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15 DIY Christmas Wreaths

Christmas might be over but that doesn’t mean in any way that we are finished with our holiday crafting! In fact, if you ask us, the time we have off work and school between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for holiday themed crafting. Making Christmas-y things right after Christmas day helps us make the festive spirit last longer and also, depending on what we make, gives us more décor to hang up next year without us having to frantically craft or shop for decorations next year during the pre-Christmas crunch time! So, what’s our favourite kind of DIY Christmas décor to make ourselves on our relaxing days off, you ask? Well, we absolutely love making Christmas wreaths!

Just in case you’d like to create some nice handmade Christmas wreaths this year too, here are 15 DIY designs that will keep you in the holiday spirit for as long as you leave them hanging up on your doors.

1. Monogram, bobbles, and tulle wreath

Monogram, bobbles, and tulle wreath

Do you already have a premade branch wreath from the craft or home décor store and you’re just looking for an adorable way to customize and decorate it to your tastes? Then check out how Sue Harris used ribbons, Christmas bobbles, knotted tulle, and wooden letters to really make it look like Christmas! WE love the way they stuck to a holiday colour scheme of red and green.

2. Burlap ruffles wreath

Burlap ruffles wreath

Is the aesthetic of your home a little bit more rustic chic than the idea we showed you above but you’d still like to make something that looks handmade and adorable? Then maybe you’d prefer to work with burlap instead! We love the way All Things Thrifty created ruffles in alternating red and classic burlap all the way around a base wreath. Their tutorial shows you exactly how to make and attach each ruffled piece.

3. Faux holly leaves and pine cones with a burlap bow

Faux holly leaves and pine cones with a burlap bow

Perhaps you’re not working with a base wreath of any kind but you do have a good collection of faux plants that definitely fit the Christmas theme, like holly and spruce or fir sprigs? Then maybe this idea from Restyle, Relove will be a little more up your alley! They show you how to twine all your crafting plants together and dot them with sparkly Christmas present décor and pine cones (real or fake will do).

4. Letter, branches, and bobbles

Letter, branches, and bobbles

Were you so intrigued by the idea of making a Christmas wreath with branches and bobbles that you started thinking you might actually prefer to skip most of the other stuff and just make a sort of bobble collage? Well, you’re not the only one! Check out this bobble idea featured on Pinterest that uses ornaments in all different sizes and finishes to match the sparkle of a candy cane inspired family monogram.

5. Mesh ribbon and snowmen

Mesh ribbon and snowmen

Did we really catch your attention when we talked about making a wreath with present wrapping supplies because you’ve actually got a lot left over from your gifts, but what you’re really got a surplus of is ribbon? Then why not make a design centred primarily on that? Kristen’s Creations shows you how to make a wreath using ribbons attached in big, voluminous loops for a really cool visual texture.

6. Bobbles and tinsel wreath

Bobbles and tinsel wreath

Are you still thinking about how much fun bobble and ornament wreaths are (not to mention how useful the idea is for upcycling old ornaments when you get new ones) but you’d like to add a little more volume, sparkle, and texture to the whole idea in general? Then check out how Nest Handmade filled their wreath in with sparkling tinsel in different Christmas colours!

7. Santa belt and ornaments wreath

Santa belt and ornaments wreath

Can you tell by now what our favourite wreath idea and design is? Just in case you can’t, here’s another bobble ornament craft that will make your house look festive for as long as you leave it hanging up! We very much enjoy the way Cute DIY Projects stuck to red ornaments and topped the whole look off with a black belt so that the wreath resembles Santa Clause.

8. Christmas lights wreath

Christmas lights wreath

Do you have limited wreath crafting supplies right now but you’ve just got this hankering to create a nice, festive wreath and once you’re in the mood to make something, you’ll find just about any way to make it happen? In that case, check out how Oh, By The Way created a wreath from silver tinsel and upcycled light bulbs from an old string of Christmas lights! This is a great way to get a colourful design in just a few simple wrapping and gluing steps.

9. Layered fabric circles wreath

Layered fabric circles wreath

Are you an avid fabric crafter and sewing enthusiast with a big stash of material scraps that you’re always looking for ways to upcycle pieces from? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love this layered circles Christmas wreath from Piccadilly Peddler! They show you how to make the little floral looking pieces and pin them onto a premade wreath base.

10. Simple rustic ribbon wrapped wreath

Simple rustic ribbon wrapped wreath

Did you quite enjoy both the ribbon and the burlap embellished wreath ideas that you’ve seen so far but your tastes are actually quite simple and minimalist so you’ve been looking for a way to create something similar without goin too over the top for what the rest of your house’s décor scheme looks like? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll prefer this simple rustic ribbon wrapped wreath from Gina’s Soft Cloth! Their tutorial walks you step by step through the process of making the precious bow you see above.

11. Cookie cutter Christmas wreath

Cookie cutter christmas wreath

Are you still thinking about how you enjoy crafting the most when you’ve got projects and designs that involve upcycling something you’re not currently using? In that case, try creating something that showcases one of your other DIY passions- baking! We love the way BHG painted several Christmas shaped cookie cutters red, glued them together in a circle, and added a big bow to finish off the look.

12. DIY paper doily Christmas wreath

Diy paper doiley christmas wreath

Do you have quite pretty, delicate tastes when it comes to décor schemes, whether they’re made by you or not, but you’ve also kind of been hoping to find a design that lights up to combat the winter darkness a little? In that case, we have a feeling this paper doily wreath idea found on The Little Green Frog, which is backlit using a pretty string of small white lights, will be right up your alley.

13. Family photo wreath

Family photo wreath

While these large, grand wreath designs are rather impressive to look at, were you picturing something a little smaller, more understated, and more personal when you set out to make a holiday wreath of your own? Then maybe this little family photo wreath from The Crafting Chicks would be more along the lines of what you’re looking for! Their tutorial will teach you step by step how to make one featuring your very own photos.

14. Wine cork and bell Christmas wreath

Wine cork and bead christmas wreath

Are you still looking for a design that’s a little more minimalist and upcycled looking and might be used year after year without distracting too much from your regular décor? Then we’d suggest that you start saving up your wine corks from the year! We love the way Good Housekeeping not only used their corks to created a cute, fanned out wreath, but also gave them a pop of colour and some structure by placing a little red bell between each one.

15. Yarn pom pom and bells wreath

Yarn pom pom and bells wreath

Have you always primarily been a lover of yarn crafts, meaning you have a huge stash of leftover yarn in all kinds of weights and colours just waiting to be used up on crafting projects? Then check out how Make and Do Crew made beautiful use of their white and cream colour yarns in various thicknesses to make an adorable Christmas wreath full of fluffy pom poms! We love the way they sewed little gold bells into various parts too for a little bit of sparkle.

Have you made another kind of Christmas wreath that you love hanging up each year but you don’t see any of a similar style on our list? Tell us all about how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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