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Crocheted Flowers that will Bring your Room to Life

Fresh flowers are available all year round, but replacing them when they wilt is expensive. Plastic flowers and be nice, but they don’t always look realistic. How else can you have add a floral element to your life year round, even in the cold weather? Check out these gorgeous patterns for crocheting flowers in all shapes, colours, and sizes!

1. Crochet flower bouquet

Crocheted Flower Wedding Bouquet

This ornate crochet project will brighten up any wedding, no matter the season! Get the pattern from Maize Hutton.

2. Baby blanket


The Whoot‘s flowered baby blanket pattern lets you create flowers to your heart’s content!

3. Potpourri flower pot

crochet potpourri flower pot

Crochet Spot teaches you hot to make a crochet flower pot that actually smells great!

4. Granny square pin cushion


Even the simplest floral objects will brighten your day. Find this pattern on Little Things Blogged.

5. Crochet window planter

Mooms day crochet flowers

Flowers made of yarn will brighten your window all year round! Redheart shows you how to make these cheerful 3D flowers.

6. Crochet flower card


Little Things Blogged shows you how to share the floral joy with your friends by making them an adorable crocheted card!

7. Flower brooch


Sometimes a tiny touch of floral is all you need to bright your day. Check out Little Doolally‘s floral brooch pattern!

8. Doily corsage


Penny Peberdy knows how irresistible delicately crocheted flowers can be. Check out this pattern for a gorgeous DIY corsage that never wilts!

9. Blooming flower cushion


Annemarie’s Haakblog shows you how to get really 3D with your floral crochet with this fabulous cushion pattern.

10. White flower necklace

White flower necklace

Creative Yarn teaches you how to harness the beauty of delicate crochet with this fine flower necklace pattern

11. Crocheted rose purse


These big, bright posies will make you feel happy every time you take your wallet out! Get the pattern on Mama in a Stitch.

12. crocheted flower ring


Pops de Milk shows you how a tiny, simple flower can make a big impact.

13. Floral headband


Real flower crowns are easy to damage and difficult to fasten properly. Headbands made of delicate crocheted flowers are a much friendlier option! Check out Hopeful Honey‘s pattern.

14. Floral pacifier clip


Susan B. Anderson reminds you that flowers can brighten your baby’s day too! Fun and functionality is always a great combination for crafty moms.

15. Crocheted daffodils


Sometimes just the act of crocheting a simple flower is all you need to brighten your day. Check out the pattern for these cuties on Crochet Me.

Do you know of other floral crochet patterns that you just love to create? Link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!

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