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15 DIY Faux Plant Projects that will Live Forever

Are you a big fan of greenery who lives too busy a lifestyle to take care of a gorgeous, high maintenance living plant on a regular basis? Perhaps you work very long hours and will be too distracted to remember to water it regularly. Perhaps you’re home enough to own plants but you have cats or dogs who will chew them. Unfortunately, living plants may not be your best option in these situations. There are, however, still many different types of plants you can decorate your space with and enjoy!

Check out these 15 great DIY faux plant ideas that will live forever- even if you forget to water them!

1. Paper succulents

Paper succulents

Craftberry Bush shows you how to cut, fold, and form these adorable little paper succulents that will last you even longer than real, hardy little succulents!

2. Felt succulents

Felt succulents

Do you like the idea of faux succulents but feel as though working with paper isn’t really your style? Try creating these adorably soft felt succulents instead! Shaken Together guides you through the process of making them.

3. Tissue paper branches

Tissue paper branches

Lia Griffith reminds you how useful tissue paper can be in the world of DIY! We love how realistic these cute little white blossoms look popping out of this vase.

4. Dried flower hangings

Dried flower hangings

Technically this idea does involve real flowers, but they’re not ones that are going to die on you! Anthology Mag suggests hanging bunches of dried plants or flowers along the wall for a vintage appearance that still incorporates a bit of greenery!

5. Spiral paper rose plant

Spiral paper rose plant

Lia Griffith gives you another idea for little paper flowers, but this time the tiny blossoms are made by creating a spiral with the paper. We love how delicate they look despite being made from a long lasting material.

6. Faux dirt centerpiece

Faux dirt centrepiece

DIY Maven gives you the solution to replacing the plants you like that are potted and therefore involve dirty. These little blossoms look like they’re potted in dirt, but it’s all a DIY illusion!

7. Imitation Bonsai tree

Imitation bonsai tree

Craft Organic shows you a very neat trick! This DIY Bonsai tree actually is made of real plants pieced together, but it’ll last you much longer and be much easier to care for than a real bonsai tree.

8. Wooden houseplant sculptures

Wooden houseplant sculptures

Selja Ojanne lays out an awesome DIY concept for enthusiasts who are good at wood working! These little geometric plants are pieced together from smaller, angular pieces of wood and we love how modern they look.

9. Faux topiaries

Faux toparies

Don’t let the word “faux” fool you! These DIY topiaries by In My Own Style make decor that’s just as enjoyable as the real thing, but much lower maintenance.

10. Crocheted plant

Crocheted plant

Tulip Square reminds you how unique and creative crocheted crafts really can be. A cactus might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you set out to find a new crochet project, but we’re sure glad we know it’s an option now!

11. Fabric scrap cacti

Fabric scrap cacti

Are you a sewing enthusiast with a spare bin of fabric scraps lying around? Follow Sian Keegan‘s lead and transform those into plush little sections or fringy strips that will sit on a stuffed base in a tiny planter.

12. Paper planter

Paper planter

Nice Paper Toys actually gives you a printable template to use as your very own tutorial in creating a complete paper garden. We love the simplicity of the idea, both in practice and as decor.

13. Paper orchids

Paper orchids

Lia Griffith shows you an alternative to creating just tiny rose blossoms out of paper. Instead, make some detailed cuts and golds to create a bigger, more open orchid style of flower for your faux garden.

14. Embroidered pin cushion cactus

Embroidered pin cushion cactus

Winsome Hollow shows you how to upcycle pin cushions into decorative cacti, stuffed to stand to sttention from whatever pot or cup you’ve place them in.

15. Faux fern and burlap wrap

Faux fern and burlap wrap

Posh House reminds you that buying the occasional thing pre-made isn’t the end of the DIY world. Sometimes it’s nice  to start making a faux garden with some fake plants and just customizing or crafting the planter, jar, or case.

Have you created other schedule-friendly, low maintenance faux plants that we simply must see? Link us to pictures of your work in the comments below.

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