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Welcome The Wings This Spring With These 15 DIY Bird Feeders

Soon the sun will melt and the grass will turn greener. The season will unfold into spring and you’ll want to begin prepping for some much needed time spent outdoors. While you’re at it, welcome the wings back this spring with these 15 DIY bird feeders. They’re functional, they’re full of personality, and we’re pretty sure that the kiddos will want to get in on the fun. Take a look below!

1. Macrame

Diy hummingbird feeder

For something delicate and to hone in on the hummingbirds, check out this macrame creation. We found this beauty over at Lovely Indeed. It’s perfect for grouping together or just leaving as a small spot on the porch.

2. Modern

Diy modern bird house

Dream A Little Bigger went with a more traditional, yet modern, design. Using wood to create the foundation, you’ll have the opportunity to add some of your own color and pizazz to the finished product. You can get really creative with this one!

3. Apples

Apple birdseed homemade bird feeders diy

Those extra apples you have in the kitchen can be put to good use. If you’re looking for a natural feeder, check out this idea. You can find ll the instruction by visiting Natural Beach Living.

4. Craft Sticks

Craft stick birdfeeder diy

Melissa Samuels put all of those craft sticks you have in a plastic tub somewhere to good use. You can create so many different structures using them and they’re quite perfect for acting as bird feeders. It’s even easier to add color and personalization to them as well.

5. Acorn

Bare wood bird feeder diy

We’re really digging this acorn design. It’s both natural but super trendy in terms of its minimalism. Catch the deets by visiting our friends at Craft Foxes.

6. Orbs

Upcycle light dome bird feeders diy

The Art of Doing Stuff had a few great ideas up their sleeve as well. We particularly were drawn to these orb designs that spoke to out contemporary-loving style hearts. Jump now to grab the tutorial.

7. Palm Springs

Diy palm springs birdhouse

You could always get a little extra within your design. At Club Crafted, you’ll get the opportunity to learn how to craft this stunning “Palms Springs” inspired birdhouse. We really like the succulent additions.

8. Tin Can Flower

Upcycled tin can bird feeders diy

Tin cans are a classic way to whip up a bird feeder at home. But Birds & Blooms packed an extra special punch with their design. Add some color and some “accessories” to turn it into something brand new.

9. Teacup

Teacup bird feeder diy

Those old teacups work wonders as well. You can easily upcycle some of them into bird feeders for the house. Check out how to make it happen at See Vanessa Craft.

10. Cake Pan

Cake pan bird feeder diy

Upcycling cake pans work too. Instead of throwing them out, turn them into something for the birds of the neighborhood to enjoy. We found this great idea while visiting Kelly Elko.

11. Ice Cream Cones

Diy ice cream cone bird feeders

30Seconds created edible ice cream cones for the birds. Grab some cones and start dipping! Your kiddos can easily help with this project and they’ll love getting to be the onlookers once the birds take flight.

12. Under $5

Under $5 diy bird feeder

If you really don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, this idea from A Cowboy’s Wife will certainly do the trick. It’s a bit more unique and takes up less time than a lot of the other mentions on the list.

13. Popsicle House

Popsicle stick bird feeder diy

Popsicle sticks can easily create a house as well. From swinging foundations to places that the birds can really call home, find out how to get it done at Docrafts. Add some color when it’s all constructed!

14. Milk Carton

Diy milk carton clubhouse

Yes, a milk carton is really all you need. We love this simple and trendy idea from Little Peanut Mag. And we love how a bit of color was added to finish it off.

15. Colorblocked

Color blocked bird feeder diy

Finally, at Handmade Charlotte, you’ll see this color blocked idea. We love the simplicity of the overall design but also love the modern touch given by the dipping.

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