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Stunning Crafts Made with Ribbons

When it comes to crafting with softer materials, we’ve always been big fans of working with fabric and material. Those aren’t, however, the only soft tools you can use in crafting that will let you make awesome, unique things! We’re actually huge fans of making DIY décor pieces out of ribbon and we’ve been pretty obsessed lately with finding all kinds of new techniques and designs to try. We love working with ribbon because it’s not very complicated and yet the different things you can make are varied and always pretty impressive.

Just in case you like crafting with ribbon as much as we do, here are 15 awesomely different crafts, DIY projects, and techniques for you to try your hand at!

1. Looped ribbon wreath

Looped ribbon wreath

Looping ribbon might not sound like a very impressive technique because it’s extremely simple and can be done quickly, but we think you’ll like it just as much as we do once you see the finished product of an entire looped ribbon project! We can’t get over how cute this multi-coloured, multi-patterned looped ribbon wreath by K Thompson Studios looks.

2. Pretty ribbon flowers with gems

Pretty ribbon flowers with gems

Because of the way it can hold shape, part of the reason we’re so enamoured with the concept of crafting with ribbon is that you can fold it similarly to how you’d fold paper in origami. That’s why we were so pleased to find a tutorial that works with those very same techniques in order to make a 3D ribbon craft! Check out how Bead and Cord made this lovely folded ribbon flower with a rhinestone centre.

3. Colourful wrapped ribbon wreath

Colourful wrapped ribbon wreath

Were you a huge fan of the ribbon wreath idea we showed you above but your collection of ribbon is so varied that you’re not sure the loops will really work with the different textures or do them justice when it comes to showing your different ribbons off? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer this ribbon wrapping style wreath instead! Find out how it’s done in clear steps on Blue Kat Kraft.

4. Woven ribbon and pearl bracelet

Ribbon and pearl bracelet

Every time we work with ribbons, we find ourselves wanting to wear them no matter what it is we’re actually making. That’s why we love the idea of creating ribbon jewelry sometimes! We find, however, that we prefer combining ribbon with other details, like beads, just to make sure it has some substance. These chunky pearls strung between waves of folded ribbon are the perfect example of what we mean. See the design in more detail on Class and Creation!

5. Looped ribbon hearts

Looped ribbon hearts

Have you always been a pretty big fan of creating art that has some type of structured or 3D element to it, even if it’s something you’ll display decoratively rather than wearing it? Then we think you might get a kick out of these chains of hearts that meet end to end to make the overall shape of a bigger heart! Find out how to get the right shape by carefully folding and gluing down the ribbon pieces on their sides in this tutorial from Creatsie.

6. Ribbon flower hair clips

Ribbon flower hair clips

Are you still thinking about how much you adored the ribbon flower tutorial we showed you earlier but you actually think you liked the idea so much that you’re intent on making a version you can wear? In that case, we’ve definitely found the tutorial for you. Bead and Cord guides you through the process of making a smaller version with a pearl centre that sits on the end of a barrette so you can wear your ribbon flowers like hair clips.

7. Ribbon and rhinestone paper clip bookmarks

Ribbon and rhinestone paper clip bookmarks

Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through our list looking for smaller, simpler projects that will actually let you use up some of the little ribbon scraps and ends you have leftover from making larger ribbon projects? Then we think maybe we’ve found something worth your consideration and crafting time! Morena’s Corner suggests using smaller pieces of ribbon to make little page marker style bookmarks by folding the ribbon into little bows, gluing the bows to the tips of some paper clips, and finishing the look with some rhinestones if you like.

8. Funky ribbon monogram wreath

Funky ribbon monogram wreath

Are you actually still daydreaming about the idea of making an adorable ribbon based door wreath but you’re also still not quite convinced that either of the looping or wrapping techniques are the best one for you? Then here’s another one for your consideration instead! We love the way Mom Spotted made a wreath that’s a little more playful looking by knotting ribbons all around the wreath frame and letting the ends fall however they please so that colours and patterns mix and overlap in a fun way.

9. Ribbon and pom pom trim lampshade

Ribbon and pom pom trim lampshade

Are your absolute favourite DIY projects, particularly when it comes to décor pieces, actually usually the ones that involve some kind of upcycling? Then we have a feeling this awesomely embellished lamp shade might be just the kind of project you’re looking for! Jane Means walks you step by step through the process of covering a plain old lamp shade in strips of coloured ribbon and finishing the edge with a  pretty pom pom trim.

10. Ribbon wrapped ring

Ribbon wrapped ring

Have you actually been scrolling through our list still thinking about how pretty ribbon made jewelry is but you’ve made many different kinds of ribbon bracelets and you’re looking for a different accessory now to go with those? Then perhaps a ribbon wrapped ring might be the best project for you to try out next! Bead and Cord shows you how to make a simple, satin-y ring in just a few simple steps.

11. Ribbon and bow flip flops

Ribbon and bow flip flops

Has the idea of ribbon wrapping completely caught your attention to the point that you’re intent on finding as many kinds of wrapping projects as possible so you can really take advantage of your favourite technique? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll have a total blast applying your wrapping skills to your wardrobe! We love the way The Crafty Ninja embellished a pair of simple flip flops by wrapping the straps and adding bows and rhinestones.

12. Woven ribbon and bow lampshade

Woven ribbon and bow lampshade

Were you quite a big fan of the idea of upcycling a plain old lamp shade with ribbons in order to transform it into something fancy and new, but you’re just not sure that the pom pom look was the one for you? Well, it’s always nice to have options, so here’s another ribbon design that’s a little bit different! The Craft Tutor shows you in just a few simple steps how to weave a lamp shade cover from pretty ribbons, topping the look off with a row of little bows.

13. DIY popsicle stick ribbon wand

Diy popsicle stick robbon wand

Perhaps your love of ribbon crafts has been picked up by your kids and now they want to make all kinds of things with pretty, colourful ribbons too? In that case, why not help them make something that’s both a craft and a toy? We loved making these super fun popsicle stick and ribbon wands from Nurturing Joy with our kids because they had a blast while they were making them and afterwards!

14. Ribbon woven hairbands

Ribbon woven hairbands

Were you pretty taken with the idea of making ribbon wrapped accessories but you’d prefer to branch out from just jewelry and you’d also like to get a little fancier than just straight, plain wrapping? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at the way Nik Scott embellished a simple plastic hairband by ribbon wrapping it in a braided pattern all along its length.

15. Ribbon, elastic, and button bookmarks

Ribbon, elastic, and button bookmarks

Are you very keen on the idea of making a ribbon based project that’s functional rather than decorative, but you’re not really into the idea of wearing whatever you make because your personal style when it comes to dress is a lot more subtle than the colours and patterns you enjoy for other things? Then perhaps these bookmarks are a little more up your alley! Court Could Make That teaches you how to make a simple stretch bookmark from ribbon, elastic, and a button to fasten it around the front.

Have you made other stunning ribbon crafts and DIY projects before that you were very happy with when you were finished but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about how you did it in the comments section or link us to pictures of your work!

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