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25 Thanksgiving Fall Wreaths You’ll Want to Make Yourself

Thanksgiving is probably the second biggest all-American holiday right after the 4th of July, and like any other holiday, decorations are also part of the deal, and if you want your guests to feel the spirit of Thanksgiving before they even step inside your house, the best way to do so is with a Thanksgiving wreath.

Thanksgiving fall wreaths

Sure enough, the highlight of Thanksgiving is the chance to gather all of your loved ones at a single table, and eat copious amounts of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pies, but decorations can also liven up the atmosphere.

However, while anyone can make their own wreaths at home, sometimes we may lack the inspiration that gets us started.

This is the reason why we decided to put up this article, which includes 25 Thanksgiving wreaths that can easily be made at home.

Of course, you may need to adjust things a bit so they fit your colors and preferences, but following the instructions will definitely get you started in creating Thanksgiving decorations worthy of any table setting.

How To Make A Thanksgiving Wreath

On a flat and clean surface, spread out some glue and place your small and medium-sized pinecones in an organized manner.

Once you finish arranging the pine cones on the surface, add some glue to their stalks (if any) and press them firmly onto your wreath frame for about 30 seconds or until it adheres firmly.

Wait for up to 4 hours for the glued pieces to dry completely before hanging them on your front door or adding other elements such as ribbons, nuts, popcorn strings, cranberries, etc. to your Thanksgiving wreath.

Here Are Some Amazing Thanksgiving Wreath Designs for 2021

Trends change day by day, and thanks to the Internet it’s much easier for us to see which are the hottest Thanksgiving wreath designs of 2021.

Of course, your imagination is the limit here since there are plenty of amazing ideas out there that can easily be turned into reality if you put enough effort into it.

Most of the designs are created using natural materials like pinecones, fallen leaves, flowers, straws, etc, but our main focus is to showcase designs that are not only amazing to look at, but also ones that don’t require too much effort to create.

1. Thanksgiving Door Decor – Autumn-Colored Wreath

Thanksgiving door decor autumn colored wreath

Many people associate Thanksgiving with the Harvest season, so it goes without saying that a wreath made with the fruits of your labor will definitely bring out the spirit of the fall, just like this wheat-themed Thanksgiving door decor.

You can also use colorful autumn leaves crafted into a wreath and decorated with a festive bow, this Thanksgiving door decor is perfect for dressing up your front door.

You can hang it on the outside of your front door or on an inside one; either way, it’s going to make heads turn!

The best part about this Thanksgiving wreath is that you can easily personalize it by replacing the bow with your own and adding your family name to the top of the design where you see “Welcome.”

If you prefer something simpler, go for a simple square wreath made from white-painted wooden sticks. Glue some colorful leaves on it and attach a piece of black fabric as its hanging ribbon.

Place this Thanksgiving wreath on your front porch and welcome your guests with a warm “Welcome” message.

2. Fall Wreaths – Autumn-Inspired Thanksgiving Door Wreath

Fall wreaths autumn inspired thanksgiving door wreath

Crafted from leaves, grapevines, and dried berries, this autumn-inspired Thanksgiving wreath is the perfect centerpiece for any home that wants to welcome its guests in style. You can even personalize it by adding your family name at the top of the design where you see “Welcome.”

Plus, if you’re throwing a Thanksgiving party and want each guest to feel special as they walk through your front door, put their names under their designated seating sections so when they come in they can find their seats easily.

This Thanksgiving wreath is also a great gift idea for those who love to collect wreaths. Just think about those people that have everything and would love a homemade Thanksgiving decoration as a gift.

3. Fall Wreaths for Front Door – Thanksgiving Door Wreath with Plaid Ribbon

Fall wreaths for front door thanksgiving door wreath with plaid ribbon

If you’re looking to make some really eye-catching fall wreaths for the front door, plaid ribbon pieces connected to create a colorful door wreath will definitely do the trick.

You can use any type of ribbon for this project, but we recommend going for colors that match the autumn season because they’ll accentuate the beauty of your handmade Thanksgiving wreath.

