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Simple but Creative Ways to Transform Old T-Shirts

Baggy t-shirts are comfy for a lazy day or nap time, but they’re not the most stylish looking garment. Does your favourite baggy shirt make you feel frumpy, even though you adore the graphic on the front? There’s a DIY solution for that!Check out these amazing (and surprisingly easy) ways to give your favourite baggy t-shirts a new lease on life…with style!

1. Triangle cut outs


Cut outs are very in right now, and geometric shapes are too! Fringe & Frange shows you how to incorporate both into your customization.

2. Tie-top tub top


I Love to Create shows you how to turn a plain old t-shirt into a feminine tube top in just a few steps.

3. Braided lower back shirt


Long in the front, but cute in the back! WobiSobi shows you exactly how to weave these adorable braids.

4. Racer back braid


Maybe you’d prefer your braid up top. Don’t worry, WobiSobi has a tutorial for that too!

5. Peekaboo heart shirt


If you’re looking to add a pop of colour, WobiSobi‘s peekabo heart t-shirt tutorial is exactly what you need.

6. Halter


The stylish top of WobiSobi‘s adorable halter pattern is a huge contrast to the baggy shoulders of your original big t-shirt!

7. Twisted back


Trash to Couture shows you why, when it comes to customizing t-shirts, you should never be afraid to get a little twisted.

8. Summer tie-up tank

This tank top is simple but stylish and it’ll keep you much cooler than a big baggy shirt! Check out how Some Dreaming Tree did it.

9. Twist and tie crop


Follow Fashion guides you through the process of turning and old tank top into a cutting edge twist-and-tie crop top that’s perfect for your new high-waisted skirt.

10. Ribbon ties


MeliMelo shows you how to put a cut out in the back of your t-shirt without letting it slip off your shoulders constantly. The answer? Ribbons!

11. Pearl cut outs

diy pearl cut out tshirt

The pearls in this pattern make it classy enough for a job interview, while the cut outs keep you ready to go straight to a concert once you’ve got the position! Check out how Love Maegan made it.

12. No-sew vest


Some t-shirt customization goes above and beyond just transforming it into a different style of t-shirt. Why not create a whole new garment? Check out WobiSobi‘s awesome tutorial for creating a new vest!

13. Basket weave

Basket weave fshion

Trash to Couture shows you just which strands to cross where to make this gorgeous basket weave pattern down the back of an old t-shirt or sweatshirt.

14. Lace doily

Lace doily back

Maybe you’ve seen intricate lace doilies at your grandma’s house and thought about how pretty they look. Why not turn one into a fashion statement? Check out how Seen and be Seen did it!

15. Crocheted side seams

DIY Crochet trim

Can’t get enough of the lacy look? Try following Trash to Couture‘s pattern for replacing your regular side seams with gorgeous crocheted lace!

Do you have other shirts that you customized in your own style? Tell us about how you did it in the comments!

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