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How to Craft a DIY Heart Cushion for Valentine’s Day in 5 Easy Steps

A DIY heart cushion is a classic example of Valentine’s Day decoration that fits the romantic narrative. Keep reading to learn how to make your own heart cushion without a sewing machine in five easy steps.

How to make a heart pillow

A DIY heart cushion is a small, soft item with a heart shape filled with pillow stuffing. Use it to decorate furniture, such as chairs and sofas, to make them more comfortable. Heart 

Heart-shaped cushions are available at specialty stores, local craft fairs, flea markets, and online shops, especially around Valentine’s Day; they are cheap and have various designs to suit every taste. However, making your own heart cushion has a number of advantages. For example, crafting is a fun, creative, and rewarding activity that improves mood, reduces stress, and builds self-confidence. Another benefit is that you can customize the fabric, size, and design by using various colors and patterns to create a unique piece that reflects your style and personality. Finally, a small DIY heart cushion is a lovely party favor, gift, or keepsake for a Valentine’s Day event, Mother’s Day, date night, birthday, or anniversary. For example, make a cotton heart-shaped cushion as a 2nd-year anniversary gift or a silk heart cushion for a 12th-year anniversary present.

This guide describes the supplies and step-by-step instructions for making a DIY heart cushion without a sewing machine. It contains images, a video guide, and more tips and tricks to improve your design. Completing this project shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.


How to make a heart pillow materials

  • Red fabric for the cushion backing. For example, use cotton, felt, silk, or velvet.
  • Pillow stuffing. For instance, use cotton, latex, or feather pillow stuffing.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Red thread
  • Paper sheet
  • Pencil

How do I craft a DIY heart cushion?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to craft a DIY heart-shaped cushion:

  1. Create a heart stencil: Sketch the basic outline of a heart on paper, cut it out, and trace it onto the fabric. Next, thread the needle. How to make a heart pillow drawHow to make a heart pillow cuttingHow to make a heart pillow step 3a
  2. Cut the fabric: Fold the fabric in half to create a double layer and place the paper stencil on top. Trace the outline with the pencil and cut out two large fabric circles to use as the cushion’s base; the circles should be 2-3 in (5-7 cm) bigger than the heart’s overall size.How to make a heart pillow 4How to make a heart pillow cutting 4
  3. Start stitching: Run the needle along the heart outline, sewing the two pieces of fabric together. Take care to leave a small opening to insert the pillow stuffing later.How to make a heart pillow 5How to make a heart pillow 5 aHow to make a heart pillow 5b
  4. Add the pillow stuffing: Fill the heart cushion until it gains a sturdy shape. Next, sew together the fabric left opened earlier to close off the hearts completely.How to make a heart pillow 6aHow to make a heart pillow fillHow to make a heart pillow add
  5. Make fringes: Align the scissors inwards from the edge of the excess fabric towards the middle of the heart cushion, and start cutting to make fringes out of the extra material around the entire cushion. Your DIY heart cushion is now ready!How to make a heart pillow 8aHow to make a heart pillow 8bHow to make a heart pillow

Video tutorial

Watch this video guide to better understand the process behind making a DIY heart cushion:


More tips and tricks

Check out the following tips and tricks for improving or changing your DIY heart-shaped cushion:

  • Use more embellishments: Add a special touch to the cushion with various decorations. For example, add ribbon or lace in the middle of the heart cushion, embroider initials or words, or completely cover one side with sequins or beads. 
  • Make it professional: Use a vinyl printing machine to iron on words, initials, or images to attach to the cushion. It’s an excellent way to craft a personalized gift.
  • Scale up the project: Use more fabric and stuffing to design larger pillows, such as throw pillows.

Closing thoughts

Crafting a DIY heart cushion is an easy activity for all ages since it doesn’t require a sewing machine. By following the instructions outlined in this guide, you will create a beautiful home decoration and personalize it to your tastes. For more similar projects, check out these romantic crafts.

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