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16 DIY Wall Hangings That Add Instant Style To Your Home

Instead of creating gallery walls or buying printables offline, why not create new pieces to decorate your walls with? These 16 DIY wall hangings will add instant style to your home. Bohemian vibes, modern flair, and some innovative spirits too surround all of these artistic creations.

1. Dyed Wood

Diy dyed wood wall hangings

Wooden pieces can be dyed and hung to create new art for the house. We found these beauties while perusing the fun over at Handmade Charlotte. We love the neon colors chosen but we think neutrals would work wonders for more modern visions as well.

2. Wall Weave

Wall weaving hanger diy

We’re loving this thick, wall weave at Brit + Co too. Leave it up all year long, it’ll work, but you can also keep this as a fall or winter staple for the space as well. It creates quite the cozy and welcoming vibe, don’t you think?

3. Natural Heart

Diy wooden heart hanging

You can literally go out into the backyard to find the foundational materials to this DIY. Some sticks and a bit of paint can come together to create this heart-inspired wall hanging from ehow.com. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a farmhouse-inspired home.

4. Seashells

Diy seashell wall hanging

Seashells are a great idea as well. Whether it’s for the bathroom or your beach home, seashells make the perfect material when creating a wall hanging piece. Details can be found by visiting Valevent Gal.

5. Round Florals

Diy round floral wall hanging

Not all wall hangings have to be verticle, instead they can take all shapes. This wall wreath is a beautiful addition and can be make with year-round style in mind or seasonal inspiration. The project can be found at Couture Craft.

6. Extra Large Puffs

Diy puff and tassel wall hanging

Check out We Are Scout for the tutorial behind this extra-large puff creation. This kind of texture is great for the walls but mostly we love the warm nature it extends into the area. It also has a boho-vibe that matches those trendy visions we’ve been seeing around interior design blogs.

7. Ribbons

Diy ribbon wall hanging

We found a delicate and romantic project at lifeisaparty.ca and we were so excited to share it. We’ve seen bigger versions of this made for backgrounds at birthdays and photo-ops, but this smaller-scaled piece is such a beauty. In the

8. Paper Leafs

Diy paper leaf wall hangings

For some interesting spring or summertime decor, check out these paper leafs. Oh Oh Deco will walk you through the creation and you don’t have to be a veteran crafter. It doesn’t take much to whip these up.

9. Curtain

Macrame large wall curtain hanger

Okay so this isn’t necessarily a wall hanging but it can certainly help to transform your space into something more unique, perosonalized, and stylish. Check out the recipe for success at A Beautiful Mess! It’s a great way to divide studio apartments and closets.

10. Reversible

Reversible boho wall hanging

You can create reversible wall hangings too. One side can be full of color and the other more neutral for example – to match the changing of styles or seasons. Find a similar piece at Paper & Stitch.

11. Triangle Wreath

Diy triangle wreath

Similar to a classic wall wreath, you can make one with a triangular shapde. The directions for this woodland-inspired piece can be found at Fall For DIY. Go with or without a floral or greenery detailing.

12. Tassels

Diy tassel hanging

Tassels can be a really fun time too. These are great for playrooms or nurseries. They have a really youthful vibe and this piece is really easy to whip up too. More info can be found at brit.co.

13. Rope & Copper

Diy thick and copper wall hanging

A Beautiful Mess went with a mixed material medley and we’re swooning for it too. Copper piece and rope come together to create a thick masterpiece perfect for the bedroom. This wall hanging is a bit larger and acts as a nice focal piece.

14. Roses

Diy roses and string wall hanging

Roses can be a fun time too. This piece is perfect for an actual event or photo-op wall but apairandasparediy.com will show you how to make it (and modify) for your house as well. This is an easy design to see hanging in the foyer or a covered porch.

15. Rainbow

Rainbow yarn wall hanging diy

Rainbows can be a really great addition to the house as well. Again, this particular piece is a charming way to decorate a home office, playroom, or even a nursery. This youthful project can be found at A Beautiful Mess.

16. Double Yarn

Diy hoop yarn wall hanging

And to end our wall hanging adventure, we have a more classic design. Brought to us by Enthralling Gumption, this double layer yarn piece is fun to personalized with color duos and decorate any part of your home with. From bedrooms to gallery walls, it’ll add a textural punch that’s unique.

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