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15 Neat Crafts Using Burlap

If you’re a fan of crafts and decor that perfectly combine the concepts “bohemian” and “chic”, then you probably already know how useful burlap is for achieving the look. We’re in love with how effortlessly stylish a simple strip of burlap incorporated into a DIY decor project can look.

Check out these 15 ideas for incorporating some boho-chic burlap into your crafting life!

1. DIY burlap runner with tassels

Diy burlap runner with tassels

This burlap table runner by On Sutton Place is a great example of how easy it is to class things up a little while still maintaining a nice, rustic feel. This runner would be perfect for a farm wedding in the summertime.

2. Burlap backed picture frames

Burlap backed picture frames

We love this idea for the cottage, or for your living room if your decor has a down home feel. Craft Warehouse shows you how to make these picture mountings with a clip rather than an actual frame, but you could also use burlap as a backing inside a picture frame for a cute look.

3. Burlap utensil holders

Burlap utensil holders

Perhaps you’re planning a family reunion in the park or an anniversary party in your big back yard? Eating outdoors doesn’t mean you have to skip presentation! These burlap utensil holders by I Heart Nap Time are the perfect touch.

4. Lace and stencil burlap vase wrap

Lace and stencil burlap vase wrap

To Be Charmed shows you how easy it is to spruce up something you already have or something you like but feel could use a little extra something. Burlap is the answer!

5. Burlap candle holders

Burlap candle holders

Victoria Brikho suggests using burlap on candle holders to give them a rustic appearance. The texture will also give the room an even softer glow than usual, making them perfect for night time table settings, especially in the summer.

6. Burlap roses

Burlap roses

DIY Joy guides you through the process of folding and cutting pieces of burlap into a delicate rose shape that can be used for all kinds of other crafts! They’re a versatile detail for event decor.

7. Ruffled burlap tablecloth

Ruffled burlap tablecloth

For sewing enthusiasts, this burlap table cloth is the perfect way to combine rustic and chic together in one place. Check out the tutorial on Celebrating Everyday Life to learn how the big ruffles are made.

8. Burlap wrapped Tiki wine bottles

Burlap wrapped tiki wine bottles

Glitter, Glue, and Paint suggests using cleaned out wine bottles wrapped in burlap as side table decor. We think it’d be cute to wrap filled bottles like this as well, transforming them into adorably decorated gifts to your host at a dinner party!

9. Burlap ottoman

Burlap ottoman

Is the entire decor scheme of your room rustic in style? Are you decorating your holiday home or cottage? Liz Marie shows you how to make a burlap ottoman that will fit right in with a slightly country aesthetic!

10. Burlap welcome wreath

Burlap welcome wreath

We’ve said it in other posts and we’ll say it again: wreaths aren’t just for Christmas time! This DIY burlap wreath idea by DIY Joy makes a great welcome decoration on your front door year round. We especially love the look for the autumn.

11. No-sew burlap table runner

No sew burlap table runner

Did you really love the idea of a burlap table runner from earlier in the list, but you’re wary of your sewing skills? Try this no-sew table runner design from On Sutton Place instead! You’ll still get the same rustic burlap look but without getting in over your skill level.

12. Stenciled burlap corkboard with pockets

Stenciled burlap corkboard with pockets

Whether you’re using it to organize notes and communicate with your family by the phone or to pin nostalgic pictures to, this burlap covered cork board and its pockets are a totally useful DIY. It also looks beautifully homemade with a painted stencil pattern in each corner.{found on Uncommon Designs}.

13. Looped burlap magazine rack

Looped burlap magazine rack

The Graphics Fairy has the perfect idea for incorporating burlap into your room in a practical, useful way. These big burlap loops are great for organizing magazines or soft cover cook books, and the material looks perfect in your kitchen.

14. Printed burlap laundry sign

Printed burlap

Domestically Speaking shows you the steps for printing this adorable laundry sign onto a stretched burlap backing. If you like the idea but you’re not so sure about the design, try altering the technique to create your very own burlap wall art instead.

15. Burlap coffee sack purse

Burlap coffee sack purse

We absolutely adore fashion statement pieces made of unconventional materials! We’d say this burlap purse made from pieces of canvas coffee bags patched together certainly falls into that category! Check out how it’s done on Trinkets in Bloom.

Do you know someone whose home decor scheme is totally rustic and fitting for some boho-chic burlap pieces? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!

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