In addition, you can personalize it by putting your family name at the top where you see “Welcome.” If you want something simpler, go for all-white or gray- and white-striped ribbon and use it to create a simple square shape wreath.

Another way you can enrich the wreath’s overall feel is to choose the ribbon’s colors based on the other decorative elements that you plan to include, such as the colors of the flowers or the leaves.

4.Fall Wreath Ideas – Thanksgiving Door Wreaths with Plain Pine Cones

Fall wreath ideas thanksgiving door wreaths with plain pine cones

Pine cones are practically the only thing you need for certain fall wreath ideas, but before we explain how to make wreaths out of these natural beauties, let’s take a look at the types of pinecones you’ll need:

Large pinecones: These will be perfect for your Thanksgiving wreath if it’s going to be big enough for outdoor placement. The best places to find large pinecones in autumn are nature spots such as national and state parks and forests that have lots of trees.

However, if you don’t want to head outdoors just yet, go for a craft or home-improvement store because they usually sell large pinecones in their natural wood section.

Medium-sized pinecones: These are perfect for smaller Thanksgiving wreaths that are going to be placed outdoors if you want them to resemble the look of autumn foliage.

They’re also ideal for indoor decoration purposes, so stick with these types of pinecones if you prefer creating fall centerpieces rather than outdoor ones.

Small pine cones: Unlike medium-sized pinecones, small ones should not be used for outdoor placement because they don’t have strong enough branches for this purpose; instead, use them as decoration pieces inside your home by placing candles or other elements inside their scaly holes at the top where the pinecone’s branch should be attached to the trunk.

DIY Thanksgiving wreaths made from pine cones are a popular choice among people who want decorative items that showcase the beauty of autumn.

If you’re tired of going to craft stores and scouring nature trails every fall for materials for your DIY Thanksgiving wreath, go with small- to medium-sized pinecones instead because they’re readily available for purchase at both types of locations.

5. Thanksgiving Garland – Everlasting

Thanksgiving garland everlasting

Thanksgiving is a time of the year when many users feel like time passes by since it’s only once a year, so a good way to make them forget about that is with a Thanksgiving garland centered around everlasting elements.

This wreath uses a wired frame, along natural elements found in either your everyday forest or in a garden, such as pine cones, feathers from a wide variety of birds (the bigger and flashiest the better), dried roses, and more.

Sure enough, everlasting plants have a tendency to smell nice, so if you’re going to fill your house or your front yard with pleasant scents, might as well add other aromatic everlasting plants, like eucalyptus, basil, etc.

Of course, there’s nothing more everlasting than a wreath made with plastic and artificial elements, but if you’re the type that cares about not producing additional waste once you need to wrap up the Thanksgiving decorations, you’ll stick to the natural ingredients instead.

All in all, the wreath looks great, and while it may not be as flashy or colorful as our other entries, it will certainly catch the eye of anyone with a pageant towards elegance and subtle decorations.

6. Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas – Feather Wreath

Thanksgiving wreath ideas feather wreath

Another interesting option for a Thanksgiving wreath idea to consider is a colorful one that’s crafted from artificial feathers and leaves all wrapped up by a golden ribbon.

Those of you that want a more rustic feel can go ahead and use actual feathers, and we recommend that you try out tail feathers from turkeys.

Of course, if you’re tastes are a bit more on the exotic side, you can also lean into feathers from more exotic birds, or you can even buy dyed feathers from your local costume shops as well.

For an extra festive look, you can paint the entire accessory using gold acrylic paint so it shines brightly when placed alongside other decorations on your front door during fall gatherings!

This Thanksgiving decoration also comes with a loop at the top so you can attach it to your door without actually attaching it directly onto your wall or door frame.

Feathers, leaves, and a golden ribbon make up this fall decoration that you can wear around your neck or attach to your front door during Thanksgiving events.

