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Cute Bookmarks To Give To Your Bookworm Friends

Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are simple ones that your friends will actually use. If you’re looking for something little to make your nearest and dearest bookworm, look no further! We’ve got a great list of adorable DIY bookmark ideas that you’ll almost want to keep for yourself.

1. Perching owls

Perching owls

Gi Det Videre actually provides you with a free printable stencil that you can cut out to make this little owl that perches on the top of your marked page. The design is so adorably simple, however, that you could follow the stencil’s pattern to make your own too!

2. Kid photo bookmarks

Kid photo bookmarks

Nearly Crafty guides you through the process of turning your own family photos into fun tasseled bookmarks! You could use any cropped photo, but they’re especially cute looking if you stage some pictures of your kids reaching or jumping so it looks like they’re climbing the book pages.

3. Embroidered felt corner markers

Embroidered felt corner markers

Wake and Whimsy suggests all different shapes and designs for embroidered felt corner markers! Whether you choose a simple corner made of a patterned material you like or a little monster that’s eating your novel, this method is simple and fun.

4. Blocked scrapbook paper

Blocked scrapbook paper

These simple cut and paste bookmarks from Pinterest leave you with endless options when it comes to patterns and colours! Scrapbooking paper is your best tool for these simple, pretty page markers.

5. Cardboard, white paper, and fine liners

Cardboard, white paper, and fine liners

White cut-out shapes look like silhouettes against a cardboard backing, especially if you use a think fine liner pen to draw in the small details. Consider these flower and bird designs by Indulgy or plan pictures of your own!

6. Pretty paper heart corner markers

Pretty paper heart corner markers

Craft and Creativity has a great idea for more corner markers that are a little less involved than the felt embroidered ones. Whether you use wrapping paper, scrap booking paper, or fancy stationery, the pattern you choose will help you or the friend you’re gifting the marker to find the page easily.

7. Fabric dress elastic page markers

Fabric dress elastic page markers

Amora’s Crafts guides you through the process of creating this elastic band bookmark featuring a pretty dress cut out made of patterned material. Make yourself or your fellow bookworms a whole “wardrobe” full of little dresses to mark your place in your novel, coursebook, or daily planner.

8. Butterflies and ribbons

Butterflies and ribbons

The Etsy Blog suggests little butterfly cut outs and some ribbons to mark your place as you read. Stamp reading-related sayings like “Read Me” across the front and you’ll never lose your spot.

9. Cups of tea

Cups of tea

Is your favourite time to read over your in the morning or evening over a delicious cup of tea? These teacup shaped bookmarks by Genuine Mudpie are perfect for you!

10. Fancy pendant markers

Fancy pendant markers

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little fancier to gift to a friend and mark a specific page in a book that has shared meaning for you? Try making one of these gorgeous, vintage looking charm bookmarks just like Buzznet.

11. Heart punch paint chips

Heart punch paint chips

Daisy Pickers keeps it simple by customizing a simple paint chip using a heart shaped hole puncher. This project upcycles and is easy for you since a pretty gradient colour scheme is already there and ready!

12. Dinosaur marker

Dinosaur marker

You might find the idea of cutting a toy dinosaur in half and only keeping one end a little strange, but it makes for an amusing looking page marker if you attack it to a paper clip! My White Idea  shows you how its done.

13. Button page clips

Button page clips

I Heart Naptime Are you an avid sewing enthusiast? Have you accidentally been hoarding buttons each time you buy new clothes with spare buttons on the tag? Then grab some paper clips and some glue and you have everything you need to make simple page markers that are perfect for study notes!

14. Pom pom markers

Pom pom markers

These fun, easy little bookmarks are perfect for knitters to make for their non-knitting friends! Leave a long tail coming down from the pom pom to stick between the pages and let the fluffy part stick out the top! Get the full instructions from Projektila.

15. Scrapbook stickers

Scrapbook stickers

We already talked about using scrapbook paper to make bookmarks, but 3D or textured scrapbook stickers are an awesome DIY tool for them as well! Spell someone’s name, choose stickers related to their hobbies, or decorate it however you please. Here’s a cute design from Pinterest to get your ideas flowing.

Have you made other styles of custom bookmarks that you don’t see here? Tell us about them in the comments section!

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