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25 Sewn Headband Projects for Cool Girls

Let’s be honest, part of the fun when having kids is getting to dress them in every cute outfit and every miniature accessory that we can find. And that goes double for little girls and their headbands. But what if you could make them yourself? Not only would your tiny princess have a new set of hair accessories, but you could too. Check out our list of 25 sewn headband DIYs for you and your girls to enjoy!

1. Wide Prints.

Wide Prints DIY Headbands

These wide headbands can be done easily for both mommy and little girl. And they look just as great with ponytails as they do with long curls! {found on Craft Snob}

2. Knots.

Knots Headbands

These fun knotted pieces are perfect for any girl at any age. Made with a variety of prints they provide a youthful and charming addition to any outfit. {found on Girl Inspired}

3. Bow Accent.

Bow Accents Headbands

This tutorial is all about making the bow and attaching it to an existing headband. It’s a way to upcycle and add a bit of flair to your little girl’s accessories. {found on Stars for Streetlights}

4. Twisted Turban.

Twisted Turban

This DIY is so versatile as you can use nearly every kind of fabric for the end result. It’s a bit hipster and brings some fashion-forward energy to every and any outfit. {found on Say Yes}

5. Covered Classic.

Covered Classic

Here’s another tutorial where you can upcycle an older headband. Take a classic piece and then cover it with some fabric scraps for a scarf-inspired look. {found on Polka Dot Chair}

6. Winter.

Winter Headband

For a wintery look, use thicker and wider fabric for your turban. This tutorial will help you work through it “seamlessly” – especially if you’re a novice! {found on Quite Quaint}

7. Jersey Knit.

Jersey Knit

These jersey knit bows as part of a nursery kit are just so darn cute we had to share! Soft and perfect for a baby’s head, there’s nothing more fun than styling a brand new bundle. {found on The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood}

8. Big Bow.

Big Bow Headband

Big bows are in, especially for the little ones. And this DIY will teach you how to make them in no time and more importantly, with a bit of sophistication too. {found on Alida Makes}

9. Knotted Turban.

Knotted Turban

This easy, knotted turban is a perfect fit on your little baby girl. And you can use so many different fabrics and prints when creating these cuties. {found on The Sara Project}

10. Wire.

Wire Headband

Here’s a tutorial that will help you create a quirky, retro inspired wire headband. We love it’s personality and unique appeal, don’t you? {found on LadyFace}

11. Comfy Floral.

Comfy Floral Headband

Made without elastic, here’s another great DIY to use for your baby’s accessory collection, Topped with ruffled rosettes, it’s a gorgoeus look for a little girl. {found on How Does She}

12. Wraps.

Wraps Headband

And here we have easy wraps for yourself, topped with some knotted rosettes. All you need are some simple sewing skills to put these together for yourself. {found on Kelly Hicks Design}

13. Double-Sided.

Double sided Headband

Of course those wide headbands we saw above can be taken up a notch by creating double-sided designs. Wear them either way, and you’ll have two headbands sewn into one! {found on Happy Together by Jess}

14. Braided.

Braided Headband

Take a peek at this simple and easy braided look. It adds charm and youth to any outfit, and all you need is a super quick stitch! {Found on Make it Love it}

15. Ruffle.

Ruffle Headband

Here’s an adorable ruffled look that’s perfect for summertime (especially with its chosen fabric). Once you figure out how to create them, you’ll have a ton of fun mixing and matching patterns to create more. {found on See Kate Sew}

16. Chiffon Flowers.

Chiffon Flowers Headband

Feminine and frilly this is a fun and frothy headband DIY made of chiffon (or any other light fabric of your choice). It can even be dressed up if you like! {found on Heart of Light}

17. Pleated.

Pleated Headband

Here’s a sassy and sweet look for your little girl to dawn. A darling pleated look for a variety of occasions, go with a satin for a more finished and polished end result. {found on Dwanda Blog}

18. Ruched.

Ruched Headband

Are these headbands not gorgeous? They take a bit more skill to create, but in the end it’ll be worth every minute spend. We love the mixed fabric as well. {found on no big dill}

19. 50’s Bow.

50s Bow Style Headband

Simple and sweet, here’s a knotted retro bow for adults to dawn. And the DIY couldn’t be any simpler for even the most novice of sewers. {found on Momtastic}

20. Light.

Light Headband

Now we’ve found a way to recreate a scarf headband with the ruched elastic on the back. These work all year long, but with the lighter fabric they’re best for spring and summer looks. {found on Crafty Mom}

21. Metallic.

Metalic Headband

Learn how to make this movable, metallic bow with this tutorial. Attached it to headbands for an easy upcycle and recreate entirely new accessories for your little girl. {found on Sew and the City}

22. Rosettes.

Rosettes headband

One of our favorite on the list, this DIY combines so many of our favorite accents when it comes to headbands. Chiffon flowers, beaded accents and from scratch foundation, we’re in love! {found on Flamingo Toes}

23. Nautical.

Nautical Headband DIY

Sew a nautical knot together for easy, breezy look. Not every headband needs to be made from fabric, but rope can do the same and make an equally incredible look. {found on presserfoot}

24. Lace.

Lace Headband

Here’s another beautiful example of you can create a headband from scratch without the typical fabric choices. This lace headband is such a beauty!{found on A Beautiful Mess}

25. Felt.

Felt Headband

Felt is also a way to create a gorgeous headband, with embellishments too. Learn how to cut these accents out and sewn them together with this great tutorial. {found on Delia Creates}

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