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35 Scrumptious and Festive Christmas Cakes!

It’s Christmastime and that means it’s also the season for holiday baking! Gather in the kitchen  with all your family and start making some treats that align with all of the winter festive Ites. Today we have compiled 35 scrumptious and festive Christmas cakes that hopefully inspire you to make something a little bit different this year.

 1.  Classic Christmas

Classic Christmas cake recipe

Baking Inspiration provides us with an easy recipe to make a classic Christmas cake all throughout the holiday season.  Fill the home with the fragrance of the celebration and have your family gathering  around the table to take a bite.

2. Rev Velvet and Cinnamon Layer

Red velvet and cinnamon layer cake

Check out this delicious concoction from Sweetapolita.  You’re going to love the richness of the red velvet paired with the seasonal cinnamon flavors

3.  Gingerbread Roll

Gingerbread Roll Cake Recipe

Roxana’s Home Baking  shows off this classic gingerbread roll cake that little tire family will not be able to wait to dive into. Serve it on Christmas Eve with a hot cup of cocoa.

4. Spice with Eggnog Buttercream

DIY Holiday Spice Cake with Eggnog Buttercream

We are salivating over this holiday treat inspired by Portuguese Girl Cooks. Taking a holiday spice cake and turning it up a notch with some eggnog buttercream icing feels like a dream!

5. Chocolate Buttermilk

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Recipe

A Beautiful Mess makes a chocolate buttermilk cake that you will be wishing for over and over again after you get a surprise bite of the simple Nutella filling. Of course, the chocolate winter tree garnishes are adorably charming too!

6. Red Velvet Swirl Bundt

Red Velvet Swirl Bundt Cake Recipe

Travel back over to A Beautiful Mess to snag the recipe and know-how to make this red velvet swirl bundt cake that combines tradition with trendy flavors. This is another Christmas Eve treat that will go great with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee!

7. Pistachio Crepe

Coconut Crepe Pistachio Cake Recipe

This cake may not be for a novice in the kitchen but it sure does look and sound scrumptious. Hop over to Food Faith Fitness and grab all the juicy details.

8. 7up Pound7up Pound Cake Recipe

My favorite part about this pound cake is the added cranberry drizzle right on top making it an even more festive addition to the menu. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this treat from Cherished.

9.  Cranberry BuckleCranberry Gluten Free Cake Recipe

This cranberry buckle cake is not only crumble and delicious but it’s also gluten-free for those that need something a little bit more unique. Grab the recipe at Wicked Good Kitchen.

10. Chocolate Peppermint

Chocolate Peppermint Cake Recipe

The Gunny Sack brings this beautiful cake to life with a holiday-styled recipe and a “naked” styling. It blends the perfect amount of rich chocolate with the festive taste of peppermint!

11. Raspberry CheesecakeRaspbery Cheesecake Cake Recipe

This raspberry cheesecake is extra special because it’s used as a middle layer inside a classic cake. Check out this unique dessert over at Recipe Girl.

12.  Vanilla Roll Christmas-Vanilla-Roll-Cake-Recipe-

Roxana’s Home Baking brings us a sweet vanilla roll cake that’s bound in Christmas cheer (and sprinkles!). The kids will love to dive into this one!

13. Vanilla Custard Cream

Vanilla Custard Cream Cake Recipe

If you’d rather not bake, then why not try something that doesn’t involve baking (well, almost no baking). Check out this vanilla custard cream cake at Better Bible Baking.

14. Vanilla Bean Bundt with Pomegranate GlazeVanilla Bean Bundt Cake

Give your classic vanilla bundt cake a new spin by adding a pomegranate glaze like Honey and Birch decided to do. It sure gives an extra holiday feel to the bite!

15. Black ForestBlack Forest Cake Recipe

If you’re looking for a simple, easy black forest cake recipe then check out this one over at Little Sweet Baker. You’ll love the traditional taste but the tutorial is built for anyone to follow!

16. Cinnamon Coffee Cinnamon-Coffee-Cake-Recipe

Every Christmas Eve I bake my dad his own coffee cake for Christmas morning, and this year I may be grabbing this recipe from Marla Meridith to put an fun spin on our tradition!

