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40 Christmas Door Decorations To Greet Your Guests With This Year

Christmas is the time of the year that everyone loves. It’s a wonderful holiday filled with happiness and love. Santa comes, there’s great food, and it’s the only time of the year you can dress up as your kid’s favorite fictional character – the old fat man with a huge bag of gifts and his own personal sleigh!

Diy christmas door decorations

Christmas is also the best moment to judge people’s houses for how they decorated their doorways! It can really tell whether someone has taste or not. But what do you use to decorate? Hanging garlands? Wreaths? Those might be classic ideas, but they can still be done right. Still, it can be tricky when it comes to Christmas door decorations.

So we wanted to give you a helping hand in this regard. As such, we compiled a list of what we think are the best Christmas door decorations to try this year. Take the time to explore your options and pick the one that works for you.

Best Christmas Door Decorations to Try in 2021

Without keeping you on your toes any longer, here are the top Christmas door decorations for 2021.

1. DIY Cotton Flower Wreath – Christmas Door Decorations

Diy cotton flower wreath christmas door decorations

Wreaths are stunning Christmas door decorations that let your visitors know they are welcomed inside. If you want to go with a simple and sophisticated wreath this year, you can try making your own cotton flower wreath.

Only a few materials are required for this project: a wreath base, scissors, brown crepe paper, silk ribbon, white pomp-oms, pinecones, a jute ribbon, a small decor wood heart, and a glue gun.

To make the cotton flower wreath, start by cutting 10-cm long pieces of crepe paper. Then, add glue to the wreath base and attach the first strip of crepe paper so that it covers half of the circle. Make sure you overlap each cut part for added security and repeat the process until you have covered the entire wreath with paper.

Next, use the wood heart as a marker and measure 4cm around it. Cut the silk ribbon to fit this length, and then glue the ends to the wreath base to form a loop. Also, glue on pom-poms and attach pinecones with jute ribbon to cover the remaining spaces.

This is a festive decoration that works for both modern and rustic homes. You can find more about it in our comprehensive tutorial, which also features a video guide.

2. DIY Silver Branch Wreath – Front Door Christmas Decorations

Diy silver branch wreath front door christmas decorations

If you’re looking for a decorative piece that has a modern yet natural feel, then this silver branch wreath may be just what you need in terms of front door Christmas decorations.

It focuses on bringing the warmth of Christmas to your front door through the use of branches and pinecones. However, it also features metallic elements to add a touch of glamor to the overall look.

A lot of different materials are used for this project, but they can easily be found at craft or home decor shops. You will require 3 round Christmas ornaments, a can of metallic spray paint in the color of your choice, pruning shears, 2 feet of thin chain, pliers, a hot glue gun with extra glue, 4 feet of suede cord, and a handful of twigs.

To make the wreath, you will need to spray-paint the Christmas ornaments. This should be done while wearing a respirator mask and old clothing. After this process is over, use pliers to cut each ornament into three pieces.

Next, attach one end of the suede cord onto an ornament piece using hot glue. Then, wrap it around the twig until you get to the other side. Continue doing so until all twigs have two pendants on them. Attach these pendants together with another round ornament piece so they can close tightly around it.

The final step involves using hot glue to attach the chain-made loop to the back of your wreath. Simply hang it on your door and you’re finished with this lovely Christmas decoration!

Find out more about this DIY silver branch wreath in our comprehensive guide.

3. DIY Typography Holiday Wreath – Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Diy typography holiday wreath christmas door decorating ideas

If you have a bit of artistic talent and want to create unique Christmas door decorations with your own personal touch, this DIY typography holiday wreath is the perfect project for you.

It’s a sophisticated piece that will contain all your warm wishes for the holidays. Best of all, it’s easy to make if you follow our step-by-step tutorial.

With this wreath on your front door, visitors won’t be able to resist taking a closer look at what you put up. It also makes a great gift idea for friends and family who enjoy incredible home decor pieces that stand out from the crowd!

