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“Shake It” Confetti Gift Wrap

Finding your gift under the Christmas tree can be extra fun this year if you wrap you them with this confetti-filled wrapping paper. Fill it with your favorite cut out pieces and give it a shake or two to reveal whose gift it is.

Confetti Gift Wrap

Materials to create a Confetti Gift Wrap

For this DIY you’ll need:

  • A pre-wrapped gift
  • Clear cellophane wrapper (for gift baskets)
  • Confetti or fake snow
  • Card stock
  • Hole punches
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Start with a pre wrapped gift

Start with a pre-wrapped gift. I like to wrap my gifts with a solid color wrapping paper so the confetti stands out from it. Working with the cellophane wrapping can be a little difficult because it’s so lightweight. The best way to wrap the cellophane is to insert the gift into the cellophane bag, taut to one side. Cut around the gift making sure to leave enough room to tape the sides down.

Wrap the Gift

Wrap the gift, securing it on all sides but one, with the cellophane.

Premade confetti

If you don’t have premade confetti, you can easily make your own with a few different hole punches and card stock. Here I’m using a snowflake hole punch and a one inch circle. Cut out as many pieces as you’d like, and in as many shapes that you prefer.

Write down the name

Be sure to write the name of the person receiving the gift as well a few times on the card stock and cut those out as well.

Insert the confetti into the gift

Now for the fun part. Once you have all your confetti pieces cut and ready, insert them into the gift. Be sure to gently stuff them down on the sides of the gift as well as the top. You can’t really go wrong here. Add as much holiday fluff as you’d like and remember to insert the name tags face up inside. Also you can add a little bit of sparkle with fake snow or glitter. Other fun things to include are tiny beads, tinsel that’s cut in to small pieces, even a short message written on paper to replace a traditional holiday card. There’s a lot you can do to tweak this and make it your own.

Keeping the gift upright

Keeping the gift upright, close the cellophane wrapping and secure it with tape. Try not to pull it too tight, so the confetti inside can move freely when shaken. Some of the pieces may cling to the wrapping, but give it a good shake or two and it should flow pretty easily.

Confetti Gift Wrap for kids

Confetti shake it gift wrapper

This craft is super fun for kids to do when wrapping gifts for their friends or classmates.  Try wrapping paper in different colors and cellophane wrapping in different colored tints as well for a more dramatic look. The kids may love shaking it so much, they might not want to open the gift itself! But be careful when unwrapping, it might cause a bit of a mess!

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