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DIY Felt Evergreen Branch

This DIY felt evergreen branch is just what you need for your holiday decor this year. It’s a no-maintenance way to add festive holiday greenery to your home or office!

Diy felt evergreen branch

Christmas is in full effect at my house. I’ve been decorating my tree and adding some festive charm to my shelves.  As I was going through my Christmas storage box looking at all of the decorations I have I was feeling pretty underwhelmed.  I felt like I was in need of some fresh, modern decor to add to the mix.

Diy felt evergreen branch decor

I love the look of Evergreen trees, but didn’t want to run out and get some fresh Douglas Fir branches cut since my kiddos are still tempted every once in a while to put random things they find on the floor in their mouths.  So, I wanted to get the look of a fir, but without the risk of having it shed all over my floor.  I figured out a way to get the look of a Douglas Fir branch using felt! This project is super simple.  So simple you can complete it in about 10 minutes!


  • Green Felt
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

Diy felt evergreen branch materials

Here’s how to create your own DIY Felt Evergreen Branch:

Start by cutting two strips of felt 11 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Diy felt evergreen branch cutting strips

Next, use your scissors to create fringe.  Make small cuts in your felt stopping when you are about 1/4 inch from the end. You’re going to create fringe down your entire strip of felt.

Add a dab of hot glue to your felt and place your pipe cleaner on top.

Diy felt evergreen branch create fringe

Begin rolling your felt around your pipe cleaner.  After you roll your felt a few times,  add another dab of glue to hold it in place.

Diy felt evergreen branch pipe cleaner

Continue wrapping your felt down your pipe cleaner until it’s a little less than halfway.  Cut another pipe cleaner in half and twist it around your main pipe cleaner creating two branches.

Diy felt evergreen branch glue

Next, add a dab of glue to one of the branches and wrap your felt down the pipe cleaner until you’ve covered the entire branch.   If you have extra felt, continue wrapping it down the main pipe cleaner.

Diy felt evergreen branch continue wrapping

Once you’re finished with the first branch, begin wrapping your felt around the second branch.  After you finish your second branch, continue adding felt to the rest of the main pipe cleaner.

Diy felt evergreen branch entire branch

All you have to do is pop your branch into a pot or vase and place it on a shelf, mantle or desk!

You could also decorate your Evergreen branch (like I’ve done below) by pushing a jewelry head pin through a mini pom-pom.  All you need to do is trim the top down and curve it to create a hook.

Diy felt evergreen branch finish branch

Viola! Mini ornaments!

Diy felt evergreen branch display

Green diy felt evergreen branch

If you wanted to take this project one step further, you could also create numerous branches to create a gorgeous wreath or even garland to drape around your house!

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