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15 Adorable DIY Anklets To Show Off On The Beach

Anklets are one of your very favourite pieces of jewelry, but they’re not always practical. Wearing anklets during the winter feels pointless when they’re covered in pants and socks for months at a time! Come summer, however, your shorts will be dug out of the drawers and your ankles will finally be freed!

Check out these 15 easy anklet designs that are easy to make but totally impressive looking with a summer dress or even just your bathing suit.

1. 10-minute knotted ankle bracelet

10 minute knotted ankle bracelet

This simple knotted design by True Blue, Me and You lets you create a delicate anklet with a little bit of eye catching sparkle in barely any time at all! Choose your colours, tie some knots, string some beads, and voila!

2. Ankle “wish bracelets”

Ankle %22wsh bracelets%22

If you know how to braid, then you’re all set to make these cute little wish bracelets by Happy Hour Projects! The only challenge is braiding neatly around the little silver beads.

3. Braided charm and seashell ankle bracelets

Braided charm and seashell ankle bracelets

Here come your braiding skills again! This time, you’ll loop your braids through either the hole in a charm or in the top of a cute, summery seashell. Get the instructions on Josephine Feenstra.

4. Delicate chain anklet

Delicate chain anklet

A delicate chain, a clasp, and a bead with a hoop at each end are all you need to make a pretty little anklet like this one from Pretty Designs! It will look sweet and subtle so it doesn’t clash with any of your outfits.