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Cute DIY Decor Ideas for Christmas Parties

This time of year is both joyous and stressful but, no matter how overwhelmed we feel, we always find the silver lining in how many DIY opportunities Christmas and the holidays present us with! Besides the chance to make handmade gifts for the people we love, we also love making decorations. Of course, we decorate our homes and work places as the seasons change all the time, but there’s something extra fun about decorating for a Christmas party that always gets us excited to reach for our crafting tools.

Are you hosting a holiday party this week and you’ve been looking for DIY ways to jazz the place up a little bit to really get your guests in the Christmas spirit? Check out these 15 awesome homemade décor ideas that are perfect for Christmas parties!

1. Holly sprig napkins

Holly sprig napkins

If you ask us, it’s the tiny details at a holiday party that really make all the difference! Sure, it’s cool to see big, beautifully handmade centrepieces and such, but decorating the little things in simple ways shows your guests how much you care through attention to detail. That’s why we thought these holly spring napkins by My Italian Wedding were such a cute idea!

2. Snow filled wine glass centre piece

Snow filled wine glass centre piece

Are you planning just a small dinner party for some close friends and you’re looking for simple ways to add just a little bit of character to the place while you eat, without spending a fortune? Then maybe these cute little “snow filled” wine glass centrepieces are more your style! We like that these are simple enough for our kids to help us make them. Makenna Gott shows you how they’re done using mini foam balls and little craft gifts.

3. Holiday tea tube party favours

Holiday tea tube party favours

If you ask us, every good party has cute little party favours and holiday celebrations are no exception! In fact, we’re actually more likely to give our guests favours at holiday parties because we’re already in the spirit of giving. We like to keep it simple and useful, though, which is why we love simple, sweet ideas like these tubes of hand mixed herbal tea from HGTV. Make your friends a fragrant holiday blend!

4. Numbered stocking bunting

Numbered stocking bunting

When we have friends over, we always tend to end up congregating around the fire place or mantel. There’s just something about the warm space there that brings people together! That’s why we love decorating it so much around the holidays. One of our favourite ways to make our mantel look Christmas-y and welcoming is to make our own holiday bunting, just like this cute numbers stocking design from Creations by Kara. Whether you make the numbers an advent countdown to Christmas or a countdown to the day of the party is up to you!