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40 DIY Fall Wedding Ideas That Pay Homage To The Season

From the flowers to the food, there are so many ways to incorporate a sense of autumn into your wedding day. With these 40 DIY fall wedding ideas you’ll not only be paying homage to the season but adding beautiful, personalized touches to your big day as well. Ignite an even deeper love for this time of the year by utilizing its magic throughout the entire celebration.

1. Caramel Apple Bar

Caramel apple bar

Having a caramel apple bar at your wedding could be a really great way to create an interactive atmosphere for your guests. A plus is that the kids will enjoy it too and won’t feel left out. It’s also an option for doubling as a favor as well!

2. Flannel Bridesmaids’ Shirts

Flannel bridesmaids shirts for fall wedding

Emmaline Bride inspired us with this fun snapshot of the bridesmaids’ shirts. It’s perfect to pay homage to the season and also perfect for creating a charming photo op. Have your ladies get ready for the day in them or slip them over their dresses later in the night when it gets chillier.

3. Naked Cake

Naked wedding cake diy

Naked cakes are super trendy right now. And, thankfully, The Knot reminds us how versatile they truly are. Blending well with the rustic vision and we all know that a rustic vision coincides nicely with an outdoor, fall wedding.

4. Leafy Aisle

Fall leaf aisle

To really take a nod to the time of year, you could fill the aisle with beautiful, colorful leaves. Nix the petals and go with something organic, to the season, of course. You could also have your flower girl drop leaves instead of your favorite flowers.

5. Pumpkin Card Box

St diy faux pumpkin wedding card box 0001

You’ll need a spot to house all the cards that family and friends will want to drop off. And this DIY, faux pumpkin box will definitely get the job done. Check out the tutorial over at Something Turquoise.

6. Sunflower & Burlap Chair Accents

Sunflower & burlap chair decor

Pinterest always inspires us, especially when it comes to weddings. And this simple idea we found there is just as charming as it is easy to pull off and recreate. Add some flair to the dull chairs by using textural burlap and sunflowers.

7. Floral-Filled Barrels

Floral barrel decor

Barrels are a unique way to add personalized touches to your wedding day decor. They amp up the rustic charm for those that have that vision in mind. Use them as fillers for the corners of the reception by adding florals inside or turn them into cocktail tables!

8. Antler Additions

Antler and wooden diy centerpiece

Antlers are also becoming a popular item inside wedding decor because of its unique texture and the organic element it can bring to a centerpiece design. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas involving them. We loved this one in particular become of its simplicity and versatility.

9. Apple Candles

Diy apple candles

Apples are the fruit of the fall so it’s only natural that you incorporate them in some way throughout the wedding. Most of the time we think in terms of food and drink, but you can also DIY some of these candles for the tables instead. Snag the tutorial at Designer Trapped.

10. Lush Autumn Centerpiece

Max gill floral design

The colors for this time of the year can actually be made to look and feel quite romantic. MSW gave us a peek into the makings of this stunning, lush centerpiece. And pay close attention, there are some golden leaves incorporated throughout it!

11. Painted Pumpkin Vase

Diy painted pumpkin centerpiece

Another way to incorporate pumpkins is to DIY some vases out of them! Paint them, fill them and then set them on the tables. Chic Vintage Brides has all of the details.

12. Leaf Cake Topper

Diy fall leaf cake topper

If you’re looking for some youthful, electric ideas them check out this charming DIY from The House That Lars Built. Top off your cake with some colorful leaves. Of course, if your vision is more neutral you could dip them in metallic shades.

13. Wooden Beer Bar

Wooden beer bar diy

For outdoor weddings with amore casual vibe, think about creating your very own beer bar. This would be quite simple to DIY as well as add a certain natural, handmade vibe to the party.

14. Pumpkin-Lined Aisle

Pumpkin wedding aisle diy

Lining the aisle with pumpkins seems like a no-brainer. Go with the gourds that have a lighter tone. This will set the scene as more romantic and textural rather than kitschy or too literal.

15. Dried Flower Crown

Stunning dried flower crown

This dried flower crown, from previous gush sessions at DIYs, feels like such a great addition to a fall bride’s overall look. And it’s doable for even the most novice of crafters.

16. S’mores Favors

Smores wedding favors

S’mores are a staple of the fall. So, what better way to thank your guests for coming than to gift them with a box of s’mores ingredients. There are tons of great ways to make this happen as well, like this idea from MSW!

17. Butternut Squash Soup Shots

Butternut squash soup shots

Delicious Shots made up these butternut squash soup shots that would be perfect for serving up during cocktail hour. Talk with your catered or try DIYing it yourself head of time. You can eve use actual shot glasses to present them.

18. Wooden Lantern Centerpieces

Wooden lantern centerpieces

Think about adding some soft, romantic lighting to the reception area with some wooden lanterns. You can pair them easily with fresh florals as well.And it’s a different option than the usual notice choice.

19. Caramel Apple Sangria

Caramel apple sangria

Have you thought about a signature drink for your fall wedding yet? The Sweetest Occasion has all of the details behind this yummy recipe. caramel apple sangria will have all the guests excited for a taste.

