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35 Christmas Photo Ideas: Keep the Memories Forever

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s one of those few times of the year that memories are guaranteed to be created, and since you always want to remember your family and friends just the way they are, you can try taking some Christmas photos.

Christmas family photo

Sure enough, posing in a group where everyone is smiling and saying “Cheese!” is fun for many, but if you really want to make 2021’s Christmas a lot more memorable, why not try some cute DIY family photo ideas?

Creating your own photo backdrop can be fun and creative, even more, if this is something you’re doing with the little ones. Involve them in selecting or drawing props for your photoshoot.

You can even use your old bedsheets as a background for an antique look. Just think about what would be cool looking, like vintage-inspired doors or colorful paper flowers; it’s all up to you!

Some of these are so easy to put together that you might want everyone to stop by the house on their way back from the Christmas dinner.

The Best Christmas Photos to Try During the 2021 Winter Holidays

In this article, we will be showcasing some of the best DIY family photo ideas to try during the 2021 winter holidays, so that those of you that lack inspiration for something original, fun, and special can get inspired from.

For the purpose of this article, we did some extensive research online to figure out what everyone is talking about this year, and what ideas keep popping up on social media, and after we compiled our list of entries, we decided to divide the article into two main parts:

  • The first 20 entries are the hottest Christmas photo ideas of 2021
  • The following 15 entries are what was very popular back in 2020, 2019, etc

Keep in mind the second entries are just as fun and whimsical as the first ones, but for the sake of trendiness, we decided that it would be best to let you know what everyone’s trying out this year.

1. Christmas Family Photos – Pandemic-Free Family Photo

Christmas family photos pandemic free family photo

The pandemic came with social distancing, and that made the holidays throughout the years feel lonelier and not as festive as they used to be, so one way you and your close ones can try celebrating is by taking Christmas family photos where everyone is wearing the mask.

Getting everyone in the same room at once, even with pandemic restrictions in place, is not an easy feat to accomplish, but with some clever thinking and a little bit of hard work, you can all get ready for this fun family photoshoot where your parents are wearing the masks too!

Having an adjustable one that can be used as a normal door as well as Christmas themed door is ideal, but if you wanted to keep things simple, making

This way, you will all be able to spend time together, and the masks will help commemorate the fact that you still managed to come together and be there for each other during a time of hardship without compromising anyone’s health.

If you weren’t able to get everyone in the room, don’t worry; take photos of your best friends reading this article together and make it seem like they’re all sitting next to each other.

2. Christmas Family Photo Ideas – Videocall Screenshots

Christmas family photo ideas videocall screenshots

If you still want to be on the safe side and think that maybe even wearing masks is still too risky, another thing that you could go ahead and try is to make a big video conference with everyone, and take have them pose in whatever way they please.

Once everyone’s in position, you can go ahead and simply take a screenshot of the video conference, and you’ll have the perfect worry-free group photo.

Ideally, it would be best if the person who took the photo used a device with a larger screen, like a PC monitor, a laptop, or a tablet, because it’s harder to see how everyone looks before taking the screenshot if you have 25 people pilled up on your small mobile phone’s screen.

One advantage to this particular idea is that’s it’s pretty unique, even by today’s standards, and you’re also able to send everyone the picture in just a few seconds so that everyone can see how they turned out.

More so, if the person taking the screenshot is skilled with photo editing software, they have the advantage of being able to tweak and fix photos as soon as the screenshot was taken to add some custom Christmas effects, borders, filters, etc.

3. Family Christmas Picture Ideas – Love the Pet

Family christmas picture ideas love the pet

Pets are also family, and since they don’t live as long as we do, it’s nice to commemorate the great memories that we have together by including them in our family Christmas picture ideas, maybe even making them the center focus of the picture.

Well, as you can see from the picture above, everyone looks happy, even the labrador, and the fact that they wrapped him up in the Christmas lights (or got himself wrapped up by accident, who knows) makes the picture all the more memorable.

