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15 Cute Crocheted Baby Blankets

Even though spring is on its way, we’re still in full swing when it comes to warm, cozy yarn crafts! In fact, we’re the kind of enthusiast crochet lovers that put our skills to good use no matter the season. We actually find ourselves doing a lot of crochet in the spring because people we know tend to have their babies then, so we’ve been on the lookout for lovely new crochet baby blanket patterns to try our hand at this year!

Just in case you love the idea of making some new crocheted baby blankets this spring just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the best patterns we’ve come across lately in our search for inspiration and design.

1. Lacy baby blanket

Lacy baby blanket

Are you a decently experienced crochet enthusiast who has been looking for something lovely and feminine to make? Well, whether you’re new to lace or have been crocheting it for years, this lovely blanket from Lacy Crochet is a fantastic project! It’s easy enough to learn on if it’s your first lace project but it’s also entertaining enough for people with more experience to enjoy.

2. Easy bulky baby afghan

Easy bulky baby afghan

Have you always adored crocheting chunky blankets not just because they finish faster but also because they so cozy? Well, this blanket from Aesthetic Nest is chunky and therefore probably right up your alley, but they show you how to do it a little differently than you might usually when you just choose a single thick yarn! Instead, this tutorual shows you how to hold several thinner yarns in different colours together to get the same gauge and effect but with a custom multi-coloured effect.

3. Crochet Marshmallow baby blanket

Crochet marshmallow baby blanket

Have you been pretty obsessed with striping techniques in crochet lately, but you still want the blanket you make to have some kind of interesting patterning, just to keep things interesting for yourself? Then we have a very strong feeling indeed that you’ll get along quite well with this striped “marshmallow blanket” pattern outlined on Pretty Ideas.

4. Reversible crochet baby blanket

Reversible crochet baby blanket

Perhaps so a very skilled crochet enthusiast indeed but you’ve also been working on other fabric based skills like sewing for a long while now, and your favourite kinds of projects are the ones that combine both of those things in one place? Then you just might be the perfect person to give this dual-sided baby blanket that is crochet on one side and fabric lined on the other a try. Get the full details on The Strumpet’s Tentacle!