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The 11 Best Crochet Kits to Buy in 2023

When we were younger, we used to watch the older members of our family do all kinds of different yarn crafts. While some of them knit, most of the people we knew did crochet and we were always so fascinated by the idea that such beautiful things would be created from a single, simple-looking hook and what was basically a string.

Crocheting kits

Now that we’re older, we’re determined to learn. While we’re learning, we’re also determined to get our kids in on trying crochet out as well, in hopes that starting much earlier than we did will instil a lifelong love of yarn crafting in them that we’re personally still hoping to build for ourselves! We turned to the Internet when it came time to check out the basic techniques on the one hook we happened to have picked up over the years, but now we think we’re ready to actually buy the proper supplies, look at some kits, and get dug into some real projects.

The 11 Best Crochet Kits

If you want to get started on your very first project, you can choose one of the following fantastic crochet kits we found. We’re sure you’ll find one to love, so let’s get to it!

1. 4M Easy-to-do Crochet Kit

Easy to do crochet kit by 4m

If you’re trying to get your kids started in crochet, then we’d recommend buying them a full kit with instructionsand the supplies they’ll need, just to get them started. That way they can dive right into the fun of using it rather than having to participate in a potentially overwhelming trip to the yarn store when they’re not really sure what they’re actually looking for yet. This kit from 4M is the perfect example of what we mean!

The best part of this kit is that it comes with a selection of yarn colours, rather than just one, meaning your kids will still feel like they’re getting to put some thought and choice into their first project. Besides the hook and notions, it also includes a very simple book that’s visual, filled with good guidance for the basics, and will actually help them make things so they feel like they’re getting results rather than just tying knots in yarn.


  • Features a great instruction book.
  • Great for kids 8 and more.


  • The hooks aren’t the best quality.
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2. Mira Handcrafts 24 Acrylic Yarn Bonbons

Mira handcrafts 24 acrylic yarn bonbons

Are you actually completely convinced that your kids are ready to learn how to crochet in a slightly more prepared way, so you’re trying to give them as many supplies and options at once as you can in order to keep up with their excitement? Then we think this complete kit from Mira HandCrafts might be a little more up your alley!

Besides giving you a whole colour range in full balls of yarn, rather than samples of each, they also provide you with seven very useful e-books that give lessons in the basics, guide you through beginner projects, and show you how to properly start and finish certain things. It’s almost as though the kit comes with it’s own miniature classes.


  • Great color diversity.
  • Features lots of ebooks to get you started.


  • The skeins are tiny.
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3. KOKNIT Set of 14 Pieces

Koknit set of 14 pieces

Have you actually finished one or two projects now and you’re pretty sure you’re going to stick quite happily with this new hobby of yours, but you think it’s time to more properly equip yourself? Then we’d recommend getting a full set of crochet hooks in a range of sizes, as well as all of the necessary notions! This neat little set from KOKNIT is the perfect example of what we mean.

Besides a full set of usefully sized hooks, which you could feasibly use for the next ten years thanks to their metal tips and cushioned handles, this set also gives you stitch markers, darning needles in their own tiny case, and a measuring tape. Perhaps best of all, it comes in an adorable pink zipping bag so you have a place to keep it organized without losing anything!


  • Comes with an elegant organizer.
  • Features lots of varied-sized crochet hooks.


  • The kit is a bit expensive.
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4. Perfect Crochet Hooks for Arthritic Hands

Perfect crochet hooks for arthritic hands by becraftee

This lovely set from BeCraftee is actually an extremely useful one whether your hands are arthritic or not, but it’s true that the soft, ergonomic handles you see on the looksare the kind that come highly recommended for comfortable crocheting through joint pain! We also like that each one is a different colour, making it even easier to tell the sizes of the hooks apart.

This set is also slightly more extensive than the one you saw before, making it better for this with a little more experience. It comes with a stitch counter, a gauge ruler, and a stitch holder on top of the other notions you saw above. We like the adorable polka-dotted book-style case, but we really like how the other notions have their insert bag so they stay contained even when you’re just reaching for a new hook.


  • Great set for all ages.
  • Features 6 yarn needles in and 9 ergonomic hook sizes.


  • The hooks sometimes clings to the wire.
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5. LOOEN New Set of 47 Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Looen new set of 47 ergonomic crochet hooks

The sets just get every so slightly more thorough as we go! This one is actually one we’ve seen quite a number of very experienced crochet enthusiasts use because of its large range in the smaller needles. This is useful because some sets, especially those aimed at beginners, tend to skip over many of the very small sizes, but those are the ones you’ll need if you ever intend to learn more advanced and very fun techniques like lace crochet or amigurumi, which is all made in miniature!

Besides the hooks, this LOOEN kit also has a useful zipping insert pocking in the middle of its book-style hook case. Here, you’ll find everything listed in the two kits above, but also some needle caps for if you ever make things that combine double ended knitting needles with your crochet hook work. The best part of the whole kit, of course, is that the outside of the book is covered in cats! It might not be the most useful feature, but it was certainly what caught our eye first.


  • Comes with 47 hooks and various other accessories.
  • Neatly packed in a storage bag.


  • The hooks aren’t going to last you a long time.
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6. TIMESETL 72Pack Ergonomic Crochet Kit

72pack ergonomic crochet kit by timesetl

Have you actually done a little bit of reading about the different kinds of hook handles that are out there, and maybe even tried a couple yourself, and decided that you’re just not yet sure which kind you should be choosing? Then we think this combo-pack style kit sold by TIMESETLmight be a little more suited to your needs, since it gives you a range of both!

