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15 Ribbon Crafts that will Make You Swoon!

Add a bit of whimsy to your crafting corner with the addition of some ribbons. There is truly an infinite amount of projects you can get your hands dirty with when you’ve got some of these strands to work with. We’ve compiled 15 of our favorite ribbon crafts that will make you swoon, fall head-over-heels in love and get the entire family involved.

1. Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon Wreath

We fell instantly in love with this ribbon wreath. Just imagine all of the possibilities in terms of colors, themes and even patterns! {found on sweetteaandsavinggraceblog}

2. Ribbon Wand


Your little one will love you for this one. This project takes only minutes to finish and you’ll have such a blast putting them together. {found on Becoming Martha}

3. Ribbon Toys.

Ribbon Toys

Accent some homemade baby toys with some ribbons! It’ll provide more color and stimulation, as well as a way to improve your little one’s motor skills even more. {found on So Sew Easy}

4. Ribbon Hairclips.

Ribbon Hairclips

And these aren’t just any hairclips, they’re modeled after Disney princesses! Use them as simple clips or attache them to headbands for your girls to enjoy! {found on Home Keeters}

5. Ribbon Chandelier.

Ribbon Chandelier

Decorate for a birthday bash, bridal or baby shower with some of these cuties. Of course, they can also dress a craft room your child’s bedroom too! {found on The Every Last Detail}

6. Ribbon Flip-Flops.

Ribbon Flip-Flops

Jazz up some old flip-flops with some of your scrap ribbon. You can even add some tulle pieces of fabric too for an extra lush look.

7. Ribbon Bookmarks.


These gorgeous bokmarks were made with some velvet ribbon and charms vintage charms. Aren’t they beautiful, and will certain add a bit of flair to your afternoon reading. {found on Everyday Beauty}

8. Ribbon Crown.

Ribbon Crown

We all love flower crowns, but they look even more magical with some ribbons attached! Creating these will be your most fun project of the summer! {found on Aesthetic Nest}

9. Ribbon Lanyard.

Ribbon Lanyard

Yes, a bit of ribbon can easily be turned into a personalized lanyard! Perfect for college students, this will be a great project to dive into if you’re a novice sewer. {found on Sew She Can}

10. Ribbon Christmas Tree.

Ribbon Christmas Tree

Bring in some holiday spirit by creating a ribbon Christmas tree to spruce up some nooks and crannies. This is also one of the most kid-friendly crafts on today’s menu.

11. Ribbon Shade

Ribbon Shade

Covering a lampshade is always an option as well. Grab some ribbon pieces and go to town creating something entirely new for your home. {found on Couturier Mommy}

12. Ribbon Necklace.

Ribbon Necklace

Create something brand new with a piece of jewelry you already had or create something from scratch. Either way ribbon is better than a clasp! {found on Put Together Life}

13. Ribbon Pens.

Ribbon Pens

Glitter ribbon never looked so good than jazzing up these fun pens. Topped with a feather these will bring a whole new bout of style to your home office. {found on Blitzy Crafts}

14. Ribbon Mirror.

Ribbon Mirror

Inspired by Snow White, create one of these beautiful mirrors for your little girl to enjoy. How fun will it be to embellish!?

15. Ribbon Pillow

Ribbon Pillow

Sometimes ribbons can make the best accents, even when it comes to sewing. This is such a fun way to utilize these pieces. {found on Sippy Cup Mom}

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my ribbon wreath! It’s still one of my all time favorite crafts. :) This is a great list!

  2. Love, love, love these!! Lots of fabulous ideas to use up all of that left over ribbon we all have in sewing boxes! yaaaaay! Thank you for sharing, off to pin to my crafts board, huggles xx

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