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Fun Crafts for Kids that will Help Prepare them for Kindergarden

Your kids are already learning every single day, but combining that with arts and crafts will make it extra fun! Especially for pre-schoolers, working on activities that teach them how to follow instructions and make observations is a great way to prepare them for what they’ll do in Kindergarden. You can make their activities even more beneficial by choosing arts and crafts that teach them specific things while they play. Check out these arts and crafts that are fun and educational for pre-schoolers!

Frozen paint cubes


Hands On As We Grow shows you how to make frozen paint cubes from primary coloured paint, water, and popsicle sticks. This project teaches your kids about the concept of colour mixing. Take them outside on a hot day and watch how the primary colours melt to form a whole new colour! Use the popsicle sticks to push them around on poster paper and paint before they melt away.

Copy a masterpiece


Having your kids copy a famous work of art, like Hands On As We Grow did, will teach them how to recognize and recreate shapes and match up colours. They might even become familiar with classic paintings and artists’ names or different textures and painting techniques!

Bubble art


Introduce your kids to their potential love for science by trying out Kidspot‘s bubble art activity! Placing a piece of paper under a container overflowing with coloured powder paint and dishwashing detergent will get your kids excited about the wonders of bubbles and how they’re made.

Salt painting

Salt Painting Process

Introduce your kids to the idea of combining textures and using unconventional tools to make art, just like Busy Mommy Media did. They’ll also love the idea of using food to paint!

Make a clock


Crafts that are fun for kids to make but can also be used for learning activities afterwards are the best kind! Check out Still Playing School‘s tutorial on how to create a Hickory Dickory Dock themed clock that double as a teaching tool.

African Dondo Drums

African Dondo Drums

One Crayola Short shows you how to re-create a beautiful traditional instrument that will let you teach your kids about the drum’s history and use it to learn about music, beats, and rhythm.

Counting and colour cups


If you’re trying to teach your kids numbers, colours, and word recognition, then Easy Crafts for Kids cup activity is perfect for you. The craft itself is easy enough; have your child help you pick out coloured markers and use them to write the names of each colour on a cup. Next, have them pick out the matching colours from a bag of pom poms or buttons. Let them practice matching the colours on the cups with the coloured pom poms by putting them in the corresponding cups. You can also try this craft with numbers instead of colours!

Marshmallow constellations


Arsty Momma shows you how to teach your kids about star patterns and constellations using two very simple techniques! Recreate the shapes of the different constellations using stickers and pencil crayons or toothpicks and marshmallows!

Paper plate dreamcatcher

Super Simple Dream Catcher From a Paper Plate

Teaching your kids how to make Create Art with Me‘s dreamcatcher pattern from paper plates and yarn is a great way to talk with them about First American culture and traditions.



DIY science experiments are just as educational and fun as arts and crafts! Check out All Free Kids’ Craft‘s neat activity for getting your kids curious about science in a hands-on way using nothing but  a plastic baggy, a pencil, and some water!

Shoe tying practice


Busy Mom’s Helper gives you the perfect template for making a craft that will help teach your kids to tie their shoes. Sure, they could learn on their real shoes, but make these funny paper shoes themselves (with your help) turns it into a game!

Sewing table


Kleas‘ tutorial on how to create a burlap sewing table for your kids gives you a new crafty toy that will keep them busy for hours! It’ll also teach them fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, shape creation, and the basics of needlepoint.

Sugar writing tray


You could get your kids to practice writing their letters on a regular piece of paper, but they might get bored pretty quickly. Instead, follow Hellobee‘s instructions for creating a sugar writing tray that turns letter practice into a game! They’ll be able to draw all kinds of things in the sugar, give the tray a shake, and start again with a blank page any time they want.

Balloon rockets


Kids can make these rockets themselves very easily and they’ll play with them over and over again! All they need is some string or yarn, tape, a staw, and a balloon. Watching the balloon zip down the string will introduce them to concepts in physics!

A colander and pipe cleaner 


This craft is low maintenance, repeatable, and hardly makes a mess! No One Has More Fun shows you how to teach your kids fine motor skills and coordination simply by giving them your pasta strainer and some pipe cleaners in fun colours.

Have you thought of other great learning crafts that your kids absolutely loved? Tell us about them in the comments!

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