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10 Do-It-Yourself Birthday Cakes For Little Boys

If your little one’s birthday is creeping up and you want to create something from the heart … with your hands … why not try creating a beautiful cake just for them? From icing tricks to beautiful recipes, we’re sharing some DIY ways to do so. Pirates, edgy accents and even a  bit of sports-infusion can brighten a special guy’s big day. Let’s have a look at 10 different birthday cakes that can have your little boy asking for more than just one piece after he blows out the candles.

Stars & Colors


This cake design is all about festivity and fondant. Try you hand at cutting out shapes and adorning your classic layer cake with this workable material. {found on Cake Designs}

3-Year Candies

3-Year Candies

Check out this fab DIY. Two bunt cakes can easily be put together to create a “3,” cover it with candies and you’ve got a party-flaired birthday cake for your little man and all his guests to enjoy. {found on Buzzfeed}

Goldfish Themes

Goldfish Themes

This design is a bit more intricate and is a great one to try out if you have a big of experience. You’ll be sculpting and working with fondant so you may need to know a thing or two before you get started. {found on Spaceships & Laserbeams}

The Everything Cake

The Everything Cake

Sometimes the most fun you can have is to have no plan at all when decorating the cake. Have your son help you out as you add some of his favorite treats to the day’s centerpiece. {found on HGTV}.


Monsters cake

If you’re having a party, you’ll need a bigger cake to serve the guests. This 3-tiered beauty is full of fun icing tricks and monster faces. And we love it! {found on Welcome to the Mad House}


Pirate-Inspired cake

It doesn’t get much more simple than this. If you’re throwing a pirate-themed party, then why not put together a classic cake and add easy – and chic – embellishments to match the day! {found on Kara’s Party Ideas}

Mustache Accented

Mustache Accented Cake

Fun colors and whimsical accents adorn this beautiful cake. All you need to do for a bit of edge is add some mustache picks! This is easy, fashionable and completely birthday worthy. {found on 100 Layer Cake}


Basketballs Cake

It’s amazing what you can do with some Reese Pieces. You can even create a birthday cake that resembles a basketball for your NBA-loving little boy! {found on Pinterest}

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Cake

Who doesn’t love a bit of Disney to celebrate with? And this cake design is adorable and easy to recreate! Just don’t forget the ears which can be made from homemade rice krispy treats or cardboard! {found on Chickabug}

Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks Cake

Probably one of the most fun cakes to recreate on the list, this monster truck-themed cake needs a bit of “messiness” to make it happen. Just make sure you add a truck to the mix, or it won’t work! {found on Spaceships and Laserbeams}

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