7. Thanksgiving Fall Wreaths – Thanksgiving Flower Wreath

Thanksgiving fall wreaths thanksgiving flower wreath

Thanksgiving fall wreaths that showcase fall flowers are an excellent choice if you want to create a stunning autumn centerpiece for your home; it’s also perfect as a gift idea for those who enjoy decorating their homes with fresh flowers all year long.

Arrange these artificial flowers in such a way that they resemble the look of autumn foliage when placed inside your favorite vase or bowl; make sure to add some dark-colored leaves in between each flower strand so the centerpieces look complete when grouped together.

What about using a real pumpkin as the wreath centerpiece?

The only downside to this fall wreath idea is that it requires a lot of space so you probably can’t use it if you live in a small apartment.

However, if you have a huge home with enough living room or outdoor space for your autumn decoration centerpieces, go ahead and give this DIY Thanksgiving wreath idea a try!

8. DIY Leaves Wreath

Diy leaves wreath

If you’re looking for a DIY leaves wreath that uses autumn leaves as its main design element, this is a perfect option to consider.

It can be crafted either from a wireframe and pieces of green artificial leaves glued onto it, or you can glue the elements to the door directly in the shape of the wreath.

Either way, it’s going to look amazing when attached to your front door during fall parties and holidays.

Not only does this Thanksgiving decoration have an interesting geometric design but you can also use sharp scissors to give it a more natural feel by clipping off the top edge of the leaf pieces so they don’t look too uniform.

If you want to keep things authentic, you can go ahead and use natural leaves instead, since it’s hard to replicate their precise shape and their coloring with just scissors and colored paper.

Besides, some leaves aren’t uniformly colored and have amazing patterns on them, and maple trees are often seen to have up to 4 or 5 colors on the same leaf during autumn.

Thus, if you’re not a big fan of “cheating” and you have a biodegradable wreath in mind, a leaf-based one is the perfect choice for you, since you can easily throw it once winter hits, or you can even keep it during that time as well.

9. DIY Fall Wreath – Late Autumn Wreath

Diy fall wreath late autumn wreath

This multi-piece set comes with three easy-to-assemble Thanksgiving-themed wreaths that are all crafted from floral foam along with different types of ribbons and artificial leaves.

In addition to the traditional autumn colors that are often associated with Thanksgiving, each wreath has a different color scheme so you can pick your favorite or wear them all depending on your outfit for the day!

For example, consider using the green-themed wreath as a fall accessory for an outdoor party that’s taking place near trees so it has a very natural feel.

On the other hand, consider wearing the yellow-themed one if you’re going to an indoor dinner party where flowers aren’t going to look out of place.

Finally, use the orange-themed Thanksgiving decoration as a Halloween prop or simply attach it onto your front door during fall gatherings.

10. Thanksgiving Wreath DIY – Thanksgiving Headband Wreath

Thanksgiving wreath diy thanksgiving headband wreath

If you want to wear something on top of your hair during Thanksgiving dinners but don’t like the idea of using an accessory such as a hat, consider using this festive fall decoration that’s shaped into a circle and worn around your head instead.

As the name suggests, this Thanksgiving headband wreath is made to resemble a traditional Thanksgiving dinner napkin ring although its base is much larger so it can be worn on top of your hair without falling down.

On the other hand, consider wearing this fall decoration in different ways such as placing it far back towards the back of your head or simply pinning it like a regular flower to decorate your front door during autumn events.

15 More Fall Wreaths

The previous 10 entries on our list were some of the most popular fall wreaths of 2021, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that whatever designs you followed in past years are out of style.

In fact, if you don’t care about being trendy and just want to be inspired to make a wreath that’s truly amazing and unique, check out these other 15 entries since they were very popular last year, and the year before!

11. Metallic Acorns and Pinecones with White Leaves Thanksgiving Wreath

Metallic Acorns and Pinecones with White Leaves Thanksgiving Wreath

Are you the kind of aesthetic lover who adores creating something with a bit of blend and contrast to it? Then we have a feeling you just might be the perfect person to really appreciate the wayDIY Network contrasted rustic elements like branches, pinecones, and acorns with the shine of metallic gold and silver paint. It adds just a bit of glamour, if you ask us, and we love how this Thanksgiving wreath turned out!

