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15 Easter Egg Crafts For You & The Kids

One of the best parts of Easter with the family is getting everyone together in the kitchen to dye some eggs! This year though, why not put a unique spin on the task? There are so many funky, stylish, and creative ways to dress those shells! Scroll through these 15 Easter off crafts for you and the kids to accomplish this time around.

1. Sharpie Tie-Dye

Sharpie tie dye egg

Grab a sharpie and tie dye your eggs! Dress up your classic hard boiled eggs this year with some help from Brit + Co. These will look absolutely stunning in your kiddos’ Easter baskets this year!

2. Crescent Moons

Pink crescent moon easter eggs project

Stamp out some of your eggs with some crescent moons. They’re stunning, they’re stylish, and they’re super modern for your contemporary home. If you want a splash of spring, check this out at Paper and Stitch.

3. Bouffants

Bouffant easter eggs

Studio DIY turned their eggs into little ladies with bouffant hairdos. How cute are these? Grab some paint or markers and personalize some of your own.

4. Sticker Art

Easter egg sticker eggs

Hello Wonderful used stickers (you can literally use any kind, including ones that you design or color yourself) to decorate their eggs. Why not do this with the kids? They can decorate their own and leave them for the Easter bunny to disperse.

5. Flower Crowns

Flower crown eggs