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10 Easy Glitter Wall Art DIYs

Sparkle, shine and sprinkle, there’s not much that’s more fun to craft with than some glitter. And that’s why we’re sharing 10 of our favorite, and easiest, glitter art DIYs today. Grab your friends, grab the kids and get to work creating something beautiful, playful and fun!

1. State.

State Glitter Wall Art

This is a beautiful housewarming gift idea or even one for a bridal or baby shower. Wherever your heart lies, highlight it on the map! {found on Lilyshop}

2. Heart.

Pink Heart Glitter Wall Art

A simple heart is always a great idea, especially when you’re adding it to the craft or kid’s room. And we love how the glitter that was used in this design was a bit bolder and chunkier. {found on Design Improvised}

3. Chevron.

Chevron Glitter Wall Art

Chevron is super in-style and super trendy, so why not create a canvas dressed in this funky print? Accent the mantle or the master bedroom with something like this piece!

4. Letters.

Letters Glitter Art

Cover some of your favorite letters in glitter for a bold, textural design for the walls. Spell out a word, like love, or use your initials for a quick addition.

5. Ombre.

Ombre Glitter Wall Art

We’re head-over-heels for this glitter ombre creation. Starting out with flakes of gold glitter and using purple to accent, this is quite the artistic design.

6. Mosaic.

Mosaic Glitter Wall Art

Funky and ultra modern, here’s another DIY that would fit right into a contemporary home or apartment. And you’ll have such a great time creating this from scratch! {found on shopsweetthings}

7. Hangers.

Hangers Glitter Art

Use hangers to “hang” up some of your favorite art pieces, the kids’ art from school or even some of your pretty calendar pages! But make sure to dip those hangers in glitter for an extra pop! {found on Kojo Designs}

8. Stripes.

Stripes Glitter Wall Art

Stripes are a classic and they fit well inside any themed home. This modern piece is a bit more traditional but with that pop of glitter in the center you get an extra bout of personality.

9. Scallops.

Scalops Glitter Wall art

For extra fun and textural, create a scalloped look with glitter dots! We love the 3-d element and love the striped edges contrasting with the glitter. {found on The Bold Adobe}

10. Inspiration.

Create Inspiration Glitter Arrow

You can always get inspiration with your canvas by creating a piece that means something to you. Just use your favorite phrase or symbol, and add glitter! {found on Making the World Cuter}

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