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Creative Baby Photo Shoot Ideas

Getting professional baby photos done is definitely a milestone event, but that doesn’t mean those are the only times you’ll have awesome photo opportunities! Documenting all oft he different growth stages your baby goes through is something you’ll find yourself wanting to do almost every day. Luckily, a little creativity and DIY skill is all you need to stage your own super unique photo shoots at home!

Check out these adorable baby photo ideas that will get you inspired to try your own home shoot with your little one!

1. Baby’s best friend

Baby's best friend

Does your dog or cat watch over your little bundle like it’s their duty? Chances are they’ll grow up to be best friends! Snap some cute photos that show them doing “best friend” things together, like listening to music or wearing matching outfits.(Source: Zoey and Jasper)

2. Sketch it out

Sketch it out

There are plenty of computer and tablet apps that will let you draw on your pictures. Take a plain photo of your baby snoozing in different positions and get a little creative with transforming the scene!(Source: The Endearing Designer)

3. Fun with fabric

Fun with fabric

Bunches of fabric, clothing, bed sheets, and other household things give you endless opportunity when it comes to creating a fantasy scene while your baby naps. It’s a win-win situation! They get some sleep and you get cute pictures without much fuss.(Source: Bored Panda)

4. Newest addition

Newest addition

Some moms miss their kids’ newborn and baby years, but that’s no reason to skip out on beautiful pictures and fun announcements about the newest addition to your family! Borrow some cute baby photo ideas and recreate them with your adoptive child, even if they’re a little older. You’ll both enjoy this bonding activity and the adorable outcome.(Source: Today)

5. Month by month

Month by month

Keep track of how your baby’s face changes and grows over their first year by taking a picture every month! Make their age part of the shot with cute letters that you can make or buy. At the end of their first year, you’ll love looking back at how they’ve changed!(Source: Famille Summer Belle)

6. Set the scene

Set the scene

Home photo shoots are a great opportunity to get in on the fun! Try recreating your own versions of famous movie scenes around your house, giving your baby the starring role.(Source: Bored Panda)

7. Soft basket

Soft basket

Sometimes it’s nice to stick to the classics. Find a simple basket and and fill it with something lovely and soft that will cradle your baby to sleep. Faux fur and soft blankets are great options.(Source: Madame Noire)

8. Little bonnets

Little bonnets

DIY moms have endless options for making cute outfits and adorable scenes. If you’re a knitter, try making a series of little bonnets for Baby to wear.(Source: Madame Noire)

9. Hanging out

Hanging out

Whether you knit the little hammock yourself or purchase a handmade one, placing your baby in a cute floral hanging basket while they’re still tiny is something you’ll only be able to do when they’re very little!(Source: Madame Noire)

10. A head start

A head start

Have yo noticed how much opportunity there is for a cute picture while Baby sleeps? Try something funny, like this school house scene where they accidentally break the rules of the classroom with their slumber.(Source: Madame Noire)

11. Out to dry

Out to dry

Baby doesn’t always have to be sleeping for you to set a cute scene! Sometimes a calm little bundle of joy is all you need to snap a great shot on an adorable homemade background. It’s especially easy if the scene you set up uses your laundry!(Source: Story of Five)

12. Self discovery

Self discovery

This one’s easy, and it’s a lot of fun for babies who are a getting curious about their surroundings! Set up a mirror, choose a cute outfit, get your camera ready, and let the self discovery and reflection games begin!(Source: Story of Five)

13. Get cooking

Get cooking

Prepare for a little bit of cleanup with this one! The mess will be worth it when you see how much fun Baby has exploring tastes and textures, and you’ll get cute culinary themed pictures that you’ll love walking by each day.(Source: Story of Five)

14. DIY garland

Diy garland

Crafty moms can make cute background signs and milestone markers from anything and everything! Create an adorable party garland featuring Baby’s name, age, or achievement and set up a shoot in their newest Sunday best!(Source: See Vanessa Craft)

15. Beach bums

Beach bums

You’ll be surprised how far simple blankets and towels can take you! Baby will look peaceful and stylish laying by “the seaside”.(Source: Kristen Duke Photography)

Have you taken other adorable baby photos at home that you don’t see here? Tell us about your DIY picture concept in the comment section!

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  1. I was looking for different photo shoot ideas since I booked a session with this photographer who specialises in baby photography Wokingham. It’s just in time that I found this post. All of the ideas you’ve given are really creative, and I can’t wait to tell them to the photographer I’m hiring. Aside from having a creative photo shoot, I also want to have some simple portraits of my baby. Do you have any tips on how to achieve simple yet beautiful baby portraits? Thanks in advance!

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