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25 Crochet Ponytail Hats

If you’re the kind of crochet enthusiast who loves keeping track of trends in the yarn crafting world like we do, then we have no doubt you’re already familiar with the way ponytail hats have swept the pattern boards in the last few years. We’d never tried one until earlier this fall and now we’re completely obsessed! We can’t stop saving crochet patterns in all kinds of designs to try as soon as we can.

Just in case you love the idea of crocheting ponytail hats just as much as we do, if not more, here are 25 fantastic patterns and designs for you to choose from!

1. Messy Bun Hat by TLH Patterns

Messy bun hat by tlh patterns

This pattern gives you a subtle knotted twist that’s quite simple to do but still looks impactful. We love the unintentional eyelet detail that results all the way around!

2. Granite ponytail hat by American Crochet

Granite ponytail hat by american crochet

Would you rather create a hat that’s just chalk full of texture and has some striping? Then this design is definitely the one for you! We love the way the stitch subtly changes with each stripe just like the colour does.

3. Royal Bun Beanie by Ingrid Geerings

Royal bun beanie by ingrid geerings

Just in case you love fanned out stitches that look quite intricate even though there not, here’s a pattern that will let you work with precisely that! We appreciate the contrast between the body of this hat and the twisted rib band at the top and bottom.

4. Shell Stitch ponytail hat by Mary Maxim

Shell stitch ponytail hat by mary maxim

Here’s a pattern for the shell stitch lovers out there! We love the way this stitch looks incredibly fancy, as though it might be very intricate and difficult, but it’s actually quite manageable with a bit of practice.