Sure enough, family photos with the pet are pretty common, but there are certain key moments that you should always immortalize on film:

  • When they’re very young (puppies, kittens)
  • When they’re older (and it might be their last Christmas)
  • When they are sleeping (and finally not ravaging the house)
  • When they’re playing with their favorite toy

All in all, it doesn’t matter if you have a cat, a dog, or a turtle, show them that you love them and keep the mementos so that you can remember them for years to come with some cute and heartwarming family photos.

4. Family Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas – Baking the Gingerbread

Family christmas photo shoot ideas baking the gingerbread

Christmas is all about spending as much quality time together as possible, and not just after the preparations have been complete, but even during the preparations.

You see, there’s nothing that can bring a family closer together than doing things as a team, and if you also have the chance to have some fun, put your creativity to the test, or just be downright silly, then it’s even better.

Thus, one amazing moment to immortalize on camera would be to have a photoshoot while everyone is helping out in the kitchen, but if small children are involved, we recommend you stick to things that they actually like doing, just as baking sweets,

The best part is that you don’t actually need any preparations for these photos, and you don’t even have to clean the kitchen before the photos are taken (the dirtier the kitchen the more authentic the photos).

Besides, the kids will love playing with the dough (and hopefully not eating it), playing around with the flour (keep the vacuum at hand once you’re done), and, finally, waiting around the oven until whatever goodies you were making are finally ready.

Of course, you can also just take a few photos for the sake of taking photos, without actually making anything, but you’ll all have a laugh in a few years when you realize just how much fun you were having in the kitchen back in 2021.

5. Cute Christmas Pictures – Just the Pets

Cute christmas pictures just the pets

If you own several pets that love getting along with each other, one way to remember them all is with some cute Christmas pictures with just them having fun together in various scenarios.

For example, almost everyone loves corgis, and look how cute and hilarious they look in the picture above with those funny knitted hats.

Of course, you can change the settings depending on your preferences, but if you want some extra suggestions, here are a few:

  • Your pets on a rug in front of the fireplace
  • Your pets dressed in complete Santa attire with a big sack
  • Your pets fake-helping you while you make Christmas dinner (just make sure they don’t eat it)
  • Your pets all together dressed up as typical family members (mom, dad, kids, grandparents, etc)

If you have a large breed of dog, you can even make him wear fake reindeer antlers, and if you have a cat you can try dressing them as an elf (if they don’t scratch you while doing it, of course).

Sure enough, the biggest challenge will be to have your pet stay put for just a few moments while you take the photos, but then again, the best photos are the ones where you capture your pets doing something silly and worth laughing about later.

6. Funny Family Christmas Photos – Socks by the Fire

Funny family christmas photos socks by the fire

Have you ever seen someone post a picture on social media with a table filled with several plates of very expensive salads just so they could brag that they went out with friends to a fancy restaurant?

Well, if you want to do something similar, but without getting any kind of hate in return, you could try a few funny family Christmas photos like the one above.

You can’t see anyone’s faces, just their feet wearing big comfy woolen socks with a Christmas embroidery, but somehow the way they are sitting and the fireplace just lets you know that they’re definitely relaxing when the picture was taken.

Of course, you don’t have to take picture of the socks if you don’t want to, but if you really want to send out the same subtle message, you could also try the following:

  • Pictures of everyone’s hand placed in a circle while wearing mittens
  • Pictures of everyone’s mugs filled with hot marshmallow cocoa

If you too want to take a picture such as this one, the biggest challenge will be the positioning and timing, because it’s hard to take the picture if you’re among those that are supposed to be in it.

However, you can simply set your camera on a timer, or ask someone else to take the picture for you.

7. Christmas Picture Idea – Opening the Presents

Christmas picture idea opening the presents

Christmas morning and opening up the presents go hand in hand a bit like Thanksgiving and carving up the turkey, so it’s only natural that this almost iconic moment be immortalized on film.

For example, just look at the picture above and notice how the background light alone creates an almost magical atmosphere, so much so that you’d almost wish that you were there.

