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15 Delicious Fall Muffin Recipes

Now, if we’re being fully honest with you, muffins are the kind of thing that we could happily eat all year round, and we frequently do! We certainly know some places that sell great pre-baked muffins that taste very nice indeed, but nothing quite beats the satisfaction of baking them ourselves and watching our family members start to enjoy the smell while the tin is still in the oven, before they’ve even had a tastes. In the fall, however, there’s something particularly tempting about making muffins. Perhaps it’s because we’re all a little busier than usual, so it makes us feel nice to know that our loved ones can simply grab a tasty muffin from the counter before they rush out the door for a busy day, keeping them fed and on the go all at once. That’s why we’ve been feeling the urge to look up and try out all kinds of fantastic new fall muffin recipes lately and, luckily for us, we’ve been rather pleased indeed with how many fantastic options we found out there!

Just in case you’re as interested as we were, if not more, in the idea of making all kinds of new fall muffin recipes for your family this autumn, here are 15 of the very best flavours, ideas, and tutorials we’ve come across in our search so far.

1. Fragrant pumpkin muffins

Fragrant pumpkin muffins

Of course, any time a specifically fall inspired flavour is mentioned, it only makes sense that you’ll find a lovely, fragrant pumpkin option somewhere on the list! That’s why we decided to look this option up very first thing. Our entire household has become completely obsessed with the flavour of pumpkin spice everything recently, so we’re sure these will go flying off the counter before they’re even cooled. Get the full details for making your own on The Ktchn.

2. Apple pumpkin pecan muffins

Apple pumpkin pecan muffins

Are you quite interested indeed in the idea of making pumpkin muffins but you’re convinced that you might be able to make them taste even better than usual by combining that idea with some other complementary flavours? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Joyful Healthy Eats made these perfectly blended apple pumpkin pecan muffins that pack an impressive crunch along with all that great taste.

3. Spiced cranberry muffins

Spiced cranberry muffins

Now, we know that cranberry muffins are a common classic, and you’ll also know it’s for good reason if you’ve ever tasted how refreshing they are, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to put the occasional spin on a traditional thing, especially if you already know that you like it! We simply adore the way The Kitchen Snob made these slightly more intense tasting spiced cranberry muffins and then smothered them with a light tasting orange glaze for even more impressive taste.

4. Cinnamon sugar pumpkin donut muffins

Cinnamon sugar pumpkin donut muffins

Have you been very into the idea of making combination recipes lately because you just can’t get over how fun the whole concept of making one delicious thing that looks or tastes like another is, just to make sure you get the best of both worlds? Well, especially if you’re also a pumpkin lover, we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this cinnamon sugar pumpkin donut muffin recipe featured step by step on A Kitchen Addiction!

5. Gluten free maple pecan pumpkin muffin

Gluten free maple pecan pumpkin muffin

Havey you actually been scrolling through our list so far and hoping to come across at least one recipe that your entire family can enjoy together, regardless of their dietary restrictions? In that case, we think you’ll be very pleased to see these fantastic gluten free muffins that taste like maple, pecan, and pumpkin! Get the full details for making a batch of your own on Beaming Baker.

6. Pumpkin coconut cream cheese muffins

Pumpkin coconut cream cheese muffins

If you’re going to not only make a batch of delicious pumpkin muffins by scratch but also put a super yummy twist on them, would you rather add an element of satisfying creaminess to the mix? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Living Well, Spending Less made these mouth watering pumpkin coconut cream cheese muffins in surprisingly few simple steps!

7. Pumpkin Nutella swirl muffins

Pumpkin nutella swirl muffins

What if you’ve been scrolling through all these fantastic pumpkin options and thinking about how you’re totally open to the idea of adding something unique to your favourite flavour to make a cool combination, but you’re a huge chocolate lover and you just can’t settle for anything that doesn’t have your favourite thing? Then we think you simply must take a look at how Kaila Aimee Writes made these pumpkin muffins that have a Nutella swirl!

8. Apple sauce pumpkin muffins

Apple sauce pumpkin muffins

Have you actually been scrolling through our list and hoping to find an option that, rather than bordering on being a cupcake, actually has a little more nutritional value so you can feel really good about your whole family eating them for breakfast all fall long? In that case, we have a feeling these fantastic apple sauce pumpkin muffins outlined on The Seasoned Mom might be a little more up your alley!

9. Cinnamon streusel muffins

Cinnamon streusel muffins

Just in case you still have your heart set on some kind of fantastically decadent combination muffin recipe, here’s yet another amazing way to make your muffins taste like another kind of delicious dessert! Check out how AC Moore carefully created a topping for their already tasty muffin top that tastes just like cinnamon streusel, right down to the awesomely crumbly texture.

10. Apple Snickerdoodle muffins

Apple snickerdoodle muffins

If you’ve never had a snickerdoodle cookie then we are very sorry indeed to tell you that you have been missing out! Of course, this is the time for muffins and not cookies (keep an eye out, we’ll get to fall cookies eventually too, because they’re equally delicious), so instead we’ve found you this amazing recipe for an apple snickerdoodle muffin that tastes just like the real thing, only more filling! Cooking Classy shows you how it’s done.

11. Caramel apple coffee cake muffins

Caremel apple coffee cake muffins

If you’ve already tried coffee cake before then we’re sure you have absolutely no doubt that these caramel apple coffee cake muffins featured step by step on Sugar, Spice, and Glitter will be absolutely mouthwatering indeed! We’ve actually tried these several times, with and without the caramel drizzle, and we’re please to report that they’re absolutely delicious either way.

12. Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

Are you absolutely in love with the idea of making a homemade pumpkin muffin that has some kind of extra twist but you’re just not sure you’re ready for something too challenging, since you’re actually still closer to the beginner’s end of the baking spectrum? In that case, we think you might do a littler better with this simple but scrumptious pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe featured step by step on Thrifty, Nifty Mommy.

13. Autumn oatmeal carrot muffins

Autumn oatmeal carrot muffins

Just in case you’re still trying to find as many genuinely breakfast worth muffins as you possibly can to keep your family nourished in a yummy way on busy mornings, here’s a truly fantastic idea that’s got just about everything they need! Check out how Inspired Edibles made these autumn oatmeal carrot muffins that are sweet and tasty but also hearty and filling, making them a great choice all round.

14. Gluten free cornbread muffins

Gluten free cornbread muffins

Have you actually be scrolling through our list and hoping to come across a breakfast muffin recipe that’s slightly less sweet than what you’ve seen so far, since you’re more of a savoury lover in the grand scheme of things despite your clear love for all things baked? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate the way Veeg made these delicious gluten free cornbread muffins that actually contain corn! They’re so good, however, that not even our kids were put off by the sight of vegetables in their breakfast.

15. Praline pumpkin seed muffins

Praline pumpkin seed muffins

Were you perhaps tempted a little by the idea of making pumpkin Nutella muffins like we showed you before because hazelnut has always been one of your favourite flavours but you’re just not sure that the idea of pumpkin and chocolate in one place appeals to you? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how I Should Be Mopping The Floor created these pumpkin praline muffins instead! We think our favourite part might actually be the fact that these muffins actually involved lightly salted pumpkin seeds for a unique flavour and texture experience.

Do you have another absolute favourite when it comes to unique fall muffin recipes; one you adore making and that you know is always a big hit in your household? Tell us all about how it’s made or link us to the recipe too so we can all try it out for ourselves!

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