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Yummy Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

In our house, we’re pretty lucky that our kids aren’t incredibly picky eaters. Whenever we host dinners with family and friends, however, we still like to make sure that we serve some really calm, kid-friendly dishes that any child might be willing to eat, just to make sure everyone’s preferences and eating habits are accommodated. That’s why we’ve been on the lookout for simple, child-appropriate dishes that we might serve at our upcoming Thanksgiving gathering!

1. Crispy roasted butternut squash

Crispy roasted butternut squash

Do you find that you have trouble getting your kids to eat different coloured vegetables like squash because they’re wary of how it looks but you know that they’ll eat roasted potato hash browns at breakfast with no problems? Then we think you’ll really appreciate discovering how Real Kids Eat Spinach prepared their crispy roasted butternut squash so that it looks, tastes, and smells a lot like something they’re used to, making them more willing to try it out so they can enjoy the new flavour.

2. Yummy corn casserole

Yummy corn casserole

We often find that we’re able to convince our kids to eat just about anything so long as it’s covered in cheese. Perhaps it reminds them of mac and cheese, which is their favourite food, but they don’t mind if it’s a little different once the good, melted orange stuff is all over it! This deliciously creamy corn casserole outlined in detail on Can’t Stay Out of The Kitchen is a good example of what we mean.

3. Creamed green beans and potatoes

Creamed green beans and potatoes

Do you find that your kids don’t mind eating vegetables when they’re mixed into something yummy with potatoes and other foods they enjoy, even if they won’t eat things like green beans on their own? Well, at least they’re eating them, right? Check out how Food Hero made just the kind of dish we’re talking about in this delicious creamed green beans and potatoes recipe.

4. Stuffins (or stuffing muffins)

Stuffins (or stuffing muffins)

Are the kids in your family and friends circle right around that toddler age where they’ll happily snack on just about anything you give them on the go but getting them to sit down and eat a full meal is a nearly unachievable goal? Then we’re pretty sure Cook The Story has just the recipe for you! They show you how easy it is to make “stuffins”, or stuffing muffins, that are perfect for little hands to carry and take bites from while they socialize.

5. Pecan pie pumpkin cupcakes

Pecan pie pumpkin cupcakes