Of course, good Christmas pictures like this don’t happen by accident, so make sure that everyone is sitting comfortably and there is plenty of space under the tree to accommodate all the presents.

Sure enough, you can teak things up a bit depending on how the room is arranged, how the presents look like, etc, just as long as you capture the moment people are exchanging gifts, or are when the kids are midway through ripping the wrapping off of what they wished Santa would bring them.

Here are some other similar ideas that you could try:

  • Pictures are taken from an angle where it looks like they’re falling off the couch while ripping open their present
  • Pictures of your pets opening up their own presents underneath the tree
  • Pictures showing them holding another gift inside the first one

Whatever idea you go for, remember that Christmas morning can be an overwhelming moment for everyone involved, so make sure everyone is having fun and if not, remember that you can always try again next year.

8. Christmas Photoshoot Ideas – Vintage Photos

Christmas photoshoot ideas vintage photos

Take a look at this picture above and notice how it looks like it was taken years ago, thanks to the black and white coloring, but also thanks to the baroque frame of the one on which it is hanging up.

Sure enough, vintage pictures come in all shapes and sizes, so next time you want some family or friends pictures that seem like they were taken decades ago, then you should definitely go for a similar look.

Even though the old-fashion feel of vintage photos has to do with the colors, it also involves other things like lighting, camera angles, and background styling, but if you want some Christmas photoshoot ideas that really look like they should withstand the test of time, then you should go for a vintage-themed photoshoot.

This means decorating your tree using old-fashion globes, garlands, and lights, wearing period clothes, and other things like that.

However, photos like these are expensive to do by yourself, since the props alone will cost you a lot, even just for renting them, so ironically, it’s cheaper if you hire a photographer, since he most likely already has the props that you need.

Keep in mind though that obtaining a vintage look doesn’t have to involve props at all, since there are easier ways to achieve a similar look.

For example, you can take black and white photos, sepia photos, or take photos with a Polaroid camera, since the color settings themselves will make the photos look like they’re from the ’80s.

9. Beautiful Christmas Pictures – Couple Photos

Beautiful christmas pictures couple photos

Christmas is all about getting close to the people around you, and getting even closer to the people you truly care about, especially your significant other.

That being said, if you want some beautiful Christmas photos that will make you both happy and nostalgic, take a few couple’s photos to have that will remind you that you love each other every season of the year.

You can use elaborate backgrounds and props like a giant heart, or a Christmas tree decorated with nothing but heart-shaped globes, or you can just take a few simple pictures of you looking into each other’s eyes like in the illustration above.

Here are a few extra ideas that can really make a couple’s photo even more magical:

  • He can open his jacket to reveal a T-shirt that says “I’m about to ask her hand in marriage”
  • She can hold an arrow-shaped sign aimed at him that says “Soon to be a father”
  • They can both wear signs that say “I love you/No, I love you more!” and they’re pointing at each other
  • They can sit on a bench and he’s holding up a sign that says “The One” and her sign says “I’m The One”

No matter how you pick to caption your Christmas photos, just make sure that both of you mean it with all your heart.

10. Christmas Photo Ideas – Selfie

Christmas photo ideas selfie

Selfies have been very popular these past few years, but despite their popularity, very few have thought of making them a part of their Christmas photoshoots.

Well, we’re here to tell you that they’re a very good idea, as you can see from the picture illustrated above.

More so, because they are selfies and not traditional photos, they’ll be like the opposite of the vintage photos suggested earlier because you will know in a few years that you were actually being very trendy taking the picture.

That being said, remember that there are a few things that you should do to make them look good enough not to embarrass yourself in front of friends and family for years to come.

For example, make sure you have good lighting because the camera is very close to your face, so it needs all the help it can get.

Also, if possible take photos against a plain background like an empty wall or go outside where the sky is clear, but if taking selfies outdoors isn’t an option, then decorate your indoors background with Christmas lights or classic Christmas decorations.

