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15 Kids’ Crafts Made with Leaves

Every year in the fall, we find that our kids get entirely fascinated with the way the leaves change colours and fall to the ground. They’re still pretty young, so their curiosity about the world around them makes complete sense, but it always warms our hearts to see them looking around in wonder at the autumn atmosphere as we walk, just like they did when they could barely toddle along besides us. Being the crafty parents we are, always encouraging them to feel inspired by the things they love and take almost anything in life as an opportunity to get crafty, we were pleasantly unsurprised when they came to use and asked whether or not they could make something awesome using the leaves we’d just raked up together in the backyard. We loved the idea almost as much as they did, so we dove into an Internet search the way the kids dove into the leaf piles in the yard earlier, looking for as many cool ideas as we could possibly find so we can help them try their concept out.

Just in case you and your kids are as enamoured with the idea of making different types of crafts and DIY projects out of real leaves as our household has been, if not more, here are 15 of the very best and most unique look ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Leaf foxes

Leaf foxes

Are the leaves that your kids picked up in the backyard today that satisfying large kind that spread almost as wide as your hand and turn brilliantly orange, almost as if they’re an illustration rather than actual plants? Well, to us, it sounds like you have just what you need to make these fantastic cut and paste stye leaf foxes outlined step by step on Glued to My Crafts! We’ve already made these in our house this fall but we just happened to have googly eyes stashed away in a craft room drawer, so ours looked even sillier than these ones.

2. Watercolour leaf art

Watercolour leaf art

Are your kids actually a little bit older and starting to expand that kinds of crafts they’re into, getting more and more impressively artistic with each project you see them complete? Well, if they’re ever shown an interested in watercolour paints, then we think perhaps we might have found just the tutorial for you! Check out how Colour Made Happy made this stunning watercolour leaf art by painting their leaves white, hand drawing mandala inspired patterns careful on them in black fine outlines, and water colour painting over the patterns however they please.

3. Fall leaf cutout window decoration

Fall leaf cutout window decoration

Are your kids the kind of patient and detailed little artists who have always been willing to spend much more time and care on the projects they’re completing than a lot of your peers, making you more likely to let them do scissor heavy projects, particularly on small surfaces? Well, we’d personally still sit with them and supervise during this one, just in case, but we’d also totally suggest showing them how to make this adorable cutout window hanger by following the letter instructions outlined on Pop and Thistle fur carefully cutting shapes right out of the leaves!

4. Fall leaf decoupage pumpkins

Fall leaf decoupage pumpkins

If you’re going to get your kids creative with things they can find around the house, all with a fall theme, why not get them working on those pumpkins you bought last week but haven’t carved yet? We love finding new, unique ways to customize or decorate pumpkins besides just carving them into Jack-O-Lanterns because we always buy more than we need, so it’s fun to dress up the spares that we don’t need for carving, just for some extra autumn decor! We can’t get over how much fun this painted pumpkin and leaf decoupage project from The Sweet Escape looks.