When it comes to materials, you need wooden letters, gold spray paint, a square wreath form, wire cutters, a thin gold wire, artificial greenery, five gold jingle bells, and a hot glue gun.

4. DIY Paper Plate Wreath with a Candle – Christmas Door Decorations for School

Diy paper plate wreath with a candle christmas door decorations for school

If you want to avoid the hassle of using store-bought decorations but still want a festive feel for your front door, this paper plate wreath with a candle may be exactly what you need.

This project is easy enough for kids to make, and it can be put together in a short period of time when it comes to Christmas door decorations for school. Plus, it’s inexpensive and requires materials that most people already have at home! And your kids will be proud to show off their creations when the project is complete!

The process involves cutting scrapbook paper into triangles and attaching them one by one to a large styrofoam wreath form with double-sided tape. You can also add jingle bells or foam snowflakes on top, together with a votive candle in a jar decorated with bows.

Alternatively, we suggest looking over our simple tutorial on making a paper plate wreath with a candle. It involves a paper plate, a sparkly red ribbon, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, as well as red, green, and orange paper.

5. DIY Square Pinecone Wreath – Garage Door Christmas Decorations

Diy square pinecone wreath garage door christmas decorations

With its traditional pinecone motif and superb color combination, this DIY square pinecone wreath is a great decoration for any garage door for Christmas. It’s also cheap to make and easy enough for anybody to follow.

All you need are two pieces of plywood measuring 10 inches each, a hand saw or jigsaw, a drill with a 1/4-inch drill bit, four wooden balls in the desired color (optional), sandpaper, 12 squares of your desired fabric in 5 different colors – we suggest red, green, white and gold – hot glue gun sticks and glue surface.

You should begin by marking five equally spaced spots on one side of the plywood sheet that measures 10×10. Drill these holes with the jigsaw and then move the plywood to the other side, marking five more spots. Drill these as well and cut out two 1-inch squares from each corner of your wood sheet forming a 12×12 inch square. The leftover pieces can be used for other projects.

Next, attach four wooden balls (if you want them) to the wreath using hot glue. You should then place one fabric square over each section on your wreath, pulling tightly around it and attaching it with hot glue as well. Repeat this step until all squares are in place. Now you’re finished with this cool Christmas door decorations project!

For an alternative route, feel free to explore our comprehensive tutorial on making a DIY square pinecone wreath!

6. DIY Snowflake Art – Christmas Classroom Door Decorations

Diy snowflake art christmas classroom door decorations

This DIY snowflake art is really simple to make and works great as a Christmas classroom door decoration. And, if you use your imagination, you can also turn the completed piece into a great gift idea for friends or relatives who enjoy cool festive home decor!

The process involves painting white craft foam with acrylic paint using different hues of blue and green hues to create snow effects on them. Once dry, attach adhesive spray dots all over your foam shapes, placing one next to another until each shape takes up half of the sheet.

Once they are arranged in this manner, glue three similar snowflakes together by attaching some wire between them so that they form an interesting tree-like structure. You should then convert the snowflake art into a snowflake decoration for the front door of your home by wrapping it up in some nice foil and attaching decorative ribbon to one side.

If you prefer a simpler alternative to make snowflake art, check out our complete tutorial! You need brown and white paint, a ruler, a paint sponge, a flat and a pointed paintbrush, a square piece of particle wood, a pencil, cardboard, and hot glue.

7. DIY Cupcake Liner Garland – Christmas Door Covers

Diy cupcake liner garland christmas door covers

If you’re looking to decorate your front door for Christmas, consider making this easy DIY cupcake liner garland! It’s not only quick and inexpensive to make but also a great way to recycle old materials lying around your house!

What you need are some colorful paper cupcake or muffin liners, twine or any type of string that will hold its shape when tied together, scissors, and a glue gun with glue sticks. You should begin by cutting the liners into individual circles while ensuring that they retain their original size – do not cut through the bottom rim of each circle!