The only real challenge is if you’re trying to get a lot of people into the same picture, in which case the person taking the selfie should be the one with the longest arms or someone that has a selfie stick.

11. Christmas Card Photo Ideas – Nativity Scene

Christmas card photo ideas nativity scene

Let’s not forget that Christmas is, before all else, a religious holiday, and if you’re the kind of family that likes to stay true to their beliefs and showcase the importance of Christmas and what it means, you can go ahead and try a Christmas nativity scene.

This particular idea is perfect, especially if you have a baby born somewhere around Christmas, and the only thing you’ll need is some period clothes and a background that will look like some stables from 2000 years ago.

If you live by the countryside and happen to have a farm with a few animals in your care, you can use them as part of the decor as well, especially since animals were part of the nativity scene in most Renaissance paintings.

More so, you can have the people dress in the traditional way to add more authenticity, and, if possible, the baby should be wrapped in sheets or swaddling clothes to make it look like he was just born.

Besides, because the scene itself is so famous, it’s one of those Christmas card photo ideas that you should definitely consider.

Just remember that this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re into it then go ahead and do it!

12. Funny Christmas Photoshoot – Confetti Surprise

Funny christmas photoshoot confetti surprise

Whenever you think about confetti, you imagine tiny bits of colored and sparkly paper that pops and then falls to the ground and later needs a lot of cleaning.

Well, for kids confetti is pretty much like fairy dust, and even if they see it a hundred times, they’ll still get a feeling that something amazing and fun is about to happen.

Well, such precious moments definitely deserve to be the topic of a funny Christmas photoshoot, even if confetti is something you’d probably be expecting for New Year’s Eve and not Christmas.

Whichever the case, creating the perfect settings is pretty simple:

  1. Have everyone sit in a group in front of the Christmas tree
  2. Give each of them a handful of confetti (the kids will love this part)
  3. Have someone sit offscreen with a handheld confetti cannon
  4. Tell everyone to throw the confetti into the air, and tell the person with the confetti cannon to pop it
  5. Time everything precisely, and take a picture of the exact moment it starts looking as if it’s raining with confetti everywhere

Sure enough, if you want the best results, we’d advise you that you set your camera to Burst Mode, so that it can take several photos per second, and start shooting the moment the confetti starts falling.

This way, you’ll have tons of photos to choose from and designate as your official 2021 Christmas photos.

13. Funny Christmas Photos – Pampering the Kids

Funny christmas photos pampering the kids

Kids love being the center of attention, and they can’t get enough of it, even when they are already getting everyone’s love.

Well, if you want to take some funny Christmas photos in 2021, that is also pretty heartwarming, you could try a few of those classic pictures where both the parents kiss the kid at the same time on the cheeks.

The image is hilarious, cute, and it looks like the generic movie poster from a ’90s romantic comedy.

If you want to get really imaginative with this particular idea, you and your spouse can dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus, and dress the kid as one of Santa’s elves.

Another neat idea that you could try is if you each dress up as a single color, and have the kid dress up as a mix of your colors (e.g the two of you are blue and yellow, and the kid is green)

All in all, the bottom line is that your kid will be looking through these photos in a couple of years, and they will realize just how close you were and how much the two of you loved him.

14. Funny Xmas Pictures – Kids Play-Fighting Over Presents

Funny xmas pictures kids play fighting over presents

If you have more than one child, then two things are certain:

  • You know how they love receiving gifts
  • You know how they hate sharing their gifts

In all fairness, not all kids are the same, but it’s still a topic that everyone likes poking fun at, and if you’ve run out of ideas for some really funny X-Mas pictures, why not have them pose as if they are fighting over the gift?

As you can see in the picture above, the kids are definitely having the time of their life, and the scene itself is also worth a couple of laughs, especially since both sisters actually look like their trying their best to get the box.

If you want to make the scene even more hilarious, you can also have the parents pose as if they are sitting back and cheering for whoever manages to get the gift.

Whichever the case, this is just one of many classic Christmas scenes that you can incorporate in your Christmas-themed photo album, and it’s pretty certain that you and your entire family will be laughing at the pictures 10 years from now.

