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DIY Flower Crown Designs

If you ask us, summer time is the perfect time for making any kind of crafting of DIY project with flowers. Whether you choose to use flowers that are fresh or faux, the beautifully natural aesthetic you’ll build with them is more than worth the effort it takes to weave, bend, glue, or even sew them into shape. Particularly with festival season upon us- our city is currently hosting festivals for music, art, food, and all kinds of things- the time for flower crowns has never been better! Where does one seek inspiration, though, when it comes to making a flower crown that really stands our in the crowd and doesn’t just look like something you bought at Forever 21 like everyone else? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying a flower crown if you’re pressed for time, but any crafting enthusiast will tell you that making a crown of your very own is much more fun!

Just in case you need a little bit of mind-jogging when it comes to flower types, designs, shapes, or colour combinations, here are 13 awesome DIY flower crown tutorials that will either get your own creative juices flowing or teach you how to make these looks specifically. You’ll look fantastic by the time you’re done either way!

1. Peaches and cream rose crown

Peaches and cream rose crown

Roses are one of the most classic flowers to work with when it comes to crafting and DIY of just about any kind. Many people will tell you that roses in red, pink, or white are the best choice but if you ask us, there’s another overlooked colour scheme that looks incredibly summery and playful when you weave them all around with stunningly green leaves and baby’s breath! Soft peach coloured roses and rose blossoms in a perfectly off-white cream shade will look breath taking on you no matter the shape or style of your crown, but just in case you need a little more guidance in terms of actually construction one, here’s a fantastic tutorial on Green Wedding Shoes.

2. Wire roses flower crown

Wire roses flower crown

Do you love the idea of working with roses but the only ones you have access to right now are the kind made from fabric and wire at the dollar store or the local crafting store? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that at all! At least your crown won’t wilt or dry out before your festival or party is finished, right? In fact, Psimadethisis here to show you how crafting with wire stemmed fake roses can actually be a huge bonus because you can wrap the wire around itself to form the base of the crown rather than needing to build on a hairband or other structure.


3. Multi-coloured crown with berries

Multi coloured crown with berries

Are you a huge fan of the idea of using flowers in all different colours, but you’re still looking for an extra detail to add into the mix because you can’t help but feel that something’s missing? We felt the same way last time we made a flower crown for a friend, so we were pretty grateful when we came across this awesome tutorial from Best Friends for Frosting! Besides showing you great techniques for actually constructing the crown itself, they guide you through the process of adding delicate little blue berries to the mix so that they peek out between the flowers in a way that looks absolutely darling.

4. Baby’s breath crown

Baby's breath crown