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Stunning Thread Painting Projects to Inspire You

No matter the technique, we’ve loved painting all our lives. As happy as we are, however, to create art using simple paint, a brush, and a canvas, sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a little and try new things! That’s why we were so pleased to learn about the stunning art of thread painting. By dipping a thread, piece of yarn, or thin string into paint and folding it between the halves of a page before pulling it downward, you can create patterns and images that are nothing short of breathtaking… even though the whole process only takes a few minutes.

1. Thread painted roses

Thread painted roses

There are all kinds of lovely abstract art inspired shapes and patterns you can create using thread painting techniques, but what if you’d rather create something a little more definable? In that case, we think you might get along well with the way Datta Benur Creation created a lovely pattern that resembles roses by placing their thread just so (which they’ll show you how to do).

2. Thread painted daffodils

Thread painted daffodils

Perhaps you’re a big fan of the idea of making thread art that’s shaped like and inspired by flowers but you’re just not sure the rose design is quite the one for you? In that case, we’d urge you to consider this tulip inspired tutorial from Art Hemil instead! We adore the way their tulips appear to be blooming from within one another.

3. Abstract rainbows

Abstract rainbows

Are you quite interested indeed in the idea we mentioned of creating abstract patterns but you’d like to specifically take that opportunity to get creative with colours rather than shapes? In that case, we have a feeling this wonderfully bright tutorial outlined on Twitchetts that shows you how to make beautiful rainbows might be right up your alley!

4. Basic thread pulling how-to for any age

Basic thread pulling how to for any age

Have you actually been looking at these tutorials and thinking about how much fun it all looks but wondering whether there might be a more basic guide that actually walks you, step by careful step, through the whole technique from the very beginning? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at this wonderful Morena DIY tutorial that’s nice and easy to the point of even being kid friendly.

5. Thread painted greeting cards

Thread painted greeting cards