15. Christmas Pajama Photoshoot – Christmas Morning

Christmas pajama photoshoot christmas morning

The pajamas we wear during winter are soft, comfy, keep us warm, and most of the time they also look very cute as well, so it’s no wonder that a Christmas pajama photo shoot is something that every family tries at least once.

Well, Christmas morning is the perfect time to take these photos, since everyone is already dressed in pajamas, and they’re smiling uncontrollably because they’re excited to see what’s under the tree.

As you can see from the picture above, everyone looks happy, and the kids look especially cute in their little pajamas (just imagine how they would have looked like if they had animal onesies).

All you need is a tripod (or a friend to help you take the picture) and a camera with Burst Mode, which takes several pictures per second in order to capture all the random moments when everyone is making funny faces trying to look good on camera.

There’s no photoshop required for this kind of picture, so it’ll be pretty easy to add some festive colors to make them pop.

The most important part is not setting up the scene itself, but making sure everyone is feeling comfortable and happy, because these are the moments you’ll be remembering when you’ll be looking over these pictures in a few decades.

16. Pretty Christmas Pictures – Make a Snowman

Pretty christmas pictures make a snowman

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where it actually snows during the winter, then it would be a shame not to take a few dozen pictures of you, your friends, and your family enjoying the snow to its fullest, like when building a snowman.

As you can see for yourself, the photo fully embodies the spirit of winter, with two girls holding the hands of the snowman they presumably built together.

Of course, creating a snowman is an art, and if you really want to make the picture all the more memorable, you and the family can all join it and build a giant snowman.

Another hilarious idea that you could try is to pose for a big family picture, only that each family member has a miniature snowman version of themselves sitting in front of them.

If you’re planning on taking pictures for social media platforms, you could also build snowmen, one for each member of the group, dress them up using some clothes that people are used to seeing you wearing, and when you upload the picture, just tag each person to their corresponding snowman.

The great thing about this idea is that, whether you want it or not, it’s an activity that will get everyone engaged, since the photoshoot will most likely develop into a competition to see who builds the best snowman.

17. Cute Christmas Images – Baby and the Snowman

Cute christmas images baby and the snowman

Kids grow up so fast, and if you happened to be blessed by a new member of the family right around Christmas and want to celebrate their very first Christmas properly, you’ll definitely want to take a few memorable pictures.

For example, you can go ahead and wrap the baby up in white, place a cute red Santa hat over his head, and put him right next to one of those plush snowmen, and take a picture on a white winter backdrop.

Sure enough, you could take a photo outside, since it would make his cheeks to be all rosy and cute, but it can get really cold, and you don’t want your little one to get sick, so it’s best to keep him warm.

If you do want that winter blush to appear, you could always give the baby a little makeup, but then again there’s no way to know whether his skin will have an allergic reaction to it or not, so it’s best to play it safe.

Of course, you can tweak the props a bit, such as giving him an elf hat instead, or if you really want him to look hilarious, you could try one of those big furry Russian hats with ear flaps, since he’ll look absolutely adorable.

18. Christmas Photo Props – 2021 Lights

Christmas photo props 2021 lights

Every single time you look at an old photo of yourself, you’ll start arguing with someone about the year it was taken, especially if it was a long time ago.

Naturally, one way to celebrate Christmas and avoid any future confusion as to when the photos were taken is to have a photoshoot with you holding illuminated numbers of the year you’re in (in this case, 2021).

If you want to make these photos completely from scratch, you should know that there are plenty of stores out there that have Christmas photo props similar to the ones displayed above (most commonly home decoration stores or furniture stores).

As for the rest of the picture, you’re free to do anything you like:

  • A family pile-up
  • A large group photo
  • A picture with you opening presents
  • A picture with everyone around the table, etc

The bottom line is that you have those 4 letters displayed up-front so that you can remember over the years that Christmas 2021 was one of those Christmases where you definitely had a lot of fun.