Once done, start threading on each liner, one on top of the other, allowing about two inches between each layer on top of the previous layer. Now attach some string to both ends of the garland and tie it onto your doorknob or any surface that will hold its shape.

You can then embellish this cool Christmas door decoration project by adding various colors of ribbon, glitter, pom-poms, or something else. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

To learn more, check out our complete tutorial on making a DIY cupcake liner garland!

8. DIY Joy Holiday Wreath – Christmas Door Ideas

Joy holiday wreath outdoor christmas decorations

What we really like about this super simple DIY joy holiday wreath ornament is that you can use it as a Christmas door decoration and then turn it into a nice gift for friends and relatives who enjoy decorating their homes during festive times!

The process is quite easy but requires some patience. You should start by using green ribbon to form the shape of a bow before binding the two ends with hot glue and stringing on small wood beads, followed by large wooden balls. This will serve as your joy centerpiece.

Next, wrap brown paper around your wreath form and secure it with tape or glue. To create a greeting card tag, simply use adhesive stickers or cut out different letters from old coloring books or scrap papers, writing down something encouraging to make it a proper greeting card.

Finally, use some twine to attach the joy wreath and your handmade greeting card to the wreath form, making sure that everything sits in place nicely before hanging the completed Christmas door decoration on your front door or anywhere else!

If you prefer a simpler version to make a DIY joy holiday wreath, feel free to explore our in-depth instructions!

9. Pink Glam Wreath – Front Door Christmas Decorations Ideas

Pink glam wreath front door christmas decorations ideas

If you’re a fan of pink and glam Christmas door decorating ideas, then you’re going to love this super simple DIY festive wreath with rose ornaments! It uses some butterfly and speaking elements but ties everything together beautifully thanks to the use of pink paint.

What we really like about this easy-to-make Christmas decoration is that it’s perfect for those who are on a limited budget. Besides a wreath, you need artificial roses, pink and cream tree globes, an artificial vine, and a butterfly, or any other delicate elements.

The key is to spray-paint everything that’s not already pink. If possible, try to use different shades of pink paint since it will give your front door Christmas decor idea a nice, multi-dimensional finish.

Once done, simply tie the elements together and hang them on your front door! You can be creative with this design and add some rose ornaments in various forms to suit your own style.

For more inspiration, check out this awesome Instagram post made by @doordecorbymariemaher!

10. Pine Branches and Red Berries Wreath – Office Door Christmas Decorations

Pine branches and red berries wreath office door christmas decorations

If you’re looking for a festive office door decoration idea that’s not too expensive and pretty easy to make, then this wreath with pine branches and red berries is ideal! It’s surprisingly simple to create since it doesn’t require any special effort or skills.

To make your wreath, you will need some artificial flowers like red berries, red decorative balls, pine branches, pine cones, and wire stems. To ensure that everything stays in place, use hot glue to stick all of the elements together. If desired, embellish your Christmas decor with a bow or ribbon for excellent results!

This design can be used as an office door Christmas decoration or as a home front door decoration during the holiday season.

11. Wine Cork Wreath – Christmas Door

Wine cork wreath christmas door

If you’re a wine lover, then this no-nonsense wine cork wreath is a great project that allows you to turn your love for vino into a DIY Christmas door decoration! You don’t need any special skills or tools. All you need is a wooden circle and some wine corks to get started.

To make your wreath, simply start by gluing the corks together in tight groups of three before adding two small branches. Add more corks around the branches and at the edges of your wreath form so everything stays in place firmly.

If you want, you can also glue red berries from place to place, as well as attach some greenery with globes, pinecones, and cotton balls. Just make sure you stick to a color theme!

This wreath will look perfect on your front door or office door during the festive months and allow you to show off your good taste in wine!