Besides the full set of hooks in smalland larger sizes, this kit gives you a few bonus things that your previous options didn’t have once again. This time, those extras are a set of snips, which are like spring loaded mini scissors designed to just quickly snip yarn rather than fully cut things (which is the number one thing you’ll use scissors for in crochet anyways) and cable needles for crossing over stitches when you’re ready to learn this slightly more advanced technique.


  • Includes a lot of accessories, featuring a total of 72 pieces.
  • Sells for a great price.


  • The crochet sizes don’t seem to fit in all sets.
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7. Mixed Aluminum Handle ELINKA Crochet Hooks

Elinka crochet hooks mixed aluminum handle knitting

Are you very interested in these full kits because you love the idea of having all of your basic notions taken care of and organized into a single easy case, but you’re also feeling pretty convinced that your hands will do just fine without the ergonomic handles you saw before? Then we think you might get along a little better with a kit like this one from ELINKA.

It’s not that these mixed aluminum handled crochet hooks are sub par to the other kind by any means, but rather that they’re thinner and therefore slightly less comfortable for some people’s hands to grip. Others find that they’re easier to maneuver and therefore faster to crochet with! Beyond the hooks, this kit involves everything you saw above. Its only drawback is that there is no inner bag for the smaller notions to live in inside the zippered hook case.


  • Great collection with highly diverse elements.
  • It’s very affordable.


  • They’re a bit smaller than beginners would require.
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8. Bamboo Crochet Hooks Set

Bamboo crochet hooks set by athena yy

Have you actually been crocheting just long enough to notice that you find plastic crochet hooks too catching for your comfort but metal ones a little too slippery for how loose your stitch gauge is? Well, luckily for all of us, those aren’t the only two materials crochet hooks can be made from! Instead, we’d suggest checking out a bamboo hook set, like this one from Athena YY.

While this set doesn’t necessarily have the widest range of sizes (although it does favour a smaller range, which isn’t as common and which we actually prefer), it does still give a decent coverage as far as yarn weights are concerned. These hooks are light and smooth and they come with a lovely and very useful roller case. Keep in mind that no other notions are included!


  • Great, quality bamboo hooks.
  • Features 12 hooks in different sizes.


  • Wrong-sized hooks in some packs.
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9. Luxbon Multi-Coloured Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks

Multi coloured aluminum handle crochet hooks by luxbon

Are you actually already pretty set as far as notions are concerned because you did buy a beginner’s kit back when you very first started, but you feel like you’ve moved on from the simple hooks that it came with and you’re looking for something a little sleeker and with more range now? Then this colourful aluminum handled set by Luxbon might be a good replacement!

This set doesn’t come with notions, but that’s okay if you’re only in need of hooks. The size range is decent, covering 14 different sizes, with smallest being 2 mm and the largest being 10 mm. The inclusion of 0.5 mm increments is decent, but thereare a couple missing that you might fill in if you do a project that really needs it. The only thing to keep in mind is that this set doesn’t come with a case; they’ll arrive in a nice little box but if you crochet even half as much as we have been lately then that cardboard won’t last long! You’ll have to purchase your own case separately.


  • Hooks are made out of aluminum.
  • Different sizes with numbers etched on the body.


  • Some hooks will catch the wool.
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10. Knook Expanded Beginner Kit

Knook expanded beginner kit from leisure arts

Are you actually learning how to knit and crochet at the same time but you haven’t really been able to find many combo start kits that give you a full range of hooksand needles? Perhaps you’re just experienced in both but you really like trying out all the nifty unconventional tools that trend every once in a while in the world of yarn crafting. Either way, we’d suggest taking a look at this product from Leisure Arts called the “knook”!

While the kit leaves a little bit to be desired in the way of yarn and notions- it’s not the kind that will fully set you up if you’re a beginner- itdoes give you a number of sizes in the knook, which we think is neat! The knook is basically a tool that has a crochet hook on one end and a pointed knitting needle on the other end. We’d use it with another knitting needle of the same size, from another set, so that we have the crochet hook handy if we’re doing something complicated like lace where we might drop stitches that need to be hooked back up, or if we’re creating a project that requires a crocheted chain stitch edge.


  • Informative book.
  • Good starter collection.


  • Very little yarn provided.
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11. Learn to Crochet Kit- Dishcloth

Learn to crochet kit dishcloth (bloom)

If you’re going to buy a kit that will help you learn to crochet, or possibly help you teach your kids to crochet, would you actually rather get something that has a specific project in mind and comes with all the things you’ll need? Well, that’s actually a surprisingly uncommon thing in the world of yarn crafts- kits tend to either include the hooks or needles and notions but no yarn or patterns besides kids’ startersor the yarn and pattern but not the needles and notions- but this particular kit from Knit Picks is an awesome exception!

Their little box comes with a pattern book that contains full instructions for knitting an adorable dishcloth. They also include the right size of crochet hook, a darning needle for finishing the project, and three different colours of yarn so you can choose (or use all three in one, if you’re already feeling confident enough for colour swaps). We like the idea of making one for yourself and giving two away! We think this is a really great kit for someone who wants to give crochet a try long enough to complete a project and see how they feel before investing in a full hooks and notions kit.


  • All the instructions you need.
  • Perfect for beginners.


  • You can only make a dishcloth.
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Conclusion on the Best Crochet Kits

Do you know some other avid crafters and DIY enthusiasts who have been thinking about learning how to crochet, teaching their kids how it’s done, or stepping up their supplies game now that they’re not brand new beginners anymore?

Share this post with them so they have all kinds of options and info to work with!