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13 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Flower Pots

Classic flower pots are versatile and perfect pieces to get your hands dirty in the DIY world. Of course, they’re great for planting flowers, small vegetables and herbs but they’re also great to use in craft rooms, kitchens and in some other surprising ways around the home. But instead of keeping them simple in their easy clay form, we’re here to show you how to try out your crafting skills and get creative with them! Let’s check out some fun ways to decorate your flower pots and add your own personal spin on them!

1. White-Dipped.

Flower pots White Dipped

Modern and chic, dip your classic clay pots in a bit of crisp white paint for a posh look around the home. It contrast well with a vibrant green so it’s perfect to compliment your succulents or growing herbs. {found on Offbeat and Inspired}

2. Floral-Covered.


Grab some fabric scraps and get to work. This is the ultimate decoupage test and we love how you can change not only the color of your pots but the texture too with this idea. found on Mod Podge Rocks

3. Golden-Ombre.


There are too marvelously stylish accents happening here. Ombre blues highlight the pots and they’re all dipped in a sparkling, golden finish that will spruce up any windowsill or desk inside the house. {found on PB Teen}

4. Chalkboard-Made.


Adding chalkboard accents to your pots can make labeling and remember so much easier. And if you ever want to reuse your pots, re-labeling is simple, especially since they’re still fashion-forward. Fiskars

5. Puffy-Printed.


Puffy paint works well on these terra cotta pots too! It adds texture and helps you make printing and designing a whole new look so much easier. {found on Don’t Disturb This Groove}

6. Pastel-Colorblock.


For a lighter, more feminine look, go with pastels. But to keep it contemporary try out the color-blocking trend and get creative. We love this dessert-like finish and how delicate its new style is. {found on A Beautiful Mess}

7. Stencil-Adorned.


Use stencils to get a more precise style. But use textural paint to get a more interesting look. Combined you can create something that stands out from the traditional look with much more pop and pizzazz than the usual. {found on The Crafted Life}

8. Gem-Embellished.


You could always go with some embellished instead of paint! Gems, sequins and the like can make an entirely new look! Just look at this geometric style made easy with some craft glue. {found on Design Sponge}

9. Face-Planted.


Give your pots a face to go with their greenery. This could be a perfect way to get the family involved and have a craft night of sorts. {found on Classic Play}

10. Twine-Wrapped.


This may be one of the easiest projects of the bunch. All you need is some twine to give your pots a rustic, beach-vibe that fits within a variety of funky themes. {found on Pumps and Iron}

11. Lace-Trimmed.


Lace can too be used to trim a clay pot. Adding delicacy and feminine charm to the clean foundation. We love the texture and innovation!

12. Glitter-Dressed.


Add pop and shine to your flower pops with this youthful and playful idea. Neon colors and glitter combine to make one of the most kid-friendly and vibrant of inspirations! {found on 365 Designs}

13. IKAT-Painted


If you think you can swing it, try your hand at hand-painting some IKAT prints onto your pots. Different colors and size prints make this a playful and funky way to decorate. {found on katebello}


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