12. Wreath with Twigs, Stars, and Pinecones – Holiday Door Decorations

Wreath with twigs, stars and pinecones holiday door decorations

Simple to make and very inexpensive, this wreath with pinecones, twigs, and stars is ideal for all those who are on a tight budget! To create this festive holiday door decoration, you will need some pinecones of various sizes, twigs of two different colors, and red berries or rose blossoms in small groups of three.

You have unlimited options when it comes to how you want to decorate your holiday wreath. For instance, you can stick the smaller twigs inside the larger one’s layers so they stick out at various angles. Then place your red berries between them.

Alternatively, you could go completely creative with this DIY Christmas door decoration project by simply laying down some twigs in a fan shape and using them as a base.

Afterward, simply add the pinecones and attach red berries or rose blossoms with hot glue in various places around your holiday wreath to finish off this elegant design!

13. Heart-Shaped Wreath – Unique Christmas Door Decorations

Heart shaped wreath unique christmas door decorations

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas door decoration idea for homes and offices, then this wreath is ideal! Made from twigs, frosted mistletoe leaves, and red berries, it doesn’t require too much effort to make. In fact, it could be over in less than one hour!

To make your holiday wreath, simply gather some red berries and use them to form a heart-shaped design on the stem of the twig. Then attach greenery like pine branches to embellish your DIY Christmas decor.

To create a festive look, you can also wrap the stem with wire. This will allow you to attach both the twig and the greenery firmly together before adding more elements such as pinecones and the mistletoe leaves to complete your design!

14. Happy Holidays – Simple Christmas Door Sign

Happy holidays simple christmas door sign

With this simple Christmas door sign, you can wish everyone a happy holiday season in a playful way! To create it, all you need is a wooden board and some paint. Plus, this DIY project doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to make.

Simply paint the text on your board using black spray paint after priming it first. Don’t forget to let it dry completely before decorating further with other elements such as pinecones and red berries.

You can also try experimenting by painting the background of your sign with glitter gold spray paint or any other vibrant color that fits your overall theme! You can then write your message with white acrylic paint for added contrast if necessary.

This festive wreath will look great during the Christmas holidays and allow you to give everyone a warm welcome! It will also make a perfect gift for a friend.

15. Lighted Evergreen Wreath – Christmas Door Decorations DIY

Lighted evergreen wreath christmas door decorations diy

If you want to create a beautiful wreath for the front door of your home, then this simple idea of a lighted evergreen wreath will be perfect! What’s great about it is that it requires very few materials and all it takes is half an hour to make.

All you need are some pine cones or other greenery of your choice, some plaid fabric ribbon, and white LED lights.

You can start by attaching the LED lights inside the wreath using hot glue. Then wrap some plaid fabric ribbon around various parts of your creation for added effect before using hot glue again to attach the pinecones here and there.

This stunning DIY Christmas door decoration will allow you to welcome guests in style during the holiday season! It looks awesome lit up with the white LED lights, so you might want to leave it that way throughout the holiday to create a magical atmosphere.

16. Blue and White Wreath – Christmas Door Decorations

Blue and white wreath christmas door decorations

Fresh Christmas door decorations can be prepared with a homemade wreath! This easy project requires only three materials: twigs, pinecones, and white ribbon.

To begin with, you have to wrap the end of the twig with a white ribbon for an elegant look that doesn’t take too much time or effort to do. Next, you can attach various elements such as pinecones and small blue bows using hot glue here and there on your creation before wrapping more ribbon around it.

A beautiful result will be achieved if you choose different colors of ribbon for this style of homemade holiday wreath! It will make a great addition to your front door during the festive season and allow guests to know that you wish them a merry Christmas!

17. Rustic Wreath – Front Door Christmas Decorations

Rustic wreath front door christmas decorations

This beautiful rustic wreath made from twigs and berries will be the perfect decoration for your front door during Christmas! It’s an easy project to do if you have a bit of time on your hands, and it also works for beginners.

