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Save Some Money With These 14 DIY Dollar Store Decorations

To quench your crafting thirst, start shopping at your local dollar stores for some of your needs. You’ll be surprised of the materials you may find while perusing and you’ll be even happier that your wallet doesn’t get too much lighter after your purchases. We’ve rounded up some awesome projects that you can whip up and buy all the ingredients at this one-stop shopping goldmine. Below you’ll save some money with these 14 DIY dollar store decorations.

1. Clothespin Trivets

Diy colorful clothespin trivets

Who knew clothespins could become trivets? And quite easily so! Check out this fun project by hopping on over to Dream a Little Bigger. Grab some paint and a glue gun to make it happen!

2. Drop Cloth Curtains

Diy drop cloth curtains

Thoughts from Alice turned cheap drop cloths into whimsical curtains. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to dress your windows in a boho-inspired way, this tutorial will walk you through it. And yes if you’re brave enough, you could even dye the fabric.

3. Storage Buckets

Diy storage buckets

Some buckets and some decals, paint, or Sharpie markers can make this happen. Depending on what your store has, you can easily recreate this within minutes. Grab stencils if you’re working with paint or permanent markers. Check out how these ones were whipped up at Just Vintage Home.

4. Rope Basket

Diy rope basket

Yes, you can even make a rope basket with some help from I Heart Organizing and a trip to your local dollar store. We love this idea for cozy storage solutions in and around the home. They work great in playrooms, bedrooms, or even for the blankets in the living room.

5. Gold Leaf Vase

Diy gold leaf vase