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10 Fun DIY Pillowcase Projects

Avid sewers or ones just figuring out how to thread their fancy sewing machine, we’ve got a special roundup just for you. As a way toe price up your bedroom or even the guests’ area, add some new pillowcases for a pop of color and pizazz. But instead of buying them, make it a new project. Check out these DIY pillowcase projects and see what you can conjure up all on your own.

1. Owl Adorned.

Pillowcase Owl Adorned

How fun in this adorable pillow for your little one’s bedroom? Fun colors, a mix of patterns and some pom pom accents all come together together to create something quite magical. {found on Totally Stitchin’}

2. No-Zip Christmas.

No Zip Christmas Pillowcase

Learn how to make a slipcover with no zipper! And this seasonal cutie is such a great piece of inspirational for Christmas decorating! {found on KH Photography}

3. Stenciled Birds.

Stenciled Birds Pillowcase

Before you start sewing you may want to decorate your material of choice. Just check out these stenciled birds, made my hand, on this pillowcase. {found on Everyday Dishes}

4. Anti-Sew Flower.

Anti Sew Flower Pillowcase

If you’re too overwhelmed by trying to sew, just take a look at this tutorial for an easy no-sew project. We’re in love with this chic, 3-d flower! {found on Purple Eggplant}

5. My Side.

Pillowcase My Side

Take classic, white pillowcases to the next level with this playful design. Anyone can do this and  your partner will fall in love with the personal touch. {found on Re:Creative}

6. Striped Pom-Pom.

Striped Pom Pom Pillowcase

This may be our favorite on the entire list. It’s full of fashion-forward energy and charm. And it can all be made by you without too much fuss. {found on The Makerista}

7. Lace-Trimmed.

Lace Trimmed Pillowcase

You can update some of your older, vintage pillowcases with an easy trim. All three of these beauties were given even more charisma with the lace addition. {found on At Home On the Bay}

8. Simple Heart.

Simple Heart Pillowcase

Here’s a contemporary pop for your living room and it won’t cost an arm and a leg like more designer pillows do! It’s a classic look and a fun project to try. {found on U Create}

9. Colored Edges.

Colored Edges Pillowcase

Now we have a more traditional look with a contemporary twist. This color blocked look is completely trendy and easy to create right at home. {found on Maker Crate}

10. His + Hers.

His and Hers Side

We’ve seen this before, but who knew you can easily re-create the look at theme. This would be such a great gift for a bridal shower or even housewarming party! {found on A Beautiful Mess}

  1. I love these!! I also have some spare gingham upstairs :) Thank you for sharing, off to pin! hugs xx

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