19. Outdoor Christmas Photo Ideas – Sledding Photos

Outdoor christmas photo ideas sledding photos

If you’re not too keen on building snowmen and are looking for something that will really keep your blood moving, you could take photos of yourself and your close ones while you’re enjoying a wide variety of Christmas sports.

Sure enough, skiing and snowboarding look cool and all, but it’s not exactly something that everyone can do, especially small kids, and that’s why we recommend something that’s a bit more popular and accessible, such as sledding.

The best thing about taking pictures with your close friends while sledding is that regardless of how you capture them on film, the photo will still turn out great:

  • If they are just sitting on the sled posing, they will look amazing
  • If they are actually sledding, you’ll remember how much fun you had
  • If you happen to fall over, you’ll get a few laughs looking at the picture

All in all, it’s also a great opportunity to engage in some intense activities while still bonding and having fun with your loved ones, and the best part is that you’ll have the photos to prove it!

20. Outdoor Christmas Photoshoot Ideas – Decorating the House

Outdoor christmas photoshoot ideas decorating the house

Photos of family members decorating the Christmas tree are indeed very classic, but the truth is that everyone did it at least once, so if you’re looking for something new, and are looking for some outside Christmas photoshoot ideas, you could take photos of your family members while they are decorating the house.

Just make sure that you leave the hard-to-reach places to the adults since that’s pretty much the only thing you have to worry about.

Just make sure that everyone is facing in the same direction so that you can show off what they managed to build to your friends and family through social media platforms.

When taking pictures of people outside during wintertime, it’s important that they wear several layers of clothing since it’s not only cold outside but also because they’ll look very different when you take their top layer away.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to put some warm accessories on them such as scarfs, earmuffs, hats, etc. if needed.

For those of you that live in an apartment, you can also take photos of your friends and family decorating the house on the inside, since the fun is the same, and it’s also a lot warmer too!

More Christmas Photos That You Can Take This Christmas

If none of the previous ideas seem like something you’d like, or if you’ve already tried them all and are looking for something you may have missed, you can go ahead and check out these other Christmas photos that will definitely inspire you.

Remember that this article is a list of ideas and not a ranking, and just because the following entries are in the second half of the article doesn’t mean that they’re not worth trying.

21. Family Pile with Santa Hats Christmas Photo

Family Pile with Santa Hats Christmas Photo

Are you pressed for time and looking for something cute that will show off how much the kids have grown and tie the family together in a cute, visual way?

Then tryboth the adorable elements in this idea fromShe Knows! Matching Santa hats makes you all look festive while hopping into a doggie pile from biggest to smallest lets everyone see how much each child has grown since last year.

22. Jumbo Seasonal Quote Cute Christmas Photo

Jumbo Seasonal Quote Cute Christmas Photo

Perhaps you’re the kind of crafty person who reallywould like to get creative with props and make something cute and seasonal for your kids to hold in the photo?

Well, if things like monograms have always been your specialty, we’d suggest spreading some Christmas joy by making jumbo greetings letters like these ones featured onProject Nursery.

23. Big Christmas Bobbles Outside – Beautiful Christmas Picture

Big Christmas Bobbles Outside - Beautiful Christmas Picture

Do you live in a place that has lovely, sunny weather all year round, even if it still gets chilly enough for a jacket? Then there’s nothing stopping you from using that nice, natural setting already available to you!

Just because you’re working with what’s already there, however, doesn’t mean you can’t dress things up a little. Check out howIMG Kid added a specifically Christmas aesthetic to this family’s photo by stringing Christmas bobbles and ornaments up on the backyard trees using pretty ribbons.

24. Winter Is Coming – Funny Family Christmas Photo

Winter Is Coming - Funny Family Christmas Photo

On your family tree, has your little branch always been the group of jokers who love making the rest of the gang laugh whenever possible?

Then maybe a funny themed card with a little bit of dress-up involved will be more up your alley! We have a feeling your kids will think you’re the coolest if you dress them up in old fashioned, royal looking robes and pretend to be the Stark family from Game of Thrones, all so you can caption the photo “Winter is Coming”.