To begin, you have to wrap some natural twine or thin rope around a few random twigs to form a base. After that, you can attach similar green elements all over your creation before adding multicolored berries here and there. Then add a bigger green twig to complete the look!

This is another Christmas wreath idea that looks awesome when lit up with white LED lights, so it might be something you want to consider if you’re looking for a homemade Christmas door decoration that looks awesome when paired with festive lighting!

18. Golden Wreath – Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Golden wreath christmas door decorating ideas

Golden Christmas door decorations can be awesome for elegant parties, and this idea of a golden wreath is truly unique! What you need to do first is get a plain old round wreath and paint it gold.

After that, all you have to do is attach some natural greenery such as twigs and pine cones around the surface of the plaque using hot glue before finishing off the look by adding a huge golden bow on top.

Or, you can keep the entire elements gold by spray-painting elegant. If you have some golden ornaments, feel free to add them, too! This festive decoration will make your guests feel even more welcome during Christmas time!

19. DIY Red Bow – Christmas Door Decorations

Diy red bow christmas door decorations

This fun idea for a Christmas door decoration is perfect if you want to add a pop of color to your front door – wrapping it with a huge red bow. It makes it look like your entire house is a Christmas gift!

When it comes to materials, you need Organza fabric in two shades (bright red and dark red), a pair of scissors, twist ties, and masking tape or an extra pair of hands.

To wrap the door in a huge red bow, begin by placing the fabric over one of your door handles and tying it with a twist tie, leaving enough space to make a bow. Then you can make a knot and cut off the twist tie. Use the extra fabric to cover the other handle, and repeat with a different color of Organza fabric to cover the other handle.

The finished result should be a door that has two huge red bows and looks like it’s wrapped in an elegant gift! This is a fun and easy project that will only take you about 15 minutes of your time, and it’s sure to amaze anyone who sees it!

For more inspiration, feel free to explore this fabulous tutorial we found on Oh Oh Deco!

20. Candy Cane Wreath – Front Door Christmas Decorations

Candy cane wreath front door christmas decorations

Want to deck out your front door with something colorful and delicious? Then this candy cane wreath idea is the perfect front door Christmas decoration idea for you!

As far as supplies are concerned, you need 20 large candy canes, a hot glue gun, 2 small candy canes, a string or a ribbon, and a snowflake ornament.

To make the candy cane wreath, start by wrapping the small candy cane in your string before gluing it to the middle of a big candy cane. You can then repeat this step with the 19 remaining candy canes and another smaller one to form a circle shape.

In the following step, you can glue all canes together and finish off this delicious Christmas door decoration by attaching the snowflake ornament on top! Pretty neat, huh? Beautiful and tasty – you can’t get better than that when decorating for Christmas!

If you want even more inspiration, check out this amazing DIY tutorial we found on Crafty Morning!

21. DIY Dried Orange Wreath – Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Diy dried orange wreath christmas door decorating ideas

If you want to go for something natural yet gorgeous, dried orange wreaths are the perfect idea for Christmas door decorations!

For this DIY project, all you need is an old wire hanger that will form the base of your wreath, a few pieces of plywood or cardstock that you can use as stencils to create circles on your hanger, and some oranges.

To begin, cut off one side of your hanger so that it forms a big U shape. On top of that, add 4 pieces of plywood to cover the U shape by gluing these securely in place with fabric glue. Repeat this step until all four sides have four layers. Then attach a circle stencil over each layer and spray-paint the orange with gold metallic paint.

To add some sophistication to your Christmas wreath, you can use a tiny red ribbon and bow as an embellishment over each layer! This is a great idea for front door Christmas decorations and is sure to be a buzz of conversation during the holiday season!

For more inspiration, we found an amazing tutorial that we encourage everyone to check out at Hallstrom Home!

