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DIY Embroidered Gift Tag

‘Tis the season for gift wrapping! The wrap and its coordinated tag are the very first impression of what your festive sense feels like. The more a package is elaborate, unique, well thought and balanced the more a Christmas tree will look complete and fulfilled with holy jolly magic. Can you imagine a super decorated tree with poorly made gift boxes at its feet? It’s totally not the same!

DIY gift tag embrodered set

Let’s embrace the mood and give our gift wraps that extra touch with this simple on-a-budget DIY! Embroidered tags are all over Pinterest, emulating all sorts of Christmas symbols like snowflakes, deers, penguins, pine branches, etc. All very classical but quite complex figures to make. So to me the best solution is one: simple sew effect frame + good old handwriting for your tag. Easy, cute looking and effective!

DIY gift tag embrodered supplies

This is what you’ll need:

  • tags
  • pin
  • sharpened pencil
  • thread
  • black marker

DIY gift tag embrodered holes

1. Start by deciding how big your sew effect will be and make dots where you want the twine to go in & out. If the twine is pretty thick (like most of them are), be sure not to make dots too near, because we’re going to expand the holes till the twine is able to go through. The cardboard mustn’t break or bend between holes! Try to make dots evenly distant and make them mirrored on the length of the tag. Make holes at the dots using the pin. Then, go over the holes again with the sharp pencil, expanding the hole. If this is not enough you might need to use another instrument from housewares, something pointy slightly larger than the pencil’s end: I went for the exchangeable internal part of standard ball pens. Remember to work on something slightly soft like a sponge to easily make holes.

DIY gift tag embrodered embroid

2. Start from the top, making the twine go up and down through the holes and making it go all way round. If the two twine threads finish on opposite sides it’s ok, just make a simple knot on top. Help yourself with the pencil to push the twine through the holes and pull it out with your fingers on the other side.

DIY gift tag embrodered write

3. Add the name with a nice handwritten font. You can go with script styles like these or if you’re no good in handwriting you can stick to a simple but cute all caps serif, like these. Use a black marker with thin point, as the tag tends to absorb and expand the ink.

DIY gift tag embrodered set 2

DIY gift tag embrodered set

DIY gift tag embrodered set 3

Doesn’t that simple thread add so much to the general look? My tiny pine looks so nice (and so small!) next to this wrap done down to fine art. Psst.. the wrapping paper is free for download on One O if you want to obtain this exact look! Happy festive wrapping!

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