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25 DIY Baby Shower Party Favors

Don’t let the guests leave empty handed. Baby showers are parties too and deserve a little favor to have as a keepsake. But you don’t have to go out and find one to buy in bulk, instead, why not create one? Grab the momma-to-be and have an afternoon of fun rummaging and creating these cuties.

Here are 25 DIY baby shower favors to get your wheels turning and inspire some of those bundle of joy details.

1. Onesie Jelly Packs.

Onesie Jelly Packs

Two little onesie cut-outs can be sewn together and create the perfect little package for some candy treats. And you have theme the candy and decorate the outside to go along with the party! {found on Cool Party Favors}

2. About to Pop with Eos.

About to Pop with Eos

Are these not the most precious favors that you’ve ever seen? Everyone loves Eos lip balm, so this favor will be used and appreciated for its creativity. {found on Project Nursery}

3. Tutu Nail Polish.

Tutu Nail Polish

Dress up some nail polishes for the guests by adding a bit of tulle to the mix. This is even more perfect if you’re having a ballerina-inspired shower! {found on HubPages}

4. Homemade Bath Salt.

Homemade Bath Salt

Do you made your own beauty products? Even if you don’t, it’s quite easy to make your own bath salts, and color them in any shade you’d like! {found on No. 2 Pencil}

5. Candied Citrus Peels.

Candied Citrus Peels

For a more sophisticated favor, and one that’s delicious, try your hand at these candied citrus peels. It’ll add quite the unique detail to the day! {found on The Chef’s Wife}

6. Dipped Oreo Pops.

Dipped Oreo Pops

Dipped Oreos are decadent, delicious and fan-favorites. Create little pops, in blue or pink, for your guests to grab and enjoy on the way home! {found on Made by Maria}

7. Washi Tape Candles.

Washi Tape Candles

Tea lights never looked so fashionable. This budget friendly and usable favor is perfect for more stylish of affairs. And so easy to pull on in a pinch! {found on Something Turquoise}

8. Make A Wish.

Make A Wish

For a star-themed celebration, a wish bracelet could be exactly the favor you need to top off the day. And it’s so sweet, no guest will go home unimpressed. {found on C.R.A.F.T}

9. Animal Cracker Box.

Animal Cracker Box

Circus or animal events need some animal crackers. Box them up and embellish for an easy favor that even the kids can enjoy. {found on Kara’s Party Ideas}

10. Cookie Jar Mix.

Cookie Jar Mix

Interactive favors are fun too! Create your own cookie mix for your family and friends to go home, mix up and share with their own families. {found on Something Turquoise}

11. Cake Pop Rattles.

Cake Pop Rattles

Cake pops are perfection. But double cake pops are even better, especially in the shape of a baby rattle! They’re so adorable, don’t you think? {found on The Cake Blog}

12. Circus Candy Jars.

Circus Candy Jars

Baby jars, plastic animal toys and mints too, all combine to make this sweet favor for your baby shower. Change the colors out if you’re celebrating a little boy bundle! {found on A House Full of Sunshine}

13. Mini Bird’s Nest.

Mini Bird’s Nest

Here’s another great idea for a themed baby shower. Birds or Robin’s Egg Blue, these little nests filled with treats are picture-ready and memorable. {found on Beau-Coup}

14. Sprinkled Macaroons.

Sprinkled Macaroons

Who loves macaroons? Who can bake them? If you’re able to whip these cuties up, top them with some fun sprinkles for a festive, fun addition. {found on DIY Network}

15. Car Jars.

Car Jars

Here’s a similar idea to our animal jars, but with cars! This is so cute if you’re in anticipation of a baby boy to come! {found on Intimate Weddings}

16. Honey Sticks.

Honey Sticks

Another great, themed favor. You can buy honey sticks from those that make their own honey – even flavored – and add some of your own, creative spin with the tags. {found on Pinterest}

17. Jam Jars.

Jam Jars

Jam jars are a go-to favorite in the favor department. But don’t stress, you can buy store bought jam and stuff these little cuties too. {found on Kara’s Party Ideas}

18. Puppy Dog Cloth.

Puppy Dog Cloth

Learn how to fold up a wash cloth into a little puppy dog. You can even do a kitty cat depending on the theme of the event! {found on A Girl Called Kim}

19. Cute As A Button.

Cute As A Button

We’ve seen “button” themed showers before, and these candies are the perfect topping to send your guests off with! They’re so fun to treat yourself with too. {found on Love the Day}

20. Butterfly Candies.

Butterfly Candies

Here’s another genius idea for a spring or summertime shower. They’re sweet, charming and super easy to get together in a hurry. {found on All Things Simple}

21. Mini Chalkboards.

Mini Chalkboards

Coasters and chalkboard paint, those two ingredients are all you need to create your very own mini chalkboards to sprinkle around the party. {found on 100 Layer Cake-let}

22. Strawberry Scone Sacks.

Strawberry Scone Sacks

Just like cookie mix, you can pass out sacks of your favorite strawberry scone mix too. Then your guests can go home and treat themselves with a warm scone and a hot cup of coffee, while remembering the fun at your shower! {found on Fabric Paper Glue}

23. Tiny Pumpkins.

Tiny Pumpkins

Fall or Halloween-time events can be highlighted with some miniature pumpkins. Your guests can use them as decor for their own home as you await your little pumpkin! {found on Life & Baby}

24. PopCorn Kernel Jars.

PopCorn Kernel Jars

Here’s another way to use the “popping” theme. Pre-popped or just with kernels, these are an adorable way to thank your guests for coming. {found on Evermine}

25. A Slice of Pie.

A Slice of Pie

Bake some pies and send off some slices in style. Just look at home adorable a simple piece of pie can be for your guests! (found on Brit + Co.}


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