17.  Pumpkin White Chocolate RollPumpkin Roll White Chocolate Cake Recipe

Oh, Sweet Basil provides us with this great recipe for a pumpkin white chocolate roll cake. Every dinner party guest will want to dive right into this dessert!

18. Eggnog BundtEggnog Bundt Cake Recipe

Here’s another great bundt cake recipe that brings a feeling of holidays right to our table. And a great part about this dessert from Mom Foodie is that it’s dairy free!

19. Pecan PiePecan Pie Cake Recipe

Here’s a pie inside a cake, brought to us by Shugary Sweets. You’re gonna love these popular flavors and textures coming together making some extra special for the family over the holiday break.

20. Peppermint Candy Cane BundtPeppermint-Candy-Cane-Bundt-Cake

This cake truly will be the best accompaniment to a hot cup of cocoa at night or coffee in the evening. Jump to Crunchy Creamy Sweet for all the details.

21. Gingerbread Layer

Gingerbread Layer Cake Recipe

Everyone needs a bit of gingerbread at least once throughout the holiday season and with this cake you’ll get a more unique and sophisticated bite. Check it out at Wicked Good Kitchen.

22. Chocolate Caramel Turtle Roll

Chocolate Carmel Turtle Cake Roll Recipe

A personal favorite on the list, this recipe is definitely for the chocolate lovers. You’ll love the richness, texture and cozy feeling this dessert from Crazy for Crust  has to offer.

23. Sparkling Cranberry White ChocolateSparkling Cranberry White Chocolate Cake

Life, Love, Sugar has another personal favorite on the list. Smooth white chocolate paired with the tang and zest of a sparkling cranberry makes this a showstopper on the dessert table.

24. Chocolate Merlot

Chocolate Merlot Cake Recipe

Pair wine and chocolate in a way that you may not have thought of before. For your “grown up” Christmas shindig, try this on for size. Thanks for the idea and recipe Hip Foodie Mom.

25. Peppermint Red Velvet Roll

Peppermint Red Velvet Roll Cake recipe

This is a true holiday dessert all wrapped up into one beautiful treat. The Kitchn shows us how to make this without stressing over your next Christmastime menu.

26. Glazed Cranberry LemonGlazed Cranberry Lemon Cake Recipe

Add a bright and vibrant burst of flavor to your wintertime treats with this glazed lemon and cranberry cake! Grab the recipe at Annie’s Eats and fix up a hot cup of coffee as a side!

27. Marscapone Meringue Marscapone Meringue cake recipe

Impress every guests and family member that walks through the front door with this marscapone meringue cake. Snag all the details and know-how at Sweetapolita.

28.  Nutella ChocolateNutella Chocolate cake Recipe

OMG Chocolate desserts combines two of everyone’s favorite sweets. Nutella and chocolate really can make one of the best treats around.

29. Mint Chocolate Chipmint chocolate chip cake

Why not put your favorite ice cream flavor inside a cake? Especially when that flavor coincides with the holiday season so well! Lemon Sugar will show you how!

30. Honey Apple Bundt

Honey Apple Bundt Cake

You’ve got to try a bite of this satisfying and cozy bundt cake. It’ll be as good in the afternoon as it is in the evening, so much so that you may even want to leave a bite for Santa. Recipe at Tori Avey.

31. Chevron

Christmas Chevron Cake Recipe

The kids will definitely want to get involved with this idea from Love From The Oven. Just make sure you grab a bag of the holiday M and M’s!

32. Christmas Devil’s Food

Christmas Devil's Food Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Roxana’s Home Baking shows us how to take a classic devil’s food cake and turn it into a Christmastime masterpiece – completely with decorating fun to the kiddos!

33. Holiday Gift

Holiday Gift Cake Recipe

These cakes are not only delicious but they’re styled in a way that make them the perfect gift-giving treat. Whip these up for your neighbors, friends and more as you grab the details from Live Laugh Rowe.

34. Butterscotch Pumpkin

Butterscotch Pumpking Cake Recipe

Hungry Rabbit serves up something extra special and unique too in terms of desserts. This butterscotch pumpkin cake is sure to be a standout come dessert time!

35. Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

For something delicate, feminine but comfortable too. Sugar Hero teaches up how to whip up this chocolate raspberry mousse cake that will have everyone salivating!

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