12. Pretty Fall Potpourri Thanksgiving Wreath

Pretty Fall Potpourri Thanksgiving Wreath

Are you the kind of crafter who adores creating sensory based projects? By that, of course, we mean we love working on projects that involve some kind of physical and visual texture, but it’s an added bonus when we get to make something that has a distinct and wonderful smell as well!

We’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we adored this dried fall potpourri wreath outlined step by step onSweet Something Designs.

13. Indian Corn Thanksgiving Wreath

Indian Corn Thanksgiving Wreath

In your house, does Thanksgiving have a lot more to do with harvest than it does with the commercial holiday that has become quite so popular?

Sure, we love the concept of taking a family moment to give thanks for our blessings, but we also have a family history of cultivating farmland, so we like teaching our kids to have an appreciation for the harvest itself. That’s why we thought this stunning dried Indian corn wreath featured in detail on Boys, Bovines, and Blessings was such a lovely idea!

14. Cheap and Easy Paper Flowers Thanksgiving Wreath

Cheap and Easy Paper Flowers Thanksgiving Wreath

If you’re going to make yourself a Thanksgiving wreath that will greet guests as they enter your house this fall season, would you rather make it something that takes a little more patience and shows off your careful DIY skills to visitors?

Then grab those magazines, newspapers, or books that were destined to be recycled and check out howMake Life Lovely used layered pages to make an entire Thanksgiving wreath covered in these adorable paper flowers!

15. DIY Fall Wreath with Pom Poms

DIY Fall Wreath withPom Poms

In the grand scheme of the crafting world, are you actually more of yarn enthusiast than anything else? We’ve long been lovers of knitting and crochet, so we’vealways got balls of yarn on hand for getting creative with.

That’s why we adored this stunning fall colours yarn pom pom fall wreath outlined on Bluebird Vintage so much! Our kids even helped us making and attach the pom poms.

16. Thanksgiving Door Decor – Angular Paper Leaves Wreath

Thanksgiving Door Decor - Angular Paper Leaves Wreath

Maybe you’ve always been more of a simple paper crafts lover despite being able to work with all kinds of things? In that case, we think you simplymust take a look at the wayFit, Crafty, Stylish, & Happy made this lovely fall wreath for the front door in just a few simple steps!

We love the way they made the leaves look so angular and pointed for a bit of contemporary style.

17. Easy Knotted Fabric Thanksgiving Wreath

Easy Knotted Fabric Thanksgiving Wreath

Did we catch your attention when we started talking about designs made with softer materials but yarn wasn’t really what you had in mind since you’re usually found working with fabrics?

Well, if you happen to have a scraps bin on hand, then we think you’ll appreciate the wayShelterness dug out all the fall colours they could find, cut them into strips, and made this lovely knotted fabric fall wreath that has all kinds of fun texture to it.

18. Colourful Crocheted Fall Wreath

Colourful Crocheted Fall Wreath

Have we actually caught your attention so well with all this talk of yarn-based crafts and crochet that now you can’t help wondering whether you might be able to simply… crochet your entire Thanksgiving door wreath?

Then we think you’ll be rather pleased indeed to see howRepeat Crafter Me did precisely that! We can’t get over how much we love the little crocheted pumpkins they added as well.

19. Simple Fabric and Felt Autumn Wreath

Simple Fabric and Felt Autumn Wreath

Just in case you’re still in the market for a fall wreath that’s made with softer materials but you’re just not sure that any of the options we’ve shown you so far have made you feel solidly convinced, here’s another design for your consideration!

Check out howLolly Jane made this fantastic fabric wrapped wreath with little felt flowers and embellishments in just a few simple steps.

