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25 DIY Playhouses

Your kids undoubtedly have tons of toys kicking around the house, but there’s something that’s even more fun about a playhouse… a smaller space inside of your home which they can call their own. And there are plenty of playhouses that you can make – read on for 25 of our favorites.

1. Cardboard Airstream Camper Playhouse

2 diy camper airstream playhouse

This adorable take on the real thing will provide your kids with a fun place to play and imagine, and it isn’t all that difficult to make either! You’ll need some cardboard, tape, paint and a few other basic materials to make one yourself. Head over here to check out the instructions.

2. DIY Fabric Teepee

1 diy teepee playhouse

This fabric teepee is a pretty way to add some interest to the corner of the nursery or playroom, and your little ones will love to play or nap inside. This one utilizes scrap fabric that you probably have on hand, too, so it won’t cost you much! Check out the tutorial right here.

3. Upcycled Play Tent

5 upcycled play tent

This fun play tent is made from a variety of materials that you may already have at home, making it a very cost-effective project. Just grab some wood and a fleece blanket and get to work! Check out the instructions and more photos over at Blah Blah Magazine.

4. Collapsible Playhouse

4 diy collapsible play house

Believe it or not, this fantastic playhouse is made out of foam core board! It looks so great, doesn’t it? And you can customize it with any colors that you like so it fits with the decor of the room you’ll be putting it in. Check out all the instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

5. Pirate Ship Playhouse

5 pirate ship playhouse

Okay okay, so this isn’t exactly a house – but it deserves a spot on this list thanks to its impossibly adorable look and its fun-factor. Believe it or not, this is made out of cardboard boxes. Head over to Kate’s Creative Space to find out how to make your own pirate ship.

6. Stairway Playhouse

7 stairway indoor playhouse

This genius playhouse is actually underneath the stairs, and sits in the playroom… instead of just an empty wall, the owner wanted to create a whimsical space for her kids to play. Head over to Sawdust Girl to read more about this super fun project.

7. Card Table Playhouse

8 card table playhouse pattern

This clever playhouse is made out of fabric and sits atop a card table, making it mobile, foldable and also pretty durable. And you  can customize the colors any way you like. Make your way over to Empty Bobbin Sewing to find out how to make your own.

8. Cardboard Playhouse

10 cardboard playhouse

Here’s another one made of cardboard – I just love the mailbox and the “No Soliciting” sign. So adorable. And there’s a pretty little window box with flowers on the other side. Head over to A Girl and a Glue Gun to check out all of the instructions.

9. DIY Treehouse

6 treehouse diy playhouse

This fun house is built at the base of a tree, qualifying is as a treehouse. It has set of striped curtains, allowing the kids to open and close them depending on the day. Make your way over to Made With Happy to find out how to construct your own treehouse with curtains.

10. Round Playhouse

9 fabric playhouse

This colorful little house is different from many of the others in that it is round, giving it more of a circus tent type of feel. All you’ll need is lots of fabric and some wooden dowels. Head over to Ikat Bag to find out more about this super fun tent-style playhouse.

11. Hula Hoop Tent

14 circus tent

This super fun tent-style playhouse has a circus sensibility, with all the bright colors and the red top. And here’s the best part – it’s made out of fabric and a hula hoop! Head over to Blue House Joys to find out how to recreate this colorful playhouse in your own space.

12. Hobbit Hole

11 hobbit hole playhouse

This hobbit hole playhouse is something straight out of a fairy tale, with its round windows and doors and its grassy walls. Can you imagine how much the kids would play in a house like that?! Make your way over to The Whoot to find out more about it.

13. Backyard Playhouse

15 playhouse backyard

This gorgeous house is the stuff dreams are made of, with a stone path, a wooden deck and even some potted plants on the front stoop. Your kids will love to play house in this one! Head over to Home Depot’s blog to find out how to make your own playhouse just like this one.

14. Pallet Playhouse

12 diyplay house

This simple playhouse is made out of a few recycled pallets and some fabric…. what’s easier than that? You’ll need some L brackets to secure the pallets together, and then some fun decor to complete the look. Check out all the instructions over at A Subtle Revelry.

15. Summer Reading Nook

13 summer reading nook

This fun reading nook is perfect for those lazy summer afternoons when your kids (or you!) want to curl up with a good book. This one is a bit more complex though – it would be appropriate for someone with previous woodworking experience. Get the plans here.

16. Indoor Outdoor House Bed

20 playhouse wood

This is a fun one… it is a comfy daybed in the shape of a house, and it can be used either inside or out in the backyard! The genius idea here is to paint the hardware a bright color so it becomes an eye-catching part of the design rather than an eye-sore. Get the instructions here.

17. Folding Cabana

19 folding cabana

This colorful cabana-style house is a great way to provide some shade during the hot summer months… and it also folds up so it is super portable. That way you can bring your playhouse to the beach if you want! Head over to Sew 4 Home to check out the full tutorial.

18. Tablecloth Playhouse

18 tablecloth play tent

This one is pretty genius too. Just grab an old tablecloth and cut it up using these simple instructions from Centsational Girl. Your kids will love to have an excuse to play under the table! And it’s a great thing to have at a big dinner party when kids are invited.

19. Shed Playhouse

16 garden shed house

This one is actually a garden shed, but it could easily be used as a playhouse if you take out the lawn mower and add some cozy pillows and blankets. Make your way over to The Garden Frog to find out how to create your own garden shed playhouse.

20. Indoor Tent

17 indoor tent tutorial

This little indoor tent is incredibly easy to set up, and your kids are sure to love it. All you’ll need is a dowel, some fabric and a few other materials to set up this fun nook for your children to play in. Head over to Ducklings in a Row to find out how to make one yourself.

21. Lacey Pallet Tent

23 lace pallet tent

This stunning outdoor play tent is made out of a pallet for the base, some wooden rods for the frame and lace and floral fabric is draped around it for an altogether magical little space. Make your way over to Two Birds Boutique to read more about it.

22. Boat Sandbox Playhouse

22 sandbox playhouse boat

This one is part sandbox, part playhouse with a “sail” covering the top to protect the kids from the hot afternoon sun. The bottom is boat shaped and holds the sand. Make your way over to Ana White’s blog to check out more details and to get the free building plans.

23. Cabin Bed Frame

25 cabin bed diy

This adorable cabin shaped bed frame doubles as a house for kids to play in… and it is also a great way to prevent them from falling out of bed at night! Head over to The House of Wood to find out how to make your own version of this fun cabin.

24. Pallet Teepee

24 cedar play teepee

This outdoor teepee is made out of recycled pallets, making it both affordable and gorgeous. And it’s not as difficult as it looks to make! Head over to Killer B Designs to look through all the photos and to read the thorough building instructions.

25. Playhouse Bed Frame

21 playhouse frame bed

The beauty of this playhouse is in its simplicity. It is just a wooden frame in the shape of a house, but because it has textiles draped across the top and a hanging light, it really feels like a house. Head over to The Hanna Blog to find out how to make this yourself.

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