20. Pie Sweet Table

Pie sweet table

Fall coincides so well with a rustic vision – and so does pie. Your sweet or dessert table could really just be a “pie bar,” everyone can enjoy. Fill it up with all kinds of flavors and fillings!

21. Pumpkin & Floral Photo-Op

Scattered pumpkin decor

Is this pumpkin and floral photo backdrop not stunning? What’s so great about this idea is that you can easily set this up and recreate it yourself. 100 Layer Cake has more inspiration in this realm, just take the leap!

22. Sunflower Napkin Rings

Sunflower napkin rings

Sunflowers are a beautiful and vivacious fall flower. So, why not utilize the theme? You can even jazz up the place settings with an inspired napkin ring.

23. Gourds Galore

Gourd wedding day decor

You don’t have to go with just pumpkins – you can show off some other gourds throughout the wedding day schemes well. For more color visions, grab some ideas from Pinterest and use this find as inspiration!

24. Add Some Plaid Too

Plaid wedding day decor

Here’s another way to incorporate fall’s favorite print. Use plain in a more unique way than what we’re all used to. This table runner we found on Pinterest has us swooning.

25. Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate bar wedding

If your fall … falls a bit chillier, why not serve up some hot chocolate to keep the party going? Create an interactive space filled with everyone’s favorite toppings; whipped cream, peppermint sticks, marshmallows, chocolate chips – they should all be included.

26. Ignite A Bonfire

Wedding day bonfire idea

Because the weather is generally so nice throughout autumn months, use that luxury to your advantage. An outdoor bonfire can cap off your wedding in such a cozy ways especially for more casual celebrations!

27. Cardigans For All

Sweater over wedding dress for fall

But, because of that nice watcher, photo sessions may get a bit chilly. Fortunately, there’s way to use that to you advatange too. Pinterest has so many great style ideas, but a cute cards over your dress really knocks it out of the park.

28. Apple Cider Mix Favors

Apple cider mix diy favor

An easy DIY favor that still pays homage to the season comes to us by way of Evermine. This hot apple cider mix is a great route to take. And you can personalize the labels.

29. Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns outdoor wedding

Light up the night withs one paper lanterns. They add a certain amount of romantic charm to the overall look of the event and definitely better on the budget. Just look how stunning this setup from Fab Mood is!

30. Grilled Cheese Bites & Tomato Soup Shooters

Grilled cheese appetizer

Here’s a kid-friendly option to serve during cocktail hour that everyone will enjoy. We found this pairing on Inspired by Charm and thought it evoked the same cozy comfort that autumns brings us.

31. Wear Some Boots

Boots with wedding dress

Add a funky, rustic addition to your bridal outfit! Fall says so long to sandals, so why not say hello to some boots? We’re loving this pretty turquoise pair on this bride we found on Pinterest.

32. Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Maple bacon cupcakes

Ashlee Marie has a fabulous recipe for maple bacon cupcakes that we want to go and gobble up right now! They’ll be a unique addition to the sweet table or you could just use them as your favors – as a way to thank all of your friends and family for coming and celebrating.

33. Sparkler Send-Off

Wedding sparklers

Since a lot of fall weddings take place outside, think about having a fun sendoff that you wouldn’t be able to have if the celebration were to be held inside. Sparkles are always a great, go-to option. And they provide such a great photo-op!

34. Pumpkin Pineapple Rum Cocktail

Pumpkin pineapple rum cocktail

Head on over to Cookie and Kate to learn all about this innovative, autumn-inspired cocktail. We may have just found your signature drink of the night! And we guarantee it’ll be a hit with the combination of winning flavors.

35. Hay Bale Seating

Wedding hay bale seating

Instead of traditional seating, hay bales could come in handy. You won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on rentals either. you could just cover them with wooden boards or add blankets for a special pop of color.

36. Falling in Love Banner

Fall in love banner

Check out Etsy for other great finds like this and inspiration on how you can make one for yourself. What better way to decorate the celebration than with a banner that reads “fall in love.” It pays homage to the season and adds even more romance as well.

37. Potato Chip Bar

Potato chip bar

There’s so many ways to implement this fun idea we found on Pinterest. Fill the bar with various kinds of potato chips (and dip) and watch as your guests nibble all night long. They could even grab a to-go bag!

38. Blue Velvet Cake

Blue velvet cake

Rich colors looks beautiful throughout fall weddings. Cranberry, plum, sapphire – they all represent the season well. So why couldn’t your cake do the same? Check out the recipe for this blue velvet beauty over at Not Quite Nigella.

39. Golden Pumpkin Place Cards

Golden pumpkin place cards

Another easy way to incorporate the pumpkins is on the reception tables! Spray paint some mini pumpkins and have them hold the escort cards at each of the place settings. And it’s so easy to DIY this yourself!

40. Blanket Favors

Blanket favor diy

Deer Pearl Flowers gave us a unique addition to the ceremony but also a fun favor idea as well. Blankets to cover up at a chillier celebration but ones that double as thank you gifts, it’s such a functional and “favorable idea!


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