Welove the wayHappy Holidays Blog used their dog as a “dire wolf”!

25. Parent Trap Funny Christmas Photoshoot

Parent Trap Funny Christmas Photoshoot

Are your kids just as impish as you’d imagine the little elves helping Santa on Christmas would be and you want to show their funny personalities off to the rest of the family?

Then get them in on the joke by taking a picture that makes it look like they’ve hijacked Christmas and taken all the presents for themselves! We love the waySherish used tinsel as part of the little ones’ devious plan.

26. Sand Snowman Cute Christmas Picture

Sand Snowman Cute Christmas Picture

Perhaps you actually live somewhere warm where the weather doesn’t really get chilly and there’s certainly no snow, but you’re still a festive family who are intent on getting seasonal anyways?

Then let the kids get their hands dirty before they put their nice clothes on for the photo by making a sand version of a classic snowman down on the beach!Home Stories A to Z shows you how they decorated theirs.

27. Tangled Lights Funny Family Christmas Photo

Tangled Lights Funny Family Christmas Photo

Do you love the idea of a prop and a cute storyline but your family is small or you don’t have a lot of time and resources to invest because you’re working overtime near the holidays?

We can’t say we blame you; we’re used to trying to make extra money before Christmas too! That’s why we liked how cute this super simple but totally creative tangled Christmas lights photo fromThe Becker turned out.

You probably already have the lights sitting around anyways!

28. Family Tree Cute Christmas Picture

Family Tree Cute Christmas Picture

Do you love a good play on words and you know your kids are the kind of tricksters who will play along with just about any funny idea you have? Then we think you’ll appreciate how literallyPsycho With 6 took the concept of a “family tree” on Christmas!

They got their kids to dress in green and make a careful human pyramid so that they literally made the shape of a tree with their family.

29. Peekaboo Wreath Christmas Family Photo

Peekaboo Wreath Christmas Family Photo

Perhaps you’d like to keep things pretty dressed up and classy looking because you really want to frame the photo after the holidays, but you’d still likesome element of novelty?

In that case, consider using a jumbo-sized prop of some kind, just like The Cutest Blog on The Block did with this huge, pretty Christmas wreath! We love how sweet the whole family looks snuggled in close to peek through the middle together.

30. Matching Pyjamas Christmas Photo

Matching Pyjamas Christmas Photo

Have you always been a big fan of dressing your little ones up all cute and matching and you’re trying to get as much of that in as you can while they’re little, before they get old enough to protest about how silly they think it looks?

Well, if you ask us, family Christmas photos are the perfect place for that! We love the wayLazy One chose a pyjama set that came inall different sizes for the entire family to wear in their picture.

We’d dress everyone in those same PJs to go to bed in on Christmas Eve and wake up to open presents in on Christmas morning too!

31. Return to Sender Funny Christmas Photo

Return to Sender Funny Christmas Photo

Has your family grown by one member this year and now you get to celebrate Baby’s first Christmas together, but you have a mischievous older child too?

Then you’ve got all the characters you need to recreate this hilariously adorable scene featured byStrange Farmer! Put Baby in a box that has a “return to sender tag” and their older sibling show you their best “it wasn’t me” face while you pretend to be none the wiser.

32. Aerial Sidewalk Chalk Christmas Photo

Aerial Sidewalk Chalk Christmas Photo

Are you living in a place that, weather-wise, falls somewhere in between a winter wonderland and the sunny beach we showed you earlier, but you don’t have much cute landscaping to work with?

Then why not transfer your art skills to the sidewalk to dress your scene up a bit? We love the wayCafé Mom used sidewalk chalk and a high angled photo to create an illustrated Christmas scene of their own. Our kids would have a blast with this idea!

33. Home Alone Inspired Christmas Photo

Home Alone Inspired Christmas Photo

Are you still very intrigued by the idea of making your kids look fun and mischievous in your Christmas photo but you’d rather mimic a scene from one of your favourite holiday movies in the process?

