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40 DIY Fall Wedding Ideas That Pay Homage To The Season

From the flowers to the food, there are so many ways to incorporate a sense of autumn into your wedding day. With these 40 DIY fall wedding ideas you’ll not only be paying homage to the season but adding beautiful, personalized touches to your big day as well. Ignite an even deeper love for this time of the year by utilizing its magic throughout the entire celebration.

1. Caramel Apple Bar

Caramel apple bar

Having a caramel apple bar at your wedding could be a really great way to create an interactive atmosphere for your guests. A plus is that the kids will enjoy it too and won’t feel left out. It’s also an option for doubling as a favor as well!

2. Flannel Bridesmaids’ Shirts

Flannel bridesmaids shirts for fall wedding

Emmaline Bride inspired us with this fun snapshot of the bridesmaids’ shirts. It’s perfect to pay homage to the season and also perfect for creating a charming photo op. Have your ladies get ready for the day in them or slip them over their dresses later in the night when it gets chillier.

3. Naked Cake

Naked wedding cake diy

Naked cakes are super trendy right now. And, thankfully, The Knot reminds us how versatile they truly are. Blending well with the rustic vision and we all know that a rustic vision coincides nicely with an outdoor, fall wedding.

4. Leafy Aisle

Fall leaf aisle

To really take a nod to the time of year, you could fill the aisle with beautiful, colorful leaves. Nix the petals and go with something organic, to the season, of course. You could also have your flower girl drop leaves instead of your favorite flowers.

5. Pumpkin Card Box

St diy faux pumpkin wedding card box 0001