22. DIY Red and White Mesh Wreath – Christmas Door Decorations

Diy red and white mesh wreath christmas door decorations

This stunning red and white mesh wreath is a stunning inspiration for Christmas door decorations! As far as materials are concerned, you need two different colors of red mesh (5 feet in diameter) and a wire ring with a diameter of 9 inches

From there, all you need to do is cut a circle from each mesh color and attach it at the top of your wire ring with a hot glue gun. You can then add a small piece of ribbon over the wire ring to hide it completely!

This amazing Christmas door decoration will take about an hour to make but it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser during the holiday season!

For more DIY inspiration, check out this tutorial we found on Sonya’s Happenings!

23. DIY Snowflake Door Hanger – Front Door Christmas Decorations

Diy snowflake door hanger front door christmas decorations

If you want to go for something subtle yet stylish, this snowflake door hanger is a great fit when it comes to front door Christmas decorations! Besides, you can quickly put it together since you don’t need any special supplies besides a hot glue gun, a ribbon, and plastic snowflake decorations from the dollar store.

The idea is straightforward: glue the snowflakes together and then add the ribbon before hanging them on your front door. Sky’s the limit when it comes to the snowflake arrangement since you can go with a vertical or horizontal design. Just make sure they are firmly attached.

To find out more, feel free to explore this simple guide created by Rae of Sparkles!

24. Three Lighted Wreaths – Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Three lighted wreaths christmas door decorating ideas

Creating your own Christmas wreath is a fun, family tradition that can quickly become a great DIY activity when decorating for the holidays! All you need are some materials from your local crafting store to prepare these awesome lighted wreaths in no time!

For this project, you need three wreaths and LED lights. To begin with, connect the lights together using twist ties and attach them to the inner part of the wreaths. Add a few small Christmas ornaments and bring the three wreaths together using some wire hanger.

Feel free to explore this step-by-step tutorial we found on Decor and the Dog to find out more!

25. Holiday Basket – Christmas Door Decorations

Holiday basket christmas door decorations

Making a holiday basket is a great way to welcome your guests during the holidays with Christmas door decorations! The centerpiece of this ensemble is the willow basket, which you can upcycle if you already have an old one lying around in your attic.

If the basket doesn’t already have a handle on the back, be sure to add one since it will function as a hook so that you can hang it on your front door. Next, get various Christmas ornaments from storage and use them to fill as well as embellish the basket.

This can include winter greenery, pinecones, faux flowers, red berries, snowflakes, a red ribbon, or anything else. Be sure to start with the greenery before adding all other elements, and end the decorations with a big and nice ribbon. Then you can hang the holiday basket on your front door and wait to be showered with compliments by your guests!

To find out more about this amazing project, check out Thistle Key Lane!

More Christmas Door Decorations

If you want even more inspiration for this season, we have a bunch of awesome Christmas door decoration ideas, so let’s check them out!

26. Greens, Burlap & Bells Christmas Door Decoration

Greens, Burlap & Bells Christmas Door Decoration

This door swag from Fynes Designsis gorgeous and traditional. It’ll pop right off our lightly-colored doors and it’s easier than you may think to make. We personally love the homey appeal that this pinecone, burlap creation holds.

27. Front Door Christmas Decoration – Christmas Tree

Outdoor tree diy idea

Good Housekeeping went with something easy to pull off and super simple. Why not add a live tree to the front door area? It feels nice and cozy and all you have to do is pot a smaller tree.

28. Front Door Christmas Decorations – Pistachio Wreath

Front Door Christmas Decorations - Pistachio Wreath

HGTV created a super unique DIY wreath for the holidays. Grabbing some pistachios and turning them right will make quite the textural and farmhouse-inspired decor for the door. Welcome your guest in an offbeat, holiday style!

29. Noel Christmas Front Door Decoration

Diy holiday noel door banner

A Beautiful Messwhipped up a banner that’s quite charming. If you want something that brings in the holiday cheer then why not try this project out? And choose colors that suit your vision.

30. Present Topiaries Front Door Christmas Decorations

Present Topiaries Front Door Christmas Decorations

These present topiaries are such a popular project. And if you want to be one of the ones who tries it just hop on over to Deck the Holidays to check out the details. It’ll definitely add a Christmas charm to the front door.

31. Snowflake Marquee Front Door Christmas Decorations Idea

Snowflake Marquee Front Door Christmas Decorations Idea

If you visit A Beautiful Mess just one more time, you’ll grab all the details behind the makings of this gorgeous snowflake marquee. We envision this beauty highlighting the front entrance of your home in a simple, stunning way. And it lights up too!

32. Ornament-Filled Lanterns – Front Door Christmas Decorations

Ornament-Filled Lanterns - Front Door Christmas Decorations

Here’s a really simple DIY project that we found while scouring Pinterest. Grab some old lanterns and then dress them up a bit. Filled them with ornaments, top with some greens, and lay them out by the front door for easy festivity.

33. Snowflake Door Hanger – Christmas Door Decorations

Snowflake Door Hanger - Christmas Door Decorations

Rae of Sparkles created this snowflake door hanger with material from The Dollar Store! It’s easy, it’s accessible, and it’s quite affordable too. Hop on over now and grab all of the directions from the fun tutorial.

34. Joy Sign – Front Door Christmas Decorations Ideas

Joy Sign - Front Door Christmas Decorations Ideas

Fines Designs also has up swooning for this “joy” setup. If you’re a fan of those trendy wood signs that you’ve seen go up around your neighborhood, why not make some for yourself? Within an afternoon you could whip this beauty up.

35. Snowman Wreath Front Door Christmas Decoration

Snowman Wreath Front Door Christmas Decoration

It was really hard not to fall in love with this snowman wreath from On Sutton Place. It’s kid-friendly, it’s cozy, and it’s got the Christmas spirit wrapped up into every inch of the design. Who wouldn’t love a snowman wreath at their front door?

36. Lighted, Wooden Star Christmas Door Idea

Lighted, Wooden Star Christmas Door Idea

Here’s another classic piece of door decor that we love. If you want to learn how to make a lighted, rustic wooden star then hop on over to Remodelaholicnow. Of course, you can leave it without the lights but the glow is quite nice.

37. Joy Buckets Front Door Christmas Decorations

Joy Buckets Front Door Christmas Decorations

Finding Home Farmsreused some older galvanized buckets and turned them into fun pieces of holiday decor. We easily see these lining the steps up to the front door. Pot some evergreens and add some ribbon to finish it off.

38. Wood Pallet Tree Front Door Christmas Decorations

Wood Pallet Tree Front Door Christmas Decorations

Here’s another fun and easy project to whip up and display outside next to the front door. This is one the kiddos will want to get involved with too – especially because it involves painting! Check out Country Livingfor the details.

39. Natural Wreath Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Natural Wreath Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Treasures + Travelswent with a natural wreath design that is quite beautiful but still feels very festive. Take the leap and snag the tutorial if you want more organic decor for your front door this year. Of course you could add some lights to this one too.

40. Snowman Unique Christmas Door Decorations

Snowman Unique Christmas Door Decorations

Finally, why not turn your front door into a snowman? The kids will most certainly help you out with this one and you can personalize it as well! Thanks for this fun, family-friendly ideas Creative Stamper Spot!

Final Thoughts on Christmas Door Decorations

If you’re looking for some awesome Christmas door decorations but don’t have the budget to buy all kinds of new items, then DIY is definitely your best friend! You can find tutorials online that allow you to make everything from wreaths to bows with things found around the house.

Just remember to take your time, plan ahead, and follow each step carefully if you want to make sure your final product looks amazing! We hope that we managed to inspire you with this article. With these awesome Christmas door decoration ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect way to decorate your front door for the holidays!

Which one do you like best? Let us know by writing a comment in the dedicated section below. Also, don’t hesitate to share more fabulous ideas with us when it comes to Christmas Door Decorations!

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