

Bottle tree blue outside christmas decorations

It can be challenging to find new and exciting ways to decorate your front lawn for Christmas. If you’re looking for something innovative, we found just the right idea for you: a simple Christmas tree made entirely out of bottles. It’s an extraordinary blue Christmas decoration idea for the outside!

For this project, you need a post hole digger and a 4×4 post. The idea is to use as many blue glass bottles as possible to create the tree’s limbs, which you can put in place sing rebar, stakes, and nails.

To learn more about this fabulous DIY project, check out Southern State of Mind’s Blog!

More Blue Christmas Decorations

We have even more blue Christmas decorations you’ll want to get, so let’s check them out and see what inspires you.

26. Colorblocked Ornaments – Blue Christmas Decorations

Colorblocked Ornaments - Blue Christmas Decorations

Yes, you can have a blue tree – one that’s sprinkled with DIY blue velvet ornaments too! Paper & Stitch has all of the details behind this fun project!

27. Vintage Ball Wreath – Blue and Silver Christmas Decorations

Vintage Ball Wreath - Blue and Silver Christmas Decorations

Here’s a wreath that already has a bit of blue involved, but could be made in its entirety as well. Martha Stewart will walk you throw its creation. We love the uniqueness and vintage vibes it possesses.

28. Charming Table Spread – Blue Christmas Decorations

Charming Table Spread - Blue Christmas Decorations

We’re in love with this easy, charming table spread. It’s got a cottage style and can be found atPop of Pretty. For some winter wonderland vibes, take a visit.

29. Royal Blue and Silver Christmas Decorations

Royal Blue and Silver Christmas Decorations

This royal blue and silver mantle is such a bold statement. We love the regalness and how magical the finished style is. Thankfully, we found it while perusing Pinterest!

30. Foyer Sprinkles – Ice Blue Christmas Decorations

Foyer Sprinkles - Ice Blue Christmas Decorations

House of Turquoise has a lot of ideas for blue Christmas decor. We were drawn to this foyer spot and how magical it felt. Check out more details after the jump.

31. Ornament Surprise Advent – Blue Christmas Decorations

Ornament Surprise Advent - Blue Christmas Decorations

You can create your advent calendar in blue or add some blue in the mix. Check out this family-friendly design at A Kailo Chic Life.

32. Colorblocked Wooden Garland – Blue Christmas Decorations

Colorblocked Wooden Garland - Blue Christmas Decorations

This wooden garland borrowed some navy blue in its making. If you’re looking to give your Christmas some modern touches, don’t be afraid to utilize this favorited shade. This tutorial can be found at Handmade Charlotte.

33. Indigo Ornaments – Marbled Blue Christmas Tree Decorations

Indigo Ornaments - Marbled Blue Christmas Tree Decorations

How gorgeous are these ornaments? Great news! You can DIY them. Just visit Alice and Lois for all the know-how.

34. Glitter Candles – Ice Blue Christmas Decorations

Glitter Candles - Ice Blue Christmas Decorations

Some glitter candles always seem like a good idea. Check out nj for more details. These can go on the dining room table or even in the bedroom.

35. Shades of Blue Pinecones – Christmas Table Decorations

Shades of Blue Pinecones - Christmas Table Decorations

The Homes I Have Made creates some blue shaded pinecones full of sparkle and shine. Create a garland from them or just fill of an apothecary jar with them. They’re so versatile!

36. Delicate Wreaths – Blue Christmas Decorations

Delicate Wreaths - Blue Christmas Decorations

You can find some other blue-inspired Christmas wreaths around as well. We love this dainty style especially. Find similar at Etsy or pursue for some DIY inspiration.

37. Blue & White Christmas Decorations

Blue & White Christmas Decorations

Setting the table for Christmas dinner doesn’t have to follow tradition with green and red. Instead, utilize the winter wonderland theme and then get our some of your vintage pieces. Take some inspo from this shot at Celebrating Everyday Life.

38. White and Blue Coffee Mugs – Christmas Decorations

White and Blue Coffee Mugs - Christmas Decorations

These can be gifts, but you can make them yourself to infuse that beautiful, powder blue into your Christmastime decor. Check out A Pumpkin and a Princess for the tutorial.

39. Unusual Placements – Ice Blue Christmas Decorations

Unusual Placements - Ice Blue Christmas Decorations

At Miss Dixie, you’ll find an entire home covered in “blue” for the holidays. And we love all of the unique and innovative ways they’ve incorporated the colors.

40. Muted Scene – Blue Christmas Tree Decorations

Muted Scene - Blue Christmas Tree Decorations

Finally, at Blue Gray Gal you’ll have a peek at a muted blue Christmas scene that’s just so posh and pretty. From the tree’s ornaments to the presents wrapped, it’s such a cohesive display.

Final Thoughts on Blue Christmas Decor Ideas

Without a doubt, the best way to decorate your house for Christmas is by combining many different decorations and accessories. Blue Christmas decorations can definitely add some cheer to your holiday decorations if you and your family love this color.

That being said, if blue isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of other colors that you could choose from, such as red and silver or red and gold. Put your imagination to work, mix and match decorations you already have, or try out some new ones!

So, which ideas do you like best when it comes to blue decorations for Christmas? If you found another awesome blue Christmas decoration idea that you would like to share with us, you can take advantage of the comment section below!

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