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15 DIY Fridge Magnets To Make With The Fam

They’re more essential to your daily needs than you may realize. A to-do list, a prized report card, a reminder to call and change your dental appointment, the refrigerator is the best spot to display all these necessities. And to do so, you’ll need some magnets. But, not any ones will do. You want personalized ones. Stylish ones even! These 15 DIY fridge magnets are perfect to make with the fam and dress the focus of the kitchen with some fashionable appeal.

1. Agate Slices

Diy agate slice magnets

A Bubbly Life created some stunning fridge magnets out of some agate slices. These are right on trend but also add glam in an unsuspecting way. These are perfect for a bachorette pad or a more modern home.

2. Crystals

Diy crystal magnets

These beauties fall right in line with its predecessor. Over at Almost Makes Perfect check out how to turn some crystal bits into magnets the entire family can use. Really add some pop to the kids’ artwork.

3. Pineapples

Diy pineapple magnets

If you’re looking for a simpler design, then hop on over to Burkatron. You’ll find some gold pineapples up for grabs and it won’t take you long at all to recreate the look. These can even act as a fun little addition to a DIY gift.

4. Golden Letters

Golden letter magnets diy

We all had these cuties in our lives at one time or another. But, the golden edition of them really takes them to a new level, don’t you think? Check out the how-to by visiting Inspired by Charm.

5. Cacti

Diy cacti magnets