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How To Make A Watermelon Throw Pillow

Summer is magic, everything is more colorful, more cheerful and there’s a general joyful atmosphere everywhere you go; let’s bring these positive vibes also into our home decor with this cute and comfy Watermelon Throw Cushion. Don’t get scared by its complex shape, it’s actually easier than you think if you follow carefully each step. A little sewing skills are required, as much as it concerns using a sewing machine and making a rough hand seam: that’s all the expertise needed.

Diy watermelon throw pillow set0

On one hand, with its half moon shape, this pillow can be used as neck sustain at home or during long trips: place it behind the neck and fall asleep right away. On the other hand, it helps to add some colorful pattern at home, maybe complementing it with some more regular squared pillows. Mix and match textiles to obtain the desired effect: if your home is neutral toned go for a pale pink and a white and green pattern like this one, instead if you tend to use more saturated colors at home go ahead and use a strong fuchsia and a full color pattern. Watermelons have never been so versatile!

Read on and discover with us how to make this unique Watermelon Throw Pillow and decorate your living room with juicy colour and pattern.


  • pink and green patterned textile
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • thread
  • pins
  • pencil
  • needle
  • stuffing
  • black permanent marker

Diy watermelon throw pillow supplies

1. Start by using a round object (a tray in my case) to trace a circle on the pink textile. Bend it in half, secure with some pins and cut the round shape so it comes out perfectly symmetrical.

Diy watermelon throw pillow draw

2. Now use your bent circle to draw a half moon on the back of the green textile. Freehand close the inner line of the half moon. Again, bend in half by length and cut the shape so that left and right parts come out symmetrical. Repeat this step to make another half moon.

Diy watermelon throw pillow halfmoon

3. Next, pin your half moons to the pink circle, wrong ways facing outside. Now use the sewing machine to sew the whole perimeter where the pins are.

Diy watermelon throw pillow sew

4. In this step we’re going to nearly close the slice, so pull away the pink textile so that the two green parts can lay on each other like shown in the picture. Join them together and then sew where the pins are. Remember to stop sewing before you reach the other end so that we’ll be able to stuff the pillow.

Diy watermelon throw pillow pin

5. Using the hole just left, turn your shape right way round and start stuffing it. Try to place more filling towards the green textile, which is the largest part, and then move upwards.

Diy watermelon throw pillow stuffing

6. When the cushion is full and you’re happy with the shape, hand sew the open part.

Diy watermelon throw pillow seam

7. Finally, draw the seeds on the pink part using a black marker.

Diy watermelon throw pillow seeds

Well done! Who doesn’t love watermelon anything in summer?

Diy watermelon throw pillow set5

Diy watermelon throw pillow set1

Diy watermelon throw pillow set2

Diy watermelon throw pillow set4

Diy watermelon throw pillow set3

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