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15 DIY Decor Solutions For Your Balcony

Living in an apartment has its pros and cons, and so does having an apartment balcony. It might be discouraging to see how far the snow piles up your sliding door in the winter, but you’ll adore being able to sit in the sun for breakfast on your breezy balcony come summer. Having a balcony is also a great chance to create yourself a cozy little outdoor space for catching some fresh air in the morning or unwinding at the end of the day.

Check out these awesome decor ideas for making the most of your balcony, no matter the size!

1. Interlocking wooden floor

Interlocking wooden floor

This cute balcony setup featured on Deltalhes Magicos shows you how pretty wooden interlocking floors fit to the dimensions of your balcony can be. Most of your local hardware stores should have something similar to what you see in the picture. Purchase however many kits will cover the square footage of your balcony and put it together for a more finished look!

2. Weather proofed mat

Weather proofed mat

If you like the idea of covering the concrete floor on your balcony but you’re not ready to invest in actual flooring pieces, try making yourself a weather proof mat instead! Treating a floor mat, like Design Share did to this one, makes your balcony a little cozier without anything getting quite as ruined by rain and wind.

3. Nylon cord crocheted mat

Nylon cord corcheted mat

Aesthetic Outburst has another creative balcony flooring solution for you! Nylon cord is fairly weather resistant and it’s certainly nicer to walk on than cement. It’s also just as easy to crochet in a simple pattern as very chunky wool. Make yourself a mat to give the space some colour and cushioning!

4. Wooden crate seating

Wooden create seating

This balcony featured by Sarah Widman shows you how an old pair of wooden crates can be transformed into a cozy little nook area. The technique is so simple! Flip them on their sides (or however they’ll fit in the space best) and and bring a pillow and blanket out whenever you take a seat there.

5. Wooden crate end tables

Wooden crate end tables

Perhaps you already have some balcony seating but you really like the idea of including wooden crate furniture into your space? Nine Red teaches you step by step how to turn regular old crates into rustic, stained outdoor end tables.

6. Porch pouf

Porch pouf

If you’ve had practice crocheting with bulky yarn, then you can definitely make this squishy porch pouf! It’s a cozy place to read a book, visit with friends, or enjoy breakfast on the balcony just as the sun comes up. Just make sure you don’t leave it out in the rain! Pickles has the pattern for you.

7. Striped balcony partition

Striped balcony partition

Does your balcony look into or back onto someone else’s? Are you looking for ways to make it a little more private so you can enjoy it more fully? The Home Depot Blog has the solution for you! Check out how they made this easy, colourful striped partition to give you your own space.

8. Hanging potted herb garden

Hanging potted herb garden

Adding some greenery to your space cheers your balcony right up, particularly is it’s the concrete kind. There isn’t always a lot of space for large potted plants though. Instead, try taking a leaf out of The Horticult‘s book and creating these cute DIY hanging herb gardens.

9. Hanging can herb garden

Hanging can herb garden

If you like the hanging herb garden idea but you’re worried that pots will be too heavy to anchor in your concrete building, there are alternatives! Check out how Upcycled Stuff made this cute hanging herb garden from cans instead.

10. Painted rock cactus garden

Painted rock cactus garden

Are real plants a little too high maintenance for your busy schedule? You can still add some pretty green to your balcony by getting crafty! Craftberry Bush suggests making little “cactus” gardens by painting rocks and “plating” them in tiny terracotta pots!

11. Ping pong ball lights

Ping pong ball lights

Lighting your balcony is a great way to make it your own cozy space too! You don’t have to install expensive lighting fixtures though. Instead, try this simple DIY circle light craft using pin pong balls. Check out how to make them on The Surznick Common Room.

12. Wine bottle Tiki torches

Wine bottle tiki torches

Tiki torches along walkways are a great way to light a full backyard, but that’s obviously not an option if you live in an apartment. You can still get that cute glowing effect on your balcony though! Instead of full-sized torches, try making these wine bottle Tiki torches by Armchair Sommelier.

13. Mason jar lanterns

Mason jar lanterns

Orchard Girls shows you how to make these adorable hanging lanterns from mason jars that you can get affordably at the dollar store. If you’re worried about having real flames on your balcony, consider filling the jars with battery powered electric tea lights instead.

14. Grapevine sphere porch lights

Grapevine sphere porch lights

Perhaps you’d like a balcony lighting solution that’s a little more unique looking! Consider following the tutorial on All Things Heart and Home to create these stylish spheres filled with tiny white lights that will create a comfortable glow throughout your balcony.

15. Place mat pillows

Placemat pillows

It’s always nice to have a pillow or two to curl up with when you’re reading or chatting with friends, but using real pillows outside can be risky in case you forget about them and it rains. Try creating a more weather proof (but still comfortable) option by using two place mats! Get the steps on Domestic Imperfection.

Do you know someone with a little balcony that they’ve been wanting to spruce up? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!

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