20. Burlap and Scrabble Tiles Fall Wreath for the Front Door

Burlap and Scrabble Tiles Fall Wreath for the Front Door

Have you actually been scrolling through our list thinking about how much you love the idea of making a design that’s a little bit rustic-inspired along with being a celebration of the Thanksgiving season, but you just haven’t found anything yet that quite suits the picture in your head?

Then maybe the inclusion of burlap will really take it there for you! We love the way Tater Tots and Jello made this Thanksgiving wreath with burlap wrapping and spiralled burlap and fabric flowers, but we’re particularly fond of their use of wooden Scrabble tiles to add a seasonal message as well.

21. Whimsical Thanksgiving Wreath

Whimsical Thanksgiving Wreath

Maybe your idea of the perfect rustic Thanksgiving wreath is actually one that’s a little more nature-based, even if it features a bit of burlap as well? In that case, we’d be willing to bet that you’ll get along very well indeed with this wreath from Tidbits & Twine!

Their tutorial shows you how to make the frame from twigs and leaves and then decorate it with berries, flowers, and even a bow.

22. Turkey Tulle Thanksgiving Door Decor

Turkey Tulle Thanksgiving Door Decor

Are you actually the kind of crafter who almost always prefers to make something silly, funny, and really eye-catching? Then maybe you’d rather make your wreath look like a character instead! We’re basically obsessed with this hilarious little Thom the Turkey wreath outlined step by step on Baby Rabies, as well as the way they made the tail feathers from knotted pieces of tulle.

23. Thankfulness Leaves Fall Wreath

Thankfulness Leaves Fall Wreath

Are you actually still scrolling through our list and thinking about how much you really enjoyed the idea of making a paper leaf wreath of some kind, but you’d rather do something a little more homey looking than the modern pointed leaf design you saw a little earlier on our list?

In that case, we’dabsolutely suggest taking a look at howSprinkle Some Fun made this wreath featuring slightly more rounded leaves, each one adorned with something their family is thankful for. We love the idea of this wreath as a teaching tool melded with a crafting project for the kids.

24. Burlap Thanksgiving Wreath With Yarn Turkey

Burlap Thanksgiving Wreath With Yarn Turkey

Have you actually made it this far in the list and found yourself feeling rather torn between the ideas of making your Thanksgiving wreath with felt, burlap, or yarn? Well, whoever said that you have to choose between them?

Instead, we’d suggest taking a look at howSugar Bee Crafts combined the three to make this adorable embellished wreath that features a funny little turkey made from a ball of yarn and some felt, nestled on top of burlap wrapping.

25. Fall Leaves Monogram Thanksgiving Door Decor

Fall Leaves Monogram Thanksgiving Door Decor

Are youvery into the idea of making a door hanger that will greet your guests throughout the Thanksgiving season, but you just can’t help wondering whether there are other options regarding shape than just a circle?

Well, if you’ve ever been a big monogram enthusiast like us, then we have a feeling this leaf-covered initial fall wreath idea outlined step by step on The Thrifty Abode might be a little more up your alley!

Amazing Thanksgiving Wreath Designs: Closing Thoughts

A Thanksgiving wreath is a classy way to welcome guests during the autumn season, either hanging it on your front door or wearing it in your hair when attending holiday gatherings!

The wreath is designed with your home decor in mind, be it for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Along with autumn leaves, pumpkins and gourds are quite popular decorative elements that can be found on the wreath.

Try to find different styles of wreaths so you can wear them during various holidays throughout the year. Some may prefer an artificial-looking wreath while others may wish for a more natural look.

Wreaths can range from very basic designs to extremely intricate ones. Be creative when creating your own DIY project by adding personal touches that reflect your style!

While some wreaths are crafted from leaves and berries, others are made using floral foam along with artificial leaves. Either way, you’re sure to have an amazing time dressing up for the occasion—and then taking their decorations home with you too!

To read more about how you can make this Thanksgiving a memorable one, check out our other articles, since we’ve covered pretty much everything imaginable, from Thanksgiving recipes to decorations.

More so, if there’s something that we haven’t managed to cover yet, feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below, and we’ll write an article about it as soon as possible.

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