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15 Cute Reindeer Crafts for the Holidays

When it comes to enjoying their time off school for Christmas, there are plenty of things our kids love doing. For the first couple of days, they love watching movies and video games and they can’t get enough of seeing whichever friends are still in town so they can all play outside in the snow together. After a while, however, our creative brood always starts asking us what kinds of DIY supplies we have right now or if we have any ideas for crafts they can make. That’s why we always keep holiday themed crafts and crafting supplies on hand around this time of year! So, what’s our family’s favourite kind of holiday craft to make together, you ask? Well, this year all our kids have wanted to make are funny little reindeer!

Just in case you think your kids would love to make adorable DIY reindeer too, here are 15 super fun ideas that will let them use crafting techniques of all kinds!

1. Reindeer flannel gift

Reindeer flannel gift

Perhaps your kids are old enough to start wanting to give fun, homemade gifts to other people but they’ve chosen so many teachers, friends, and extra curricular instructors to gift little Christmas favours that they won’t have time to make them anything complicated, especially this last minute? Then check out these adorable little reindeer flannel bundles wrapped around a nice bar of soap! Bumble Bee’s Craft Den shows you how to make them from a folded face cloth, googly eyes, and a red pom pom.

2. Cork and branch reindeer

Corn and branch reindeer

Do you have a habit of saving wine corks all year long so you can use them for all kinds of DIY projects, no matter what season it is? Between that and a walk in your backyard, you have almost everything you need to make these wonderfully rustic looking cork and branch reindeer from Our Fairfield Home & Garden. These look cute inside or out when they’re finished.

3. Popsicle stick and pom pom reindeer ornament

Popsicle stick and pom pom reindeer ornament

Are your kids still pretty little and you want to make sure you’ve got ideas that are simple enough for them to start crafting on their own? Then popsicle sticks are a great idea! These upside down triangle reindeer with funny googly eyes and soft red pom pom noses are just the kind of thing you need. Antique Roses shows you how it’s done.

4. Candy cane and pipe cleaner reindeer

Candy cane and pipe cleaner reindeer

Perhaps your kids would like to craft something fun and yummy for when all of their cousins arrive for Christmas dinner? Then a simple candy cane reindeer is the perfect thing for everyone involved! Your guests get a nice holiday treat and your kids get to transform something use pom poms, googly eyes, and pipecleaners. Check the whole idea out in more detail on Morena’s Corner.

5. Burlap and branch hanging reindeer ornament

Burlap and branch hanging reindeer ornament

Perhaps while your kids are making reindeer out of popsicle sticks, you’d actually really like to make a reindeer of your own, but you’d prefer to create something that can be reused as part of your holiday décor? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at this adorable burlap and branch idea from Hello, Wonderful! We can’t get over how cute the heart nose idea is.

6. Painted puzzle piece reindeer ornament

Painted puzzle piece reindeer ornament

If you’re going to get crafty with your kids, do you prefer to use materials that are recycled or upcycled in some way because you love reusing things whenever you have the opportunity? In that case, it’s time to make use of that old puzzle that’s been missing pieces for years and that you keep meaning to get rid of! Check out how Crafts Unleashed painted one piece brown for the head and used two other pieces two look like antlers.

7. Filled ornament and pipe cleaner reindeer

Filled ornament and pipe cleaner reindeer

Using clear glass ornaments that can be filled to make customized Christmas bobbles is a classic holiday DIY project but how can you turn that into a reindeer craft? Letters From Santa has the answer to that question for you! They suggest filling the bobbles with shredded packing paper and decorating the outside with googly eyes, pom poms, and pipe cleaner antlers.

8. Clothes pin reindeer

Clothes pin reindeer

Every kid has made clothespin reindeer heads before and no matter how many times you do them they’re still a satisfying craft, but do your kids always want to play with them after even though they’re mostly decorative? Then show them how to make a whole clothespin reindeer instead! Kiwi Co Corner shows you how to give Rudolph legs and a body so he can stand up all on his own.

9. Cardboard reindeer dress-up antlers

Cardboard reindeer dress up antlers

In addition to being avid crafters, are your kids totally into playing dress up at every spare moment? Then why not help them spend part of their holidays combining the two things they enjoy most? Sun Hats & Wellie Boots shows you how to make these adorable cardboard reindeer antlers so they can make their dress-up sessions totally seasonal.

10. Woven wicker paper reindeer

Woven wicker paper reindeer

Perhaps your kids are a little bit older and they’re looking for something a little more challenging that they can really be proud of when they’re finished? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at this woven paper idea from DIY Crafts! Their tutorial shows you how to tightly roll strips of paper and wave them into the right shape to make a decorative little reindeer that will look great on the tree.

11. Empty toilet paper roll and pipe cleaner craft

Empty toilet paper roll and pipe cleaner craft

Are you perhaps still looking for something very quick and simple that your kids can make and you’re hoping to find an idea that can be created almost entirely from things you already have in your home? In that case, you definitely need to take a look at these reindeer made from sections of empty toilet paper rolls! As with so many other reindeer crafts, Art of Toria Mason shows you how to make it happen with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and a little red pom pom.

12. Hand print reindeer craft

Hand print reindeer craft

In our house, handprint crafts are some of the most popular ideas no matter the holiday or season! Our craft kids are itching all year round for a chance to get messy and hands on with their painting and DIY décor. That’s why these handprint reindeer were such a huge success for us earlier in the holiday season! Sharing Our Experiences shows you how to flip the handprint upside down and add characteristics until they look like Rudolph.

13. Reindeer foot print painting

Reindeer foot print painting

What’s even better than getting your hands covered in paint for the sake of crafting? Well, getting your feet in on the action too, of course! When we told our kids that we wanted to paint with our feet, they just about lost their minds with excitement. It’s certainly not something they get to do every day! Check out how Sippy Cup Mom embellished their footprints to make a cute reindeer shape.

14. Felt and candy cane reindeer ornaments

Felt and candy cane reindeer ornaments

When we mentioned the possibility of turning candy canes into reindeer, were you surprised when you saw the picture because you were actually picturing something a little bit different? Perhaps you visualized the candy canes as actually being the antlers? In that case, HGTV has just the craft for you! They show you how to pair the candy cane antlers with felt to make a cute reindeer ornament.

15. Reindeer water bottles

Reindeer water bottles

Are you actually looking for something incredibly simple that you can have all the kids at Christmas dinner make for an hour or so together but you’d prefer that the craft serve some kind of purpose too? Then have the kids decorate their water bottles to look like reindeer before dinner! Ava Loves Fashion shows you how to do it in just a few simple steps.

Do you know a fellow crafting enthusiast whose kids love reindeer more than any other part of Christmas too? Share this post with them so they have plenty of different awesomely themed DIY projects to get them through the holidays!

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