Then we have a feeling this homemade scene from Home Alone will get a lot of appreciation on your house! Check out howWinter Blue Music used some very simple editing to make it look like their kids trapped them outside on a chilly winter’s night.

34. Christmas Bobble Reflection Card

Christmas Bobble Reflection Card

Perhaps you’re hoping to take your annual family photo yourself to save money but you’re no professional photographer, so you’re looking for a simple idea that gives people cute novelty instead?

We think that’sexactly whatDirty Diaper Laundry achieved here by photographing their reflection in a shiny Christmas ball instead of just posing together!

35. Dysfunctional Family Christmas Photo

Dysfunctional Family Christmas Photo

Are your kids a little older and ready to be in on the joke this year, but you’ve had a stressful holiday season and you’re just not up for making props and decorating scenes?

Then make light of your own situation and parody how crazy things can get for your family this time of year instead! We were amused by the wayMom Organizing Moms made the youngest member of their family look like the serious, responsible one in the group.

How to Take Aesthetic Christmas Pictures

How to take aesthetic christmas pictures

Ok, so now that we’ve given you 35 different ideas to try, we think it’s time we also take a moment to give you some tips on how to make your Christmas photos look a whole lot better, especially if you’re making them yourself.

In this case, it’s all about the lighting.

There are two types of lighting that you should be familiar with as a photographer:

  • Natural – The one you find outside on a sunny day
  • Artificial – The one produced by your indoor lights and your phone’s flash

The goal here is simple: to make pictures look good, you need lots of light, and we recommend using both types to make sure that this happens.

Sunlight and Natural Lighting (for Outside Photos)

A nice lot of sunlight will help make your photos really pop out and make them look much better than they would if they were taken in an artificial environment such as indoors.

This also means that if you’re taking pictures at night or on a cloud-covered day, you’re going to have a hard time capturing the same amount of detail and making it all look as good as those taken under natural lighting.

When taking pictures outside on sunny days, make sure that your camera is not pointed directly at the sun. If this happens, there’s a chance that you’ll end up with some overexposure.

Artificial Lighting (for Inside Photos)

Artificial lighting can be unreliable for regular people because smartphones often struggle to correctly set up exposure when indoors, especially if it’s dark.

This means that you will need an extra hand or two in order to get decent indoor Christmas photos taken during night or evening hours. This could mean asking someone else to help take photos for you or just asking someone to hold a small flashlight so that you can get the exposure right.

If your camera is capable of manually setting up exposure, then it’s all good, but if not, simply have an extra person standing next to you holding a small flashlight and set the exposure accordingly.

In some cases, you could even use this makeshift flashlight to “paint” parts of the picture in order to highlight them and make them stand out more than they would in case they were cast into darkness.

Get a Christmas Photoshoot

Get a christmas photoshoot

If all of the above seems way above your skill level, or you just want to be sure that everything turns out alright, you could employ a photographer and get a professional Christmas photoshoot.

This is probably the best option for those of you who want to get great photos and not spend a lot of time thinking about how to take them.

As we’ve already mentioned, all you need to do is tell your photographer what pictures you’d like taken and they’ll do all the work for you!

Best Christmas Photos: Closing Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our article, and we hope that our 35 Christmas photo ideas managed to inspire you and motivate you to try a couple of them at least.

If nothing else, we think that the “Christmas photoshoot” idea deserves a lot more attention than it gets, since it’s a great way for you to get things exactly as you want them without having to worry about anything.

In fact, many people from all over the world have been hiring professional photographers so they can enjoy Christmas festivities knowing that their best Christmas photos will be captured by professionals.

As far as DIY photo ideas go, we’d recommend most of those mentioned above simply because they’re cheap and provide good results if done correctly. Plus, what’s not to love about getting crafty?

We hope that our was able to help you out and that your pictures turned out great! And don’t forget to check out our other articles, you might find what